For those who haven’t seen yet, this is the biggest glitch in TP, ever. I mean, it doesn’t get any bigger than this one. More inside.

For those who don’t frequent The Hylia as much I tend to do, they posted a few videos from Twilight Princess that have shown the biggest glitches ever.

Master Sword

I must remind you, though, for those STILL under a spoiler watch (which, you guys really shouldn’t be, it has been a few months now), this is a big one for the beginning of the game. Essentially, it is Link falling into a hole in the game, leading the Sacred Grove. Before you even enter the Forest Temple for the first time. That’s right. It is possible to get the Master Sword before even really starting the game. So, for those keeping count, the game that Nintendo claimed to be unbreakable, has been broken to the extreme. Why should you care? This is big news, as the game was being made especially for TSA not to be able to break it. But, alas, they missed a big one.

So what does this mean for the game? Well, for one, if you end up getting the Master Sword before you go to the Forest Temple, you get all the perks of the Sword. Including the Shadow Crystal. Which means, for those who just had light bulbs appear, means that you can warp and change to wolf at will. This leads to some interesting scenarios. For one, you can walk the Twilight Realm As Human Link. The video above proves that. Also, here is another video with some unique tricks.

Master Sword Fun

The props for the find are MrP0tter of SDA fame, as well as another user named SexyZora. If you read both descriptions, you’ll see there was a debate on who found it first. But, they both should get credit, it seems.

So, enjoy the broken game that you purchased. A game that in development for so long, just gave up the biggest sequence break of all time. How about that. Nintendo must be kicking themselves.