dl93 writes:
I was just wondering, how long is the day-and-night cycle in Twilight Princess, in comparison to OoT and WW?

James writes:
There does not seem to be a specific cycle on day and night, as compared to OoT or tWW. It seems to be night during certain scenes and light during others. The twilight realm, however, is one part of day (twilight if you didn’t get the obvious reference)>

COOL1 writes:
I keep hearing that the Zelda TP will be one of the longest game(hour wise) but how long is it? At first I heard it will be 100+ hours then 70 and my friend told me it’s down to 40 hours of gameplay. So how long is the game, so please I am dying to know.

James writes:
Well, it seems that the game is more in the 40-70 hour range, which really isn’t that bad either. TSA, of the The Hylia beat the game around 50 hours, which was the basic story with some minor sidequests. Leminnes of our own forums beat the game in 50-60 hours. You’ll definitely be playing it more than OoT, that’s for sure.

Chris Bjelica writes:
Are there any differences in the graphics between Zelda: TP for the GC and Wii?

James writes:
Not really. The Wii version of the game is essentially a Gamecube game ported to the Wii.

Sean H writes:
On one gaming site (can’t remember wich) it was said that Link’s “mysterious past” was an integral part of the story. What if this humble farmhand turned out to be the little kid who saved Termina? If this did in fact come after Majora’s Mask, then it would make sense that he lives in Ordon villiage. After saving Hyrule he left to keep a low profile, and after saving Termina he left to dodge the spotlight again, ending up in the sleepy town of Ordon. After all, would you expect to see a legendary hero in a rural village that’s hardly a speck on the map? Just wanted to get my theory out and see what your thoughts are on the matter.

James writes:
It is a very good theory, however, it was already debunked. The developers already stated that Twilight Princess was 100 years after the events in OoT/MM.

Kristi O. writes:
Just a quick question so I don’t tie up your time. I recently got Twilight Princess for GC, and not too long ago I was able to beat the LakeBed Temple when my question began to take shape.

Possible spoiler Alert:

After you beat it and take the Zora Prince to Kakariko to save him, his mother the Queen shows up to lead you to the graveyard. Once there she starts to tell you that her son was meant to find aid here, because in Kakariko is where Zora’s prefer to have their resting place be *I may be paraphrasing a bit, but this is what I thought the gist was*.

Anyways, my question was, is there some sound evidence for this Zora/Kakariko spiritual connection in any other Zelda games? Or is this just something new that they introduced into Twilight Princess?

Many thanks if you can give me a bit of insight to my question!

James writes:
The only way you could really connect to prior games (e.g. OoT, MM) is that maybe all the races of Hyrule got along enough to share that one cemetary. It quite possibly could just be something new to this game, but it must have happened in the span between OoT and TP, because King Zora is also buried in that Graveyard (if you didn’t read that part).

Eric Stevenson writes:
So some people find the music to Twilight Princess below what it should be, but I for one am quite happy with the majority of it (Kakariko Village’s song was better in the older games but hey, it’s still good). Anyway, I was wondering if you guys might possibly be able to upload some mp3’s of wonderful Twilight Princess songs that didn’t make it onto the unfortunately short soundtrack they released. I’m specifically talking about the song during the caneo minigame and the one that plays whilst fighting the monsters in the hidden village or while playing the cat searching game. Those two are probably the best tracks in the entire adventure! I realize there may be some legal reasons but since they’re not on the official soundtrack, I figured you might be able to post them. Thanks a lot.

James writes:
Since I don’t know where to go to import and such, I don’t think I would be able to upload them myself. I guess you’re going to have to wait along with everyone here at ZU until we get the soundtrack ourselves. Sorry.

FierceDeity writes:
Why does Nintendo do such a poor job at making a Zelda timeline (if there even is a timeline)? It makes no sense, why would they make one of their best franchises so confuseing and hard to follow for their loyal fans out there? I can see the great story in each game but they are all so vaugley connected to each other. I’m not asking for a timeline theory, just an answer to why they do this to us, why don’t they try harder at a timeline?

James writes:
I believe there is a timeline, because it is plainly obvious that most of the games are connected. However, I do believe that the only ones that are truly part of a timeline are the Ocarina saga. By that, I mean OoT-MM-TP-tWW. Those four games are connected by gameplay clues, as well by Ganondorf, the King of Thieves. I think the other games might be connected, but it isn’t as obvious as those four. I think Shiggy and Aonuma know what’s going on, but they aren’t doing a very good job of it, since no one knows what’s going on. Don’t worry, we should find out soon enough what the exact timeline is. They should release it ASAP, but don’t hold your breathe.

Tony writes:
What is the USB port on the back of the Wii for? From everything I’ve read, the Wii doesn’t do anything when you plug a flash drive in. Can you do anything with a flash drive? Is there anything else you can plug in? Are there any plans to make use of this function?

James writes:
If they put that on the back of the Wii, there should be a reason for it, whether or not it’s evident at the moment. I believe that there might be a flash drive made for the Wii exclusively. There might even be a keyboard made for the Wii, which allows you to use the internet on it more effectively. We don’t know, but we will more than likely find out soon enough.

Son of Mido writes:
Hey, Son Of Mido here, just wondering if you’re ever looking for writers for BtR (Behind the Rupees) articles. I remember a while back there was an event where we could send in sample articles we wrote and a few got chosen as BtR writers. Will you guys ever do that again? If so, think it could be soon? I just got a ton of extra time on my hands, and since I’m no longer editor of my school paper, I need some outlet for my writing skills. Anywho, I’m sure there are many other talented writers out there itching for the chance to write a BtR article. Thanks for your time.

James writes:
I really am not the one to ask. If you want to find out how to join, you should e-mail Scott (which you can find his e-mail on the staff page).

Unknown writes:
I am currently playing Majora’s Mask. When I am finished I will have defeated all of the Zelda games released on Nintendo platforms (I do not count the Phillips abominations).

I was wondering, how many people do you think have beated all of the Zelda games? I can’t imagine there are that many have. Zelda II I think would be the bottleneck because it is not easy to find, does not appeal to younger gamers, and it tough.

I bet there are less than 100,000. I more people will say they have, but I doubt they really have.

To be clear, this is my list of Zelda games:
The Lengend of Zelda
Zelda II
A Link to the Past
Ocanina of Time
Majora’s Mask
Oracle of Seasons
Oracle of Ages
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Four Swords (GBA)
Minish Cap
Four Swords Adeventures (Gamecube)

That’s 12 great aventures right there and almost 500 hours of fun right there.

James writes:
If you must know, I have only beaten 2 of the games. I am pretty sure there are a long list of people who have all the game on their resume, but I don’t know the exact total. We should post that on the forums and find out the answer from our community.

Link07 writes:
Hi I’m Link07 and I just wanted to know what your fave Zelda game is so let me know. My fave game is either Oot or TP.

James writes:
I really don’t have a real “favorite”. The list of my favorites are, of course, the 3D games. If I have to list them in order, TP, OoT, MM, tWW.