IndiGo-Go Zora writes:
Ok, first lets convict. James, in the last mailbag you responded to Master Of Evils question about twilight princess being the last zelda game. And (right after you had just finshed gannon-banning someone), you said Adventures of link. Adventures… GANNON-BANNED! Totally, Gannon-banned james! Take it! So whatever mods doing mailbag, heres your chance to make fun of james publicly :).

Ok, and james also said in the last one that there was no proof that there was a war before oot. That can’t be right. The reason links mother died when trying to bring him to safety, was because she was wounded from the war. Isn’t that what the newborn deku tree said, when he tells you about you really being a hylian instead of a kokiri in oot? I need to buy the game so I can check for myself.

So, have any of you mods or anybody… really beaten alttp without using a guide or a faq, even just a little bit? Because I can’t figure out what to do after I beat Aghanim. All I do is run around and slowly get killed by monsters. I still don’t have the hookshot, I have no idea where the next dungeoun is, and its not that fun when you don’t know that stuff. I’m not sure if I really want to use a guide though. Im really not that great at video games (even though I play them all the time) so i wanted to prove to myself that I can beat ALTTP without guides, or at least gain some skill doing it. So have you ever really beaten it without guides?

Ok, and my last question is, how come some people want to buy the GC version of TP so they can play it old school? I can understand wanting to buy it for the price point, but so you can play one last zelda game normally? If I remember correctly, when the wii (or, ‘Revolution’, as it was called back then) first was shown to the public, there was an announcement of a “shell” addition for the wiimote. This, “shell”, as they were calling it, was supposed to turn the wiimote, into a normal, button mashing controller. So couldn’t people just buy the wii twilight princess, and buy the shell too, so they could play it both ways?

James writes:
Oh gnoes! I did mess that up. So, since I am doing this again, i’ll tear myself a new one.

And if you read the answer thoroughly, I said that theories are just that, theories. I never once stated that a war could never take place before OoT.

I will admit, I use guides here and there. I don’t use the guide to just get through the game. That takes the fun out of the game. But, there are points in the game where I get totally stuck, I have to find the way around. But there are not many points in games where I have to look for the answer.

It has been said that a shell might be created for the wiimote, but I believe that was for games on the Virtual Console. The game for Wii will take advantage of the Wiimote capabilities. I don’t remember if it’s true or not, but aren’t GC controllers compatible on the Wii? I know the memory cards are. But, more people will probably buy the GC version since many might not have enough to get the Wii and game.

Nick writes:
Hey, James, wasn’t there a great war before OoT? Like, the Sheika stayed loyal to the Hylians and… uh, yeah! And didn’t the Deku Tree Sprout say something about Link’s mom fleing (I know I didn’t spell that right) the great war and coming to Kokiri Forest? I don’t know. I know they do mention it and show it in the comics or maybe the manga.I don’t know what believe (though I do like that theory about the Korkiri and the Stal childern…).

James writes:
Once again, did I actually say there wasn’t a war before OoT? I actually do believe there is for the same reason you do, it was stated in the game itself. I think what I meant to say last time was that it’s still a theory about whether or not the stalchildren are the Kokiri. My bad.

Jon writes:
There are a lot of questions about the game. Can you give me the best
answers you can?

1: When is twilight princess comming out?
2: What is that one eyed thing in that one trialer?
3: Is Ganondorf the main bad guy?
4: Is it before of after the wind waker?
5: When is The legend of zelda hero of time coming out?

James writes:
1. We don’t know the exact date, only that it will be near the Wii launch, and later in the year. They also stated Q4, which are the months of October, November and December.
2. I didn’t notice a one-eyed thing, but even if I did, it probably doesn’t have a name we know yet.
3. I believe it was confirmed that he would be in the game in some form, but wasn’t confirmed if he was the main boss.
4. It is before The Wind Waker and after Ocarina of Time. Most people believe this game explains why the flood took place, but once againt that is also a rumor.
5. What now? That’s the first I have heard of that.

Sam writes:
Hey I think I figured out who the Twilight Princess might be but this is JUST my take on it. I think that the Twilight Princess is Midna, and while Ganondorf was taking over the Twilight Realm, he threw her in the dungeon where she meets Link as a wolf (Awesome idea, by the way) and set off to stop him. And like I said before, this is just my take on this subject. Do you think that this has a possibility of happening?

James writes:
A few people on the forums, I believe, also think that. But until the game comes out, we won’t know for sure.

How come I cant find Zelda Universe on Google anymore?

James writes:
Yusuf actually noticed that first and could find a logical explanation to why we were taken off. But, he is working on putting the site back on there ASAP. Other than that, we have no idea where it went.

Master of ALttP writes:
I have a few questions for you to answer.

1. Lozzie interviewed me, LionHarted, and another timeline theorist (can’t remember who…) about what it’s like to discuss the Zelda timeline as much as we do. Could you possibly tell Lozzie to quit being lazy and get it done?

2. Do you realize that people think you have all the answers to things such as “wen is teh Wii comin out???”

3. What is the exact value of pi?

James writes:
1. Do you know who does the mailbag? I sent the article (finally) out to you three and it should be on the site before this mailbag. Therefore, this question is just meaningless KB on the server wasting space. I know i’m lazy, that why mailbags sit on my computer until I get the energy to click it onto the server.
2. Didn’t you know? I have the crystal ball that tells me exact release dates. That’s just like at my work, people think i’m a psychic and can read their minds and know exactly what they want to order.
3. If I told you, I would have to kill you.

Awkin writes:

I remember reading about how great Gannon-banned is on the forums and copngratulating you for the idea, and then someone noting how one of the rules about twilight princess was out of date.

Then Scott (I think) came along and said ;”It was bound to be out of date since [Obscure Initials] must be pretty shaken up after meeting Shiggy Miyamoto” Or something like that.

Is this accurate? And if you DID meet Shigeru Miyamoto, where can we read about it?

James writes:
First of all, Gannon-Banned is not our idea. That is actually the wonderful people at The Hylia and those “Obscure Initials” were TSA, the webmaster of said site. I do believe he saw Miyamoto at E3, but I can’t remember for certain if he did meet him. If memory serves correctly, his friends might have handed him their equipment for him to hold and pose for. That might have been what you are talking about.

Eeka Deeka writes:
I know I got a Ganon-Ban last time, but I was reading them, and it says you can’t beat the marathon man, but you can if you cheat and get on Epona. I guess it’s possible that I remember this wrong, and I didn’t really beat him, did you ever try to cheat and ride Epona? Did nintendo really say that it wasn’t possible? I am confused, please answer my question.

James writes:
Even if you do get onto Epona, he will still beat you by a second. It is in every guide available, every fan site on the net, and every gamer who has ever played the game.

Matthew writes:
I think Link married Ruto, not Malon or Zelda. I also thing that Laruto from windwaker is their descendent. La-Link, Ruto-Ruto, her name even suggests it. They were engaged weren’t they?

James writes:
How do you get La from Link? Technically, Ruto called the passing of the Zora’s Sapphire an engagement of sorts, but there is no canon to support they got married. Laruto might very well be a descendant of Ruto, as Laruto looks like a Zora to me.

joseph writes:
i noticed that on the walkthrough that the person who was writing it mistyped snowhead mountain as death mountain which is the name of the mountain on the first game.

James writes:
I noticed that there a lot of mistakes in our walkthrough. I was planning on rewriting a new one, but it seems to have taken a back seat to everything else I want to do.

John M writes:
Hey James, during an intereview at E3 2005 with Gamespot Regis-Fils Aime clearly stated that Nintendo were going to release a bonus disk with every pre-order of Twilight Princess. Since, then i have heard next to nothing about this mysterious bonus disk. Have you heard anything about? Did Aime overshoot Nintendo’s plans this time around? Has the idea of a bonus disk been quietly shelved? Anything that you can dig up on this matter will be of great help. Thanks a bunch

p.s. My bets are that Aime put his foot in his mouth. Although i do hope there is some form of bonus material i would highly doubt it. If you think they will release some kind of bonus material then i’m just curious what you think it could be?

James writes:
I believe bonus disc rumors spread around the internet like wildfire. I haven’t heard anything about it since. But, if it’s true, it should be announced soon, possibly at the conference they have planned on September 14th.

Rock writes:
First off, I loooooove your site. And now my questions.
1. I have heard rumors of a secret room in ALTTP that was named after some guy. Is this true?
2.I think OOT has alot of things based off LA. The fishing, the trading sequence, and diving under water.
3.Where does link get his gloves, stockings, earings, and the holder for his sword if he is stuck in the temple of time in OOT?
4.If the rumor of the dragon mask is to defeat majoras wrath without getting hurt at all then I know its fake because its kind of easy if you
dont use light arrows.
5.Isnt wind waker proof that there is more than 1 link?
6.I herd rumors that TP will have 30 dungeons and it better be because i’ve been waiting 2 years. Whats your opinion?

James writes:
1. Yes, the Chris Houlihan room. I am haven’t found it, but there are FAQs all over the net about how to get into it. I believe it’s just full of rupees.
2. There is a thread currently on the forums about this. While there a lot of similiarites, they are still two different games in the series.
3. Magic. Another popular belief I read was on the forums. It was that Rauru had nothing better to do than dress up Link with those extra pieces.
4. Dragon Mask? I believe I’ve heard of the rumor, but not the details. Why would you need anything more than the Fierce Deity?
5. Yes, that is the general consensus among fans. There are some that hold on hope that it is just one journey of one boy named Link.
6. While I have yet to here THAT rumor, I have heard that the game is promised to be at least 70 hours of gameplay. The reason for the all delays I believe is the Wii game that is planned to release along side the Gamecube one.