Some interesting news about that Wii-mote came out today. Find out more inside.

According to IGN, some new information about everyone’s favorite Wii-mote was released. Nothing major, but still newsworthy.

The Wii-mote will apparently be able to store controller settings and preferences. Therefore, if you calibrate your Wii-mote a certain way for a game, it will remember your preferences for the next time you play.

According to NGamer Magazine (the excerpt can be found on GoNintendo), the Wii-mote will also feature a sensor bar, used to connect directly to the DS. The Wii-mote will use 2 AA batteries and allow for up to 60 hours of gameplay (30 hours, if you connect to the DS).

Once more, there is a Nintendo Invitees-Only conference next Thursday, which everyone believes there will be Wii launch dates and prices announced there. So, stick around here, and we’ll post what we find out. That’s all I have for now.