Every Tom, Dick, and Harry writes:
I heard it was true that Twilight Princess is coming out on Wii and Gamecube. I also heard that the game would only cost $250. Also, could you play the Wii version with the Gamecube remote? Is that true, and if so, what are the differences between the two?

James writes:
I am not lying when a lot you are asking about the announcement of both versions. So here is the skinny: yes, Reggie Fils-Aime, newly appointed President of Nintendo of America, told everyone that Twilight Princess would be both a Wii launch title and a Gamecube game. Both versions of the game will be released on the same day as the Wii (or close to it, I imagine). I do believe he confirmed some differences, including updated graphics for the Wii version, as well as certain puzzles in the Wii version that will be added that is Wiimote sensitive, meaning puzzles that would only be included in the Wii version. This also means that if you try to play the Wii version with the Gamecube controller (if that is even possible) you wouldn’t get the same results. Any other differences are speculation, like extra areas and an extra dungeon. As for the price, they announced that the Wii would cost NO MORE than $250, meaning that’s the highest they will top off the Wii at. I think that takes care of that issue.

Ryu-Gi writes:
A year or so ago I looked at this game I was playing, Beyond Good and Evil, and noticed there are some pretty striking similarities between it and the Zelda series. I’ve already posted these imilarities on teh forum, and now I’d just like to get your opinion on them.

1) First off, the main character, Jade. She wears all green, and carries her weapon on her back, just like Link. Both characters have 4 letters in their names.

2) Both characters have a “Spin attack” where the player holds down the attack button and then releases a circular arc of energy around them.

3) Jade comes from an island populated by children, just as Link comes from the Kokiri forest, which is populated by children during Ocarina of Time.

4) Similar to the Wind Waker, the overworld of Beyond Good and Evil is mostly water with islands scattered about it.

The next two contain spoilers, beware…

5) Jade, towards the end of the game, has to go to the moon, just as Link did in Majora’s Mask.

6) Jade delivers the final blow to teh last boss by stabbing it in the head, exactly as Link did to Ganon in OOT and TWW.

7)The Planet that the game takes place on is called “Hyllis”, and the people who inhabit it are called “Hyllians”. Sounds a lot like “Hylians” dosen’t it?

Now, I personally believe that the creator of Beyond Good and Evil, Michael Ancel, must have been a diehard Zelda fan, in order to put this many refrences to Zelda in the game. The evidence is undeniable!

So what’s your take on this?

James writes:

Unfortunately, i’ve never played the game to which you reference. However, if all those references are true, that is a very shocking similarities to Zelda, especially Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, and Wind Waker. I’ll have to check out this game to find out more about it.

Fish writes

Like most Zelda fans, who have been waiting for Twilight Princess for over a year. I’ve been waiting, since June of 2005 when they started to let people reserve the game when it was spose to come out in fall of 05. Fall of 05 comes around, the game gets moved to January 06, then come christmas it’s May 06 and now it’s back to Nov. a year later. I’ve had my game reserved for a year and a half…dissapointing when you really want the game, I feel sort of dumb for having the game saved that long. Has any one else done something like this?

Also, The Wii version of TP looks really cool. I plan on getting the Wii for Christmas or after it, and getting TP for it. But I’m not letting my GC TP go to waste. What do you think?

James writes:

Technically, the game was only delayed once. While they announced the delay last year, they never announced when the delay was until. People assumed that it would come out in April, because of the “end of fiscal year, after March 31st”. I don’t mind the delay or lack of information; it makes my anticipation for the game increase. It makes me want to buy it more not knowing when it’s coming. And yes, the Wii version looks good, but it will be the same game as the Gamecube version, same story, same characters. The only difference between the two will be graphics, the controller, and maybe some other features we don’t know about.

LinkN64 writes

1. (Yes I know this will sound kind of wierd, but) Does ZU have any affiliation with Nintendo? I heard you had contact with them for the discussion of them using Zelda Universe.com or whatever they used it for, but did it go any more extensively than that, or did they just leave you alone after that?
2. What are your views of online Zelda games, such as an MMORPG, or the game in your Sponsered Links?

James writes:
1. I don’t remember them being in contact over the use of Zelda Universe, I’ll have to check into that. Other than that, I do believe we aren’t in contact with them directly. They might visit fan sites to see what’s happening, but other than that, they don’t call, and we don’t call back.
2. It is a good endeavor to try to create a game in the first place. But to create a Zelda game that has the look, feel, and the similar style to a Zelda game is unique. I know they try the hardest, but I don’t think i’ve ever seen/played an online game as of yet. So good luck to all, but that’s all I have to say.

The Time Master writes

After you beat oot is there anything else to do because I cant find any like side things do you know what I could do?

James writes:

There is plenty to do when you finish ANY Zelda game. In Ocarina of Time, there are Heart Pieces to collect, Gold Skullata tokens to collect, Magic Bean pods to grow, other side games like the fishing at Lake Hylia. You can find all the side quests here

Wolfos Girl writes:
Dear Zelda Universe,

I really love your site, it is very informative about just about everything Zelda and find it incredibly useful, however I am just wondering but when will the enemies section of OoT be finished and same with the dungeon maps in MM?

And also I heard around the internet that the gamecube Twilight Princess would only be available to North America, is this true?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish you luck for the future!

James writes:
Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.
As for your content question, it’s on the list of things to do. Hopefully we can finish the missing pieces in the near future. As for your Twilight Princess question, that is just speculation. Until Nintendo officially announces that fact, take it as a rumor.

Paco writes:
Hi zeldauniverse im a big fan of your site.
I was just wondring where you think zelda TP and zelda PH fit in with the zelda time line theory?
Sincerly a big fan =)

James writes:
Gah, I hate Timeline questions, as they aren’t my specialty. But, I can tell you for certain that Twilight Princess fits after Ocarina of Time and before The Wind Waker. As for Phantom Hourglass, that takes place almost right after the ending sequence of the Wind Waker. Both those statements are confirmed by the Zelda guys, themselves.

Hero of Fire writes:
Being a diehard fan of the Legend of Zelda, I want to make sure my experience of playing through Zelda: Twilight Princess is as good as it can be. Through that, I have to decide which Twilight Princess I should purchase first. If you’ve played both versions of the game (GCN and Wii), I would very much appreciate it if you could give your recommendations on the better version. I want the Wii version because of it’s polished graphics, possible extra features and overall innovation. But I want to the GCN version so I can still play the game like I would any other Zelda… I’m also not too fond of how the fairy is always on screen in the Wii version, and how you have to use the Wiimote to access the inventory and whatnot. Can you help me out?

James writes:
Unfortunately, no one on Zelda Universe has played any sort of demo of the game, nor the game itself, as its release is not for a while. Both games will be the same story of Twilight Princess, the only differences being the ones you mentioned. It’s up to you whether or not you buy one, the other, or both versions of the game. I more than likely will be getting the Gamecube version, depending on my christmas.

dany36 writes:
I haven’t been following news for TP very closely lately… I want EVERYTHING to be a surprise when I first play it, so I stopped visiting TP sections of Zelda sites. However, I do have one question. I asked someone when TP takes places, and they said it has been confirmed that it takes “a few decades” after OoT. Is this true? Thanx!

James writes:
It has been confirmed that the game takes place after Ocarina of Time and before the Wind Waker, but I myself am unsure of the exact time period afterward it is. It is quite possible a “few decades” is the possible timeframe needed to make a new hero.

DJ writes:
Hello… i was wondering what that reporter is for on dragon roost. what do you do for him and How do you do it?

James writes:
I didn’t know there was a reporter on Dragon Roost. If you’re talking about the mailman, he’s just another NPC that gives you tips. His name is Quill, I do believe.

Dil writes:
I’ve checked out some other zelda sites just recently and it seems like they have some cool online rpg’s. They are attracting a lot of people and the games are cool. Maybe you could add a online rpg or just any game in fact, it wuld make your reputation better and it would make this site a blast! Well just think about it…

James writes:
I think Zelda Universe gets enough traffic, that we don’t need sell out and put an online RPG on the site. We did have fan games on the site at one point, but we took them off, I forget the reason why. Since we are already based on a game, putting a game on her would be redundant as well.

Nick writes:
It has come to my attention that you haven’t put Four Swords series in your time line. Why? Is it because in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures that there are 6 maidens and and that would screw up the timeline considering the 6 maidens are already in A Link To The Past? Or that in Four Swords Adventures that Ganon was seemed to be like, born and not revived after being killed by Link? You know, because the game said he came from the Gerudo alot. I think The Minish Cap would be acceptable, considering that in my opinion nothing is wrong with it and there has to be a Four Sword unless The Palace Of The Four Sword was just a bonus and if A Link To The Past was a story it wouldn’t include Palace Of The Four Sword.Hope you understood that, bye!

James writes:
We haven’t had a chance to fix a lot of content recently due to our main webmaster being busy doing a summer job that doesn’t give him a lot of access to a computer. When he returns, we should be working on fixing things around here, including the timeline (possibly).

Britney writes:
I recently submited the first chapter of my fanfiction, but like nearly every other fanfiction on the site it won’t work no matter how many times I try to fix it. I took the advice and didn’t upload the file and copied it but it doesn’t seem to work at all. I’m very irritated because this is my first fanfiction and could desperately use some advice.

James writes:
I have noticed this issue as well. As stated in the last entry, our main webmaster (the one who knows more about this place than I do, which I will admit) is currently away. All I can tell for now is that you post your fan fiction on our forums, which more people would probably end up reading it. The place where you can post your fan fiction is here. Registering at the forums is free and you’ll end up joining one of the biggest Zelda communities on the web. So, there will be plenty of eyes reading your stories. As for the fan fiction on the main site, we should be fixing that ASAP.