Interesting news about the fairy boy that everyone seems to hate. It isn’t Link, for those starting to worry.

Updated June 10, 2006

We got a hold of a scan from a weekly japanese magazine from a French gaming site Jeux-France (which the image is visible in our media gallery), Tingle RPG is now confirmed. However, it isn’t known as Tingle RPG anymore.

The actual title is in Japanese, therefore difficult to truly translate yet. However, two different sites has given their take on the name. According to 1up, the name is now Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Pink-Colored Rupee Land. Accoring to The Hylia, they have the name as Fresh Tingle’s Rose Colored Rupee Land. Whatever the case, the name doesn’t seem appealing to most the gaming audience. Hopefully, the game itself will change that opinion for most.

Update: More screens were added to the media gallery, thanks to the site Famitsu.