There was something we didn’t expect happened only a few weeks ago. Some major news from Nintendo about its “Revolution”ary gaming system as it finally got renamed to its real system name. However, those who were speculating the name to be Nintendo Go, should think their name was much better suited.

Nintendo posted on its official Revolution site that the name of the new system would be Nintendo Wii. A major bit of news only weeks away from the biggest tech show of all, The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, as most know it. It was a shock to all in many different ways. Many were trying to figure why the name was released before the expo. Some were trying to figure out why it was changed in the first place. Almost all thought why such a ridiculous name was assigned to the new revolutionary gaming system.

On the site, Nintendo claims that the name is based on the fact that Wii (pronounced like We) are the gamers and that console is for everyone. Unfortunately for many, Wii started as a big joke, circulating the worst puns ever by anyone. Seriously, most blogs and sites dedicated to anything gaming used very lame puns to make fun of the name.

There is the possibility that Nintendo wanted that to happen. It would be really odd to watch the executives at Nintendo finally decide the name. You have to think that someone in the room made fun of the name. How can you not make fun of the name? Even though it is a simple name to pronounce, some gamers are immature and this name was fodder for that immaturity.

However, maybe that is exactly what Nintendo was playing at. The board meeting could have gone like this: “We have finally decided on the name Wii. However, gentlemen, we know that the general public is going to make fun of this name, it is inevitable. So, why not release the name sooner than E3 to get rid of that general awkward behavior and puns that may result. Let people dig the name into the ground before we impress them with the system specs and graphics and games that the name will just be what it is supposed to be: A name.”

So what is in a name? A name is just something to characterize something. We all have names. Many people absolutely dislike the name they were given and actually change their name to reflect that. Really, Wii is just a name, a name to a system that is supposed to revolutionize the gaming industry. They could have named it something even more random and people would have been interested.

However, they chose Wii to reflect the people who play it. We are the people who take the system to the next level. We are the people who play the games on the system. We are the people who decide the fate of the gaming industry. So, Wii is perfect for the name.

People need to look past the initial giggle of a silly name and look to the impressive quality of the system itself. Wii has the same specs as when we knew it as the Revolution, so there isn’t anything to worry about. The controller will still be the same, the backwards compatibility will still be there, and the virtual console will still be intact. Wii will surely be the next great system on the market. It is up to Nintendo to make it truly worth its value with extraordinary games that clearly make the name obsolete in discussion.

At E3 this week, Nintendo surely made us forget that silly name when they showcased the system at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Not only did all of the footage of games for Wii shock and amaze many, it made any doubt that loomed over many of our heads disappear. Nintendo accomplished what they must have thought of at that supposed meeting; announce the name, get rid of the giggles and amaze everyone with the display. Touché, Nintendo, touché.

Now that the initial fallout from the name has come and gone, what is there to look forward? A new generation console that seems to be able to fight in the PS3’s and XBOX 360’s market. Numerous franchise games were announced, many third party supported games, and of course, Zelda. So now that “Wii” have gotten over the name, we can finally move forward and welcome the uniquely named console into our houses. Since, “Wii” are the gamers and “Wii” will decide the fate of the console, whether “Wii” like it or not.