I really need to post these when they are relevant. But, some woman actually has died trying to get a Wii. More inside.

This first part is a rant on my part. I actually want to get into journalism, yet I slack when it comes to ZU. I need to get into gear a little more.

Other than that, there was a story yesterday around the internet about a woman who actually entered a contest called “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” at a local radio station in California. The object of the contest was simple: Drink so much water and avoid the bathroom for the longest and you win a Wii. Therefore, people, the first contest to make fun of the Wii’s name has taken place.

However, the woman was heading home when she complained of her head hurting and she left the station crying. She was never heard from until her body was found (it is assumed) at her house. She apparently died of water intoxication. She basically overdosed on water.

If this contest does not teach you a lesson, here are two for you: You can die from drinking too much water. You can die from holding too much “wee” in your bladder. I really hope that a contest like this doesn’t take place ever again.