Welcome to this week’s Mailbag! I’m your host, Scott, and joining us today are… uh… lots of letters! So, let’s get right down to business, and answer some pressing questions from the masses!

Harman Stalefish wrote:

I was watching the new LoZ trailer for the umpteenth time, and i was analysing every pixel for any little morsel of information, and i found something.

Almost the entire trailer was footage taken in the forest area witht he big tree and other trees, or the lighting striken wasteland. One thought led to another, and i have come to the conclusion that the first dungeon takes place in this forest with that giant tree spirit. To me this makes sense, as the initial footage for tWW was footage from dragon roost cavern. I know that to many this will sound like the stupid dribble that i normally despise so much, but this is just what i think. The battle with the baboon fits to be a mini-boss inside the forest dungeon, with the dungeon item won being the boomerang.

Also, i belive there is a dark world, which is the baron wasteland. We can also establish a goron mountain of some description exists, but that’s obvious. I think that the money shot of Link sheathing his weapon will occur every time a group of enmies is eliminated, similar to Prince of Persia.

What do you think, as i would like a respectable opinion on the matter now that the trailer has been out for a while.

Scott says:
A forest dungeon…outside? That’d be a new thing for Zelda, but it would certainly be interesting. Anything’s possible, I suppose. A dark world seems less likely, though. They used the idea in LttP, and more recently Nintendo used the idea in Metroid Prime 2. I don’t think they’d use the idea again so soon. It may be that the suckiness of the world is just the way things are in the game. That may be the point, even. Correcting this suckiness. About the sword away thing, I hope not. That pause for sheathing of the sword in Prince of Persia bothered me a bit, although it was kinda neat the first few times.

Linkthehero12 wrote:
Its been bugging me for a while that I haven’t see many people talk about this, but I think that, especially after the showing of the second trailer, could the new Zelda be the true sequel to OoT? I know its just a guess, but look at the evidence: Link’s shield, a familiar horse, Even the areas look very familiar(kokiri forest, fire temple, Hyrule field). I also noticed the strange ghosts in the area that looks like “beneath the well” in Kakariko village. I once went to Nintendo’s website to see an interview right after the game was announced. One of the questions aked was if this game would be the true sequel to OoT, when Link returns to Hyrule after Majora’s mask. I know its just a theory but, I might be on to something.

Scott says:
Aonuma said that this Zelda will be chronologically a sequal to tWW, not OoT/MM. However, there is no denying similarities. I don’t think that that necessarily implies it is closely related to OoT/MM. The shield looking the same doesn’t mean much, aside from the fact that it is a Hylian shield. If you remember from Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask, you could purchase another shield from the stores. This means that the shield itself was not unique, but simply a product of Hyrule, likely used by the knights of Hyrule, as well as the general populous. That also explains how Link from The Wind Waker could have a shield like the Hero of Time’s, and still have no connection with him.

OrigiN wrote:
well im still thinking theres a war of sorts or a mass revolt on pearce and harmony (once again) but more to the point, besides whats been said about the new edition of zelda, it being chronologically timed after wind waker, theres still a little bug in the back of my mind telling me that this war is none other than the war befor ocarina of time. though there still isen’t enough infomation to prove this in any way, this is just another possibilty, either way the game will still fill me to that contentful feeling i get after every zelda game.

Scott says:
That’d create quite a nutty time loop, I’d say. Personally, I don’t really see a need to associate this game with Ocarina of Time as much as everyone loves to think. There’s no point, really. It doesn’t need to relate to that game to be very good. I believe that it will be awesomeness even if it had no connection to any other Zelda game, aside from the basic fact that it is a Zelda. This will, of course, not be the case, but the thought still highlights my point. War, no war, Ocarina of Time or not, it will still be the same.

I also don’t know that there will be a war. There really isn’t anything that implies this. All I could see implied in the trailer was that Link would face a massive array of enemies, alone. This fits with Zelda, and I don’t know that a war does.

HeroOfHearts wrote:
I’ve been telling my friends for weeks now that with the new LoZ game coming out that it should be postponed so that it can be a launch title to the Revolution. I know that everyone would die waiting for the next title, but why release a game for a dying system when you could make the Revolution fly off the shelves if it was packaged with the new game. It seems like Nintendo always shortchanges customers on launch titles and wouldn’t it be nice once to have a title you can’t wait to buy a Nintendo console for? I’m 21, and maybe I don’t speak for the majority of the gaming community, but I’m falling off the Nintendo bandwagon after 16 years and I want a reason to stay on.

Scott says:
I have read, from rather reliable sources, that the new Nintendo system will be backwards-compatable with the Gamecube, so they need not worry that The Legend of Zelda will be limited in sales because it’s on a ‘dying system,’ or that their new system will not be able to reap the benefits of the game. I think it would be wasteful to implement a game designed for the Gamecube on a new system, as it is a new system, and would therefore have greater capabilites, which would not be properly implemented by a game designed for the Gamecube, whereas it could be a crowning glory for an excellent system, the Gamecube, as it stands. I see no reason to abandon the ‘Nintendo bandwagon’ as of yet.

shadowlinkx7 wrote:
Although Miyamoto has said that ZeldaGC comes later in the WW chronology, I still don’t believe that it is a WW sequel.Why is the shield that the ZGC link has an exact copy of the one from OOT? I think that the drainig of the Great Sea idea is a bit farfetched, how could there be forests underneath the ocean? The link from ZeldaGC has blue eyes as does the OOT one. Sorry my question is a bit confusing, please respond.
thanx for your time

P.S. Please explain your idea of where the Zelda GC takes place chronologically.

Scott says:
I don’t see how this new Link is an exact copy of the Hero of Time. Is it because he has a Hylian shield, green clothes, green hat, and blue eyes? That’s not nearly enough to prove anything. That same description applies rather well to Link from The Wind Waker.

The draining of the Great Sea, or more correctly, the filling in of the Great Sea, is quite possible by what is layed out in The Wind Waker. The Koroks went around the sea planting trees, with the intent of slowly spreading the land out to fill the sea, and allow there to be one land once again. If that is the way the land of this new Zelda was created, then that explains the abundance of trees in the trailer, and would imply that it is much, much later than a couple of years. That is where, and when, I think (with the information available to me) this next Zelda will be taking place.

Fiercedeity2 wrote:
First of all, i’d like to thank you for takeing your time to read my message. Now with that done i’d like to bring up the old subject of Ancient Hyrule. I know that back in the WW the king of Hyrule touched the Triforce and said: Wash away this ancient land of Hyrule. But even though Hyrule was washed away, it dosen’t mean that the land it’s self is gone; Just the castle and the landscape is gone, the ground in which Hyrule stood on is still there. And since the Koroks planted those trees, the land would eventualy resuface.

Which means Link might have gone off on a little excursion outside of the land of Hyrule. A few generations later after the water had drained, his decendant would return to the ancient land to find a castle (from the LoZGC trailer). The castle might have been built by the people from the islands. Could the upcoming game really be the ancient land of Hyrule?

I’m sorry my message is long, but i’d like to know what you think of this.

Thank You

Scott says:
That goes along rather well with the theory I just laid out, although I don’t know whether the trees would spread the land, or remove the water. I think the former is more likely, personally. As for where Link comes from, I have no inkling whatsoever.

buckeyes1186 wrote:
Hello, Zelda Universe.

I just have a small theory regarding the next Zelda game.

One of the aspects of the trailer that most intrigued me was Link’s battle with a Goron–something completely out of left field for most Zelda fans. “Why,” I thought, “would a member of a friendly race be fighting Link?”

Sadly, the outlook for the Gorons is bleak, in my opinion. We are almost positive that this is a sequel to “The Wind Waker,” and in TWW, we came across mysteriou traveling salesmen who were obviously remnants of the Goron race. If we are to assume that a new Hyrule was found or the Great Sea was drained, a novel opportunity would arise for these rogue Gorons: they could reform their tribe because they would have ample dry land.

But why, then, would they be so angry and aggressive? When you think about it, it is really quite simple. The Gorons are obviously not too keen about water. When the gods flooded Hyrule, I am certain the Gorons would be angered, namely because the gods eseentially destroyed their race. Contempt would have been passed down for generations, and when a new Hyrule was formed, the reassembled Gorons vowed to oppose the gods and the royal family of Hyrule.

Or maybe I’m giving this too much thought and the Goron warrior was just a rogue Goron asshole.

Do you believe this is a plausible theory?

Thanks for your time.

Scott says:
I don’t really see why that Goron is automatically assumed to be an enemy. If you had seen Orca fighting Link in a trailer for The Wind Waker, would you assume him to be an enemy? I think it is more likely that this Goron is doing some sort of training with Link. It is also possible that he is pissed off, similar to Darunia in Ocarina of Time, but rather than just being annoyed, attacks. He could also fight to see if Link is ‘worthy’ of something or another. The Gorons are too peaceful a race, I think, for them to become bad guys in Zelda.

That one guy wrote:
Hey, ZU. Great site.

This has been bugging me for a while: is having Epona in Oot necessary? The only times I can think of needing Epona are to get over the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley, getting to Lake Hylia w/o the Serenade of Water, and getting the Biggoron’s Sword. You can cross the bridge by using the longshot on the sign above the other side, I don’t think you need to go to Lake Hylia before learning the Serenade of Water (though if you do, you can just jump in the river in Gerudo Valley and float downstream), and the Biggoron’s Sword isn’t necessary because you can fight Ganon with the Megaton Hammer. Could you please tell me if there’s a point in the game that requires Epona? Thanks and sorry this letter is so long.

Scott says:
No, not really… Epona isn’t all that neccessary, aside from rapid transit. You don’t really need lots of things in Zelda, such as hearts. I personally only used the Biggoron’s sword to fight Shadow Link; against Ganondorf, I just used the Master Sword.

Brad wrote:
Zelda Universe Internet Monkies,

I’m a 22-year-old (as of the 18th) gamer from the beginning that’s done some growing up in recent years. Got a “real” job as an art director, got married, bought a house, got a dog, etc. But I’m still young enough at heart to enjoy great games.

Zelda has always been a favorite franchise of mine, and when I got a GC and WW this past Christmas, Zelda nostalgia flooded my everyday thoughts. I thirsted for Zelda info, new and old. Amid all the GDC hysteria, I found your site and was pleasantly surprised. Your site isn’t just a fan(boy) site. Your Behind the Rupees segments are the best and most intuitive pieces of writing I’ve seen in a long time, especially after traversing all the forums. If just a quarter of people put as much thought into writing as your contributors do, Message Boards would be that much more interesting to navigate.

Bravo to you guys and a great site with great commentary!

Scott says:
It’s always a pleasure to get praise, and happy birthday to you. Forums are meant for everyone to share their thoughts, and not everyone takes the time to write out massive essays about everything. If they did…the forums would be really tedious, and not really that much more enjoyable. I consider the forum and the site’s content to be separate attractions, drawing people in for different reasons, but still tied together.

I’d also like to point out that Jason is the content monkey. I’m the zookeeper!

makar14 wrote:
In the end of Majoras Mask, if you did those certain dungeons that the little kids wanted you to do, you got the Fierce Deitys Mask. In its description, it says something about it rivaling majoras power and evilness. Do you know any thing about its origins, and do you think that it will be revealed in any later games?

Scott says:
I don’t think the specific origins of the Fierce Deity’s Mask was ever addressed by anything but speculation and fanfiction. As for me, I assume it was another mask of someone that was a contemporary of Majora. When you get it, Majora says “You can be the bad guy!” Implying that the soul within the mask was Majora’s enemy, good or evil. I doubt that the masks will be touched on all that much in any future Zelda, although I wouldn’t mind it at all.

Teika wrote:
First I would just like to say ZU is the best Zelda site ever. Any way I was just wondering if you know exactly what game will be on the bonus disk that comes with LOZGC.
p.s. ( if this question has already been answered im sorry for wasting your time.)

Scott says:
As far as I know, there is no confirmed bonus disk for the new Zelda. What EGM said was a hoax, and I know of no other information that has been released.

Ghost wrote:
I have been hearing a lot about the new game and some speculation on the final scene of the new trailer. Some say the wolf that howls at the moon means that Link will be able to transform into different animals. But has anyone considered that this may just be a Wolfo like there were in OOT. What do you think about it?

Scott says:
I had actually heard the rumor of animal transformation long before this trailer was released. I honestly have no idea where it came from, or if it has any merit at all. I like the idea of transformation, personally, so I wouldn’t mind seeing it in the game. There is nothing confirming it though. Also, as you said, it may very well be simply a wolfo howling at the moon, since it looked cool. That’s what I think it is.

justin wrote:
Well I heard this in the mailbag before but I want to conform it. On Tech Tv news I heard some guy incharge of the minish cap for Nintendo of Amarica say that The Minish Cap takes place before FS and FSA. And that the way the Minish Cap Was green and sort of cone shaped is the reason that Link wears green hats in the whole Zelda Series. That what I heard and I think it makes sense.

Scott says:
The Minish Cap is, in fact, the prequal to Four Swords. Where exactly the three games fall in to the timeline with the rest of the games is debatable, though. What you’re saying implies that The Minish Cap and Four Swords occur before Ocarina of Time in the timeline, and I guess that’s possible, but I’m not so sure. We at Zelda Universe are still in the process of updating our timeline theory, so perhaps I’ll get back to you on that one.

Wind_King wrote:
Hey Zelda Universe! Long time lurking, first time mailing. I just like to know more about the new advertising. After your cool, new design popped up, there seemed to be lots of ads, and it bugs me. I just like to know why they are here, and if they will ever leave.

Thanks a million rupees,

Scott says:
Is this the Mr. Obvious show now? …I had no idea. The new ads are there because keeping a massive site like Zeldauniverse.net online is not a cheap endevour. At the moment, it costs around $200 a month in server costs, and that’ll go up even more soon, since we’re upgrading the server very soon. So, unless everyone would prefer to pay for the services of the site, everyone will have to live with the ads. I admit that I don’t like them, but they really aren’t all that bad, especially since nearly everyone uses a much higher resolution these days, making it so these ads are about the same size, in comparison to the screen, as ads were a few years ago.

Thank you for joining me on this week’s episode..erm.. edition of the Zelda Universe Mailbag. Join me again next time for more question answering goodness, and keep submitting those questions!