Thanks to a French Nintendo site, we have some interesting tidbits of news straight from the mouth of Producer Eiji Aonuma about both Zelda DS and the up-coming Legend of Zelda GC.

Here is the translated part of the interview, as translated by Babelfish. Of course, there are necessarily some errors in the translation, since it is translated by a program. The original source can be found here.

  • In an Interview granted to LibĂ©ration, Eiji Aonuma deNintendo, which in particular took part in the development of manyshutters of the Zelda series, reveals some very interesting information concerning next Zelda on GameCube and Nintendo DS.

    Eiji Aonuma (Nintendo) ‘There will be without any doubt Zelda for the DS. In fact, you appear that the reflexions which we developed around Four Swords largely contributed to the reflexion which we had to conceive the DS. The concepts with work in Four Swords formed part of the examples that we experienced while thinking on the possible plays for the DS and the advantages that the double screen allows. It was theoretical but today, it would be very a shame, and even ashamed, that one does not make the opposite demonstration: a truth good Zelda on DS. The next episode of Zelda conceived for GameCube is already completed but I can absolutely nothing say some moreover. You know the house:
    even the title and the topic are still secret. This next large Zelda, which makes continuation with the WindWaker episode chronologically, will leave to Japan at at the end of 2005. I am engaged to 200 % in his development and I can betray one secrecy of it: it will be very, very beautiful.’

There we go, as you can see he re-confirmed that a Four Swords game is in the works for the Nintendo DS, something which has been stated quite a while ago, not long after the announcement of the handheld itself.

What’s more intriguing however, is obviously that he seems to confirm something that I myself have at least speculated about since the trailer was released – The new, upcoming Legend of Zelda GC will be sequel to The Wind Waker in terms of the timeline.