From: Niel Given
I used to come to this place almost every day when I was first playing Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask. I downloaded 90% of the fanart on my computer, and put all the music on my Media Player. Well, one day I picked up Wind Waker, started playing it, and fell in love. Then I got to the part where you water the bombflower to open the well so you can follow Meldi (Uh…If you can remember that…) ANNY-wayy, I didn’t know that you had to fill your bottle with water. so, The first place I look… Zelda Universe. In 1 minuite flat, I had flopped my belly back on my bed, picked up the game cube controller, and was on my way to the next dungeon! (Okay, so I played the mail sorting mini-game about a hundred times first.. -.-‘) Anyway, when I had more free time, I noticed that Zelda Universe has had a huge makeover since the days of OoT. I swear I have to scroll for two hours before getting to the bottom of the sidebar. And that ain’t a bad thing. I honestley can’t find anything wrong with this site, and it’s really ticking me off. I have watched night turn to day on this site alone. I just want to commend you, and thanks, and stuff. Oh, and one more thing: POWER TO THE GAME CUBE!

Zelda Universe:
POWER TO THE GAMECUBE. Speaking of that, we should start a “Get Lars a new Gamecube” fund. Yea that works…
Webmaster adds: I got myself a new GameCube now, and although I only have one game it is the game at least!

From: Victor Fiore
since we all know that OoT link will appear on the gamecube, i wanted to ask this question:
all fighting games have different characters with different stories related to each one of them. what is link’s story in the game? is he like searching for strong opponents for some kind of warm up so he can be able to defeat his arch nemesis ganondorf/ganon? as a matter of fact, will ganondorf appear as well? you know, to move link’s story along?

Zelda Universe:
Uh… yes of course! ..? Honestly I have no idea what you are talking about..

From: Onilink
I was wondering. In the past week I was trying to get on ZU for awhile and it took me to a strange page with various websites. I clicked on ZeldaUniverse and it was all different and cool. I was just wondering. Great Site “) (”
From: Bobbie Ramer
Ok my question: When I went to the ZU by toolbar I came to this page and it said come to Zeldauniverse/Zeldauniverse2 and I went and EVERY THING WAS DIFFERENT I even read an article from Anakin about the sites face lift but I could only get the first Zelda info up and I tried to get on there again but it wasn’t there so did I just some how get a new site sneak peek or is it to do with those hackers from the regular ZU site Anakin posted about.

Zelda Universe:
What you both saw was the index to our site, due to the hacking our site received. And I will not lie to you, but what you saw was the what we are planning to do with the site. But, since the hackers are good at what they did, the link is now dead, and you can’t view it anymore. So, if you DO find a link to our layout, please don’t spread it around, we want it to be a surprise to all those who don’t know what it looks like. Thanks.

From: Aoshi
Many Zelda fans consider Kishin Deity (AKA: Oni Link) to be one of the more fascinating sub characters in Majora’s Mask. Yet his past, his very much shrowded in darkness. On closer expection however, there are several clues as to his purpose, creation and history. Now, on to the theory…

The three goddesses (Nayru, Farore, Din) left the world of Hyrule and left behind the triforce, which gives it’s user the ability to shape the earth as they once did themselves. In the center of the Triforce is an empty space in the form of an inverted triangle, this space, however, is not empty. The Trifroce requires a bearer who is balanced in the three forces; Power, Wisdom and Courage. The Triforce itself, is not balanced. Power and Wisdom are able to stand alone, so to speak, without the need of Courage, however if the balance between the powers is not maintained the scale will tip, if you will, and existence will take a turn for the worse.

On the breastplate of the Fierce Deity there are the symbols of a crescent moon, and an inverted triangle (Remember that?) The triangle, is symbolic of the Deity’s origins… the center of the Triforce, the balance of all things. The crescent moon is symbolic of the “tie” the Deity has to the Triforce. If the crescent moon is superimposed over the Triforce, the two tips are in the centers of the triangles of “Power”, and “Wisdom”, while the bulk is on the triangle of “Courage”. This is because Courage is unbalanced, unlike Power and Wisdom, which are easily swayed to one alignment or the other.

Ages ago, the disciples of magic were experimenting with two particular types of magic: that of focuses and that of binding. An ancient Sheikah history text tells of this in detail, and also mentions the first known appearance of the Fierce Deity on the mortal plane of existence. The history texts say that in an accident of magic, mages discovered an entity that could not be explained. They had thought that this entity had been released from some unknown imprisonment via the spill of magical energy. It was written that it took the combined might of the Sages to imprison the Fierce Deity in a mask. What was not explained was why the Sages had imprisoned the Fierce Deity in a mask, and how, if it took the power of the Sages to entrap it, a spill of magic could undo whatever lock had kept the Fierce Deity from breaking out of imprisonment.

It is not often that Sheikah history is in any way distorted for any reason, but this is one of those times. The Fierce Deity had not been imprisoned, and thus did not break out of any such cage. Perhaps by using the power of the Triforce of Wisdom, the Fierce Deity foresaw a time when his powers would be needed to balance the world. The best way to do so was to imbue a chosen warrior with some of the essence of his being. This could not be done, however, so an alternate method was needed. This alternate was Masks. Some say that if you place a mask on and allow it to enter your body, the force within the mask can control you and “Lend you their power”.

At some point the Fierce Deity created a body for him to use and appeared on this plane of existence. The Fierce Deity chose the exact moment to appear as the time a magical “accident” was being made. This caused the mages responsible for the mishap to believe that they had released some entity as a result.

Once the Fierce Deity had created a body, complete with the powers he saw would be needed, the Fierce Deity asked the Sages to focus the body, powers and all, into a mask. This way, the Fierce Deity remained to balance the Triforce, but a part of his essence was contained in the mask.

The Fierce Deity is aligned neither to goodness nor to Mavolence The part of the Fierce Deity contained in the mask, however, instinctively balances itself to balance the bearer. The mask’s previous owner, Majora, was inherently evil, so the mask was forced to make a radical shift in alignment to Goodness. When the mask was passed to Link, however, it was forced to shift again, this time to a radical Mavolence. The sudden shifts in alignment caused the mask to develop a sentience all its own, which would act according to the current alignment of the mask.

Ideally, the Bearer of the Triforce of Courage is perfectly balanced, but due to the meddling of Gannondorf, the Bearer of Power, this was not so.

Link is not balanced. When Link was sealed in the Temple of Time, and after Gannondorf took control of Hyrule, he tried to destroy Link by separating his darker half from his lighter half. Darkness cannot exist without Light, so it was highly unusual for Link to have survived it. From then on, Link was aligned to Goodness, while his darker half was aligned to Mavolence.

Gannondorf had separated the two halves of Link, and instead of Dark Link being only a copy of Link, he developed a personality and feelings all his own. When Link defeated his darker half in the water temple, Dark Link was banished to another dimension. It was here that he found that Gannondorf, who was surprised to find Dark Link’s sentience, had lied to him. He had told Dark Link that Link was the only person who could kill him, and that Dark Link would forever be weakened if Link was alive. But if Dark Link killed Link, then Link’s powers would be his. Dark Link later learned that if Link died, he would die as well, and vice versa.

This is why the Fierce Deity’s mask, when in Link’s possession, is considered to be made of dark magic. If Link were to balance himself, the Fierce Deity’s mask’s task would be complete, and it would no longer be needed.

Zelda Universe:
Either you have too much time on your hands, or you just thought about the Fierce Deity for far too long. Either way, you have a great story there, and it looks reasonable.

From: Gossack
I have two things to say. One, this may sound heretical, but did anyone stop to consider that apart from obvious connections like OoT and MM, or OoA and OoS, the games aren’t actually meant to sit together in a timeline? Or, on a more logical bearing, that the first two games should not be included because Nintendo obviously didn’t intend an entire series at that point. Secondly, James, I don’t think you should allow people with their little timeline revisions to send you letters. As you have said many times, a theory is just a theory, and because their entries are always so huge it takes me like half an hour to read a mailbag. Just a suggestion, that’s all.

Zelda Universe:
First, some people think it is a timeline because that’s what a legend is, a timeline. And the reason that the two games are at the end of the timeline is just your reasoning, they didn’t fit anywhere else on the timeline. And besides, you forget the OoT to WW shown in the WW itself. Secondly, if I don’t put their email in the mailbag, I would probably get hell from each and every one who sent me a timeline, so I put it in there anyway.

From: Greenyoshidlf
In response to DeathMore3182.

Your theory is impossible for many reasons. First off in LOZ Ganon is free from the realm and he is killed at the end because he is dead still in AOL. For LTTP to come next Ganon would have to be alive and in the realm and he’s not. LA, yes comes next after LTTP, but LTTP doesn’t come next after AOL.

OOT is the start and that is a fact, followed by MM.

It also makes since Ganon is killed in the end of LTTP and still dead in LA that OOS and OOA is the Link that started in LTTP.

ZU timeline is really perfect in every way. I agree with it completely. It was my new theory after playing threw WW and the only one I have to say is based on facts and not “what ifs”

Zelda Universe:
If it sounded like I was believing deathmore’s theory, I wasn’t. I know perfectly well that our Timeline makes sense, and that the games were never intended to fall on the timeline the way they were released.

From: fab
First of all James, my congratulations to you personally. You do such a fantastic job on this Mailbag that I read through each new one the moment I find it’s ready. It seems like the hardest part of your job would be having to read through every Zelda fan out there’s timeline theory… Don’t you just get sick of the endless (and often repetitive) theories? Probably better if you don’t answer that honestly. 😉

Well anyway, time for my timeline theory! Just kidding- I prefer to enjoy the games rather than attempt to come up with an answer that only Shigeru Miyamoto can truly give.

Now, my question: There are some strange screenshots around the Internet showing things from Ocarina of Time. These seem to be all be from the beta stuff, or the Japanese version which is supposedly totally different. I have some old Majora’s Mask screenshots I saved from when the game was still in development, and they too show things that you don’t see in the game. I am attaching them. The obvous answer to where these things are, is that they were cut from the game. But these three screens show what appear to be fully made 3D environments. It doesn’t make sense that all that work would be abandoned… Can you tell me if that’s the case, or was the Japanese version of MM as different as the Jap OoT and we missed out on these places? Or, is it possible that I have somehow never found these places in the game (highly unlikely), or is there even another possible answer?

Zelda Universe:
I remember seeing those picture before MM was released as well. That’s when the game was still called “Zelda Gaiden” if I am not mistaken.

From: Alex Heinz
In the last mailbag Nash pOp brought up the deal with getting older as Oni Link. This proves the multiple Link theory further because MM Link finished what the original Oni Link couldn’t. If there was one Link it wouldn’t be possible. Could the Links in the old games help the Links in the future games?

Zelda Universe:
The Link in OoT helped out WW Link a little bit by breaking the Triforce of Courage and keeping charts on it’s whereabouts, but other than that, older Links are dead before new Links are born anyway.

From: PrincessZelda941
There is one thing that’s been annoying me for a long time.I’ve searches different zelda sites to try and find an answer,but I’ve had no,my question is this: Is Sheik a guy or a girl? Now…I know that Sheik is Zelda’s alter ego(spoiler),but throughout OoT,Sheik is referred to as a boy.Going though the OoT stradegy guide,Sheik is also called a boy.I noticed in the description that it says Sheik is a youth.Comparing size between Link and Sheik and then Link and Zelda in the game,both Link and Zelda intend to be a bit taller.This has made me think that perhaps that Sheik could possibly be younger than Zelda and Link by about a year or two. A few of my friends and I had a sort of debate about this.I think that Zelda had made a magically created alter ego in order to confuse both Link and Ganondorf so her disguise would make it harder to be foiled.Others say that Zelda had dressed up in different clothes,therefore Sheik must be a girl.But I believe she had the power to change her image by magic,having the ability not only to change things like eye color,maybe even age, but also gender.Going further on the line with the release of SSBM,the trophies had reffered to Sheik as a girl,but still giving the idea that it’s an alter ego made by magic.All this makes me dizzy and unsure what’s true.Please!!!Try and clear this up,if it’s possible!

Zelda Universe:
Sheik is Zelda’s male counterpart. Sheik is a girl dressed as a guy, I don’t think Zelda would go to all the trouble to magic her, um, “privates” differently, or would she. I don’t know

From: Droshi
Hi there, In your most recent ZU Mailbag, a reader asked if there was a song by System of a Down about Zelda. Well, you were right, it IS listed is “System of a Down – Zelda Theme” on Kazaa, but in reality it is performed by a group called “Rabbit Joint”, who sound remarkably like SOAD. Just wanted to point that out. Keep up the good work with the site! ZU owns.

Zelda Universe:
I remember seeing that band on KaZaA as well, but I have also seen supposed songs sung by Weird Al that aren’t really sung by Weird Al.
Webmaster adds: This is the third time it is pointed out in the mailbag that two of the members in Rabbit Joint are actually now part of System of a Down, which is why the song is often associated with SOAD.

From: PSFFoxMcCloud
Sup. i must say, i used to have about thirteen Zelda sites posted on my favs. list only a year ago. i had to do that because all of the info that i wanted when i went to go look for stuff on Zelda games i just couldn’t find on one reliable site. then i found ZU and i now have no need for any of those other sites because you all have found a way to place all the Zelda info i could possibly ever want on to just one site.

now enough compliments IM on to asking my questions now lol

#1 i know that link is now going to be in soul caliber 2. Do you all know why? i mean why would link be questing for the soul edge. does he mabey think that it is more powerful than the master sword and it might actually be able to kill [ganondorf] instead of just locking him away into the dark realm

and also…(#2)how did he get to be fighting all these earthlings when he lives on the planet hyrule and niether planet at this point has the technology to travel through space (then again in hyrule they somehow have laser sighted grappling chains{hookshot})

and finally #3 do you all know of any place (besides ebay… ive had some bad experiences with that site) that I may be able to find a legend of Zelda club shirt. ive looked almost everywhere I can think of but I know they exist cause a saw one with an artist rendering of OoT link fighting piggy ganon… but i just cant find it.

and final #4. how the hell does heihachi (in the ps2 version of soul caliber) go back in time and since he doesn’t use weapons why is he looking for the soul edge

Zelda Universe:
1. I don’t know anything about the game of Soul Caliber, so I don’t know why Link is in the game in the first place.
2. Hyrule isn’t necessarily a planet, it’s a Kingdom, possibly in the Middle Ages or something.
3. Besides Ebay, the only other site that I know would be Yahoo! Auctions, I am not the auction type, so I really don’t know any other good sites.
4. I don’t know anything about Soul Caliber, and besides, that is not Zelda related, so it really shouldn’t be in this mailbag anyway.

From: Mstrlnk9
You know, I agree with herooftime660 about the movie, somebody should definitely make a Zelda movie or you guys can put a poll about who wants a Zelda movie to be created.

Zelda Universe:
There was a poll on the Message Boards about what kind of movie it should be, but since our DB change, it’s not there. Oh well, maybe you should start a new thread.

From: AdvanceSP
Hey ZU! I like the changes I’m starting to see, keep up the great work!
I have a few questions.
1) Awhile ago, I used to play Kill the old man from LOZ, but recentlly it hasn’t been working. What is the problem? I’m just wondering because that game was pretty fun.
2) Does the King of Hyrule possess magical abilities? It does seem so, cause, how else could you become a boat?
3) Is the King of Hyrule from OoT the same from WW? Cause that seems to be the case.
Well, that’s all for now, but expect more later!

Zelda Universe:
1. The Killd the Old Man from LoZ game will return very soon!
2. It’s more like, he’s a spirit in the WW, because he’s been dead since the end of OoT, and if you know anything about spirits, they can possess any living or non-living objects that they please. The boat is just a boat, and the King possesses it until the end, when his spirit is finally resting peacefully.
3. It is the case, only his spirit, which I just explained his powers in question 2.

From: Shunta Igarashi
I have a theory about where the game four swords fits in. I think that right after TWW, Zelda brings link to the four sword and blah blah. Then, after four swords is over, Zelda decides to take her pirate costume again and plays a game with the four link in other words Tetra’s Trackers.

Zelda Universe:
Nice theory you got goin there..!

From: Mary Padgett
Hi, first off I just wanted to let you know that this is the best Zelda site ever. Now for the queston. I was consulting myself on whether or not I should get a Game Boy Player, I was just wondering something about the very first 4 swords game for game boy advance. Can you play multi player 4 swords with the Game Boy Player with at least 2 Gamecube controllers? Because I own ALTTP for the game boy advance and I can’t play 4 swords because I don’t have 2 game boy advances! Thanks a lot, keep up the good work.

Zelda Universe:
I have a similar problem, except that I don’t have another friend with a GBA and ALttP, and a GBA Connector.

From: Zerosys45
I’ve read a a few timeline theories in your mailbag, and I just have a simple question to ask, it might be that I overlooked it OoT or whatnot, but I just wanted to know why Adult Link transforms back into a child? If he goes back in time, shouldn’t he retain his same physical appearance (that of being an adult)? In the seven years that he is in the other realm, Link physically grows into an adult so that is his state in the game. Why does he revert to being a child if all that happens is that he is taken back in time?

Also, it seems that you would have to believe that there can only be one link for two different times, when there can be two. There can be a young link and an adult link both existing in their respective times after Ganon is destroyed, that is if you believe that the final screen shot of the game is Link meeting Zelda after the defeat of Ganon in the future. I’ve always been a bit confused by this aspect of OoT, and if my question doesn’t serve to clear anything up, I hope that you can explain things a bit. Thank you

Zelda Universe:
It’s the magic of the Master Sword. When the sword is replaced, his spirit is sent back to the past to his original body. His spirit was held in the Sacred Realm, and when his spirit was 17, he was able to hold the sword, and when he traveled back to the past, his spirit could be transformed to 10 again.
No, there is one Link for both times. I believe in the “At the end of OoT, they are meeting to plan against Ganon” theory and not the “At the end of OoT, they are meeting for the first time again” theory.

From: Bt100best
I have a question about the forums. I was on, and I decided to sign up. I did so I came back the the next day, and it said that I haven’t been registered, or I have been disconnected. I thought this to be OK, so I waited for a week because I went on vacation. I tried to post something now, but that same message came back on. Is there something wrong with it? Or was I disconnected the first time I tried to send something. I hope I wasn’t disconnected, because I didn’t do anything wrong. What’s the matter?

Zelda Universe:
It might be the Database switch. I would try to sign up again, because maybe your username was overlooked on the switch (we can’t be perfect, sorry). If your username is already taken, try getting your password, or try getting another username. It should work now they we have changed servers.

From: Bobbie Ramer
Is the two Link’s in oos or ooa related to the link in the ocarina of time? because I was browsing through the games and then saw that on their hands was the triforce so does this change your timeline theory? Oh ya ZU ROCKS!

Zelda Universe:
Whoever holds a piece of the Triforce will have the mark on their hand, so they both hold a piece (the Courage piece), but doesn’t necessarily mean they are the same guy.

From: Wielder of the Sword
1. Hey, ZU. A friend of mine and I were discussing the Zelda timeline and (I’ll get back to you on his reasoning) he came up with the bizzare idea that Ganon appears every 2,500 years, and Ganondorf appears every 100 years. This sounds rather intriguing, so you might want to research it. I recently had a startling revelation that might have proved this true, but CONDEMNED BE MY SHORT MEMORY SPAN!!! Sorry, just had
to get that out of my system.
2. I have a pretty unexpected question for you that you may considered before. You know, I’ve always wondered… The “fresh fish” that you can catch in bottles… Do they have a purpose? I had thought about it when I first played OoT, but I passed the item off as pointless other than to reach Lord Jabu Jabu’s stomach. Recently the question has once again resurfaced in my mind… The reason for this is a fanfic written by the author “Arxane” at (I suggest you search for his OoT novelization, it’s a very good read). In Chapter 28 “A Change of Guard,” Ruto gives Link something called a “healing fish” that heals some deep cuts in his hands. It suddenly occured to me that Arxane might know something about the fresh fish that everyone else has yet to discover! After all, I found a cleverly hidden key in Gerudo Training Grounds that allows you to open EVERY door in the room with the Ice Arrows including the ones you don’t need to open (not even Nintendo Power found that key, so I’m pretty proud of myself), so it might be possible that the fish could be used as some kind of potion. Just a thought… Try doing it in certain places. You can leave Jabu’s mouth at the beginning of the level, so try leaving then getting a fish and taking it in with you. I loaned Master Quest to a friend so I can’t check it out on my own. Thought you could help. Anyway, thanks in advance.
P.S. Not even my fellow Zelda Master and Zelda Veteran knew that the key existed. I’m so proud! It’s in the room with the three like-likes. In one of the sand pits there is an invisible chest after you kill all three like-likes. Oh, and when I sad “EVERY door,” I meant that it allows you to open them all in addition with the other keys. It’s just that no one ever found this one. S**** WALKTHROUGHS!!! I HAVE DEFEATED NINTENDO POWER!!! KNEEL ALL THOSE WHO WITNESS, NOW, MY DARK AND MIGHTY POWER!!! *Ahem*… Sorry. Anyway, I hope this helps.
3. I have a little tidbit of information that has been left out of your encyclopedia. I’ve seen the same mistake many a time, so don’t feel offended. I would never have found it out had I not been completely bored with Barinade and decided to check the stats of the jellyfish encompassing it. You see, there are two types of jellyfish in Lord Jabu Jabu’s body. The first kind you encounter -the skinny, small ones- are called Biri. The second is what gamers usually overlook. The other type that falls from the cieling and spins around is called Bari. The jellyfish that encompass Barinade are also Bari. Just thought I should clear this up. Hope this helps.

Zelda Universe:
1. Ganon and Ganondorf are the same being, as illustrated by OoT. Ganondorf, the human, used the Triforce of Power to turn into Ganon, the pig-like creature.
2. The only potions place in OoT is the old lady, and maybe the scientist on Lake Hylia. I have never heard of anything about the fresh fish, and maybe Arxane was using Poetic License, you know like movies do. Making her story exciting, she stretched what she thought might happen, but doesn’t.
3. Thanks for the tips, we’ll put it on ASAP. That is if the encyclopedia survived.

From: Analystic Link
I love your site! I think that the next zelda game, i don’t say sequel to WW because it in itself was a sequel to OoT so it would be the third unless you count MM then it would be the fourth (I think this is the most direct part of the zelda timeline)what was I saying..uh..oh! The next game should have Adult Link in it even if it is towards the end. As for graphics, I don’t care. Polygonal would be good but even Cel-Shading didn’t kill the scariness of Ganon so it shouldn’t be so bad for Adult Link, what do you think?

Zelda Universe:
Miyamoto insisted that if he were to use Adult Link, it would be Polygonal, and Young Link would use Cel-Shading. It doesn’t matter the graphics design, as long as it’s Zelda, entertaining, and keeps my attention.

From: Jeffrey Bouwmeester
This site has a great lay out and everything is easy to find. Its also very nice that you can find music from your favorite zelda games and all the info of the game you need.
Yes this site is great i really like what youre doing for all the zelda fans over the world.

Zelda Universe:
Thanks! Tell that to the hackers who love to mess up our site every week or so! Tell them to hack into another site that doesn’t deserve it! Yea, that’s what we’ll do…

From: Karl von Ogden
If you use a bomb in front of a gossip stone, then lock on with z-targeting, it will change colors and blow up.

Zelda Universe:
I think I’ve heard this before, but I think it blows up into space.

From: life-elemental
I feel you really werent clear on how to put a fanfiction up on your site, could you maybe be a little clearer? you dont have to but i think it might help some people out.

Zelda Universe:
I would if the site was there. I love repeating the fact that hackers are the devil, and have no rights doing what they do.

From: Link1017
This is by far the best Zelda site I have ever seen. See, I lost my Ocarina of Time game and I was about to skitz out! I was sick and my hands were shakin-… Anyways, I found your site, and looked at only about this much of it |_____|.

I feel much better, thanks to this site. Thank you for making!

Zelda Universe:
More ammo towards those hackers. Good site to attack. People need more of a life nowadays then to hack into sites, creating a mess for the webmasters, just because of some contest.

From: dragonwgod
Saving without dieing:
On controller #1 press start, then on controller #2 hold up and press A button, then the save, retry, continue screen will come up, and you can save.

Zelda Universe:
Thanks, we’ll put that in the codes section ASAP.

From: Levi
Hiya.. frist of all i want to say i really like yer site!! now to my queastion.. i am making my own zelda wallpaper.. and i was looking for some Adventures of Link screenshots.. of link fighting helmet head.. but i cant find any.. do you know of or have any of these screenshots? thanks for your time.. and keep up the good work!

Zelda Universe:
Our lovely friends over at the Ganon’s Tower have a pic of him fighting here. If that’s not a good enough pic, send us another line, and we’ll try to help you again.