From: Erik
hey! first off, love your site, it rocks, but lets get to the point. I was playing wind waker and was in Windfall Island lookin’ around. well, you know the one pirate who loves pigs and skull necklaces, and you can play that one game were you catch his pigs and bring them all back to him before 2:00 runs out if you give him some skull necklaces? well if you don’t, he’s the one near the bomb shop. but anyway, play the game, but before you do, catch all 3 pigs and throw them into the water, and make sure that it’s off a cliff so that the pigs don’t swim back up on land. once you did that, play the game. all the pigs will be back in their spot, only they will be swimming, in the ground. it’s pretty cool and it makes it easier because the don’t run away. just thought I would tell you. best of luck!

Zelda Universe:
Weird. I will try that the next time I get a chance to play The Wind Waker, if I get another chance to play The Wind Waker.

From: Anthony
Believe it or not you can actually win the treasure box game without getting frustrated. All you really need to do is have the eye of truth and you’ll be able to see which box holds the key. It makes getting the heart piece a lot easier.

Zelda Universe:
For some reason, I want to say i’ve seen that someplace before. I don’t know, but it sounds awfully familiar. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

From: Smorin3447
hey let me start off by saying that this is by far the best Zelda site in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now as far as the Zelda time line have you guys come to any conclusions about putting the Wind Waker in to the Zelda time line to help fit in many of the missing gaps or is it not possible at this point. I understand that you guys are very busy and take pride in what you do, but I was just wondering

Zelda Universe:
We all know an approximation of where The Wind Waker fits according to the game itself. A flood takes place 100 years after the end of OoT and the game takes place hundreds of years after the end of the flood. We at ZU haven’t found the time with all the updates about The Wind Waker to place it into the timeline.

From: Katherine Tung
Hi, I was looking at your Four Swords screenshots and I didn’t see that strange yellow bottle in the Items section. What is it? Also, I’ve played the game before and noticed in these screens the graphics and placement of the stuff (rupees, keys) were slightly different.???????? Oh, and you can (In the American version) throw pots onto the head of other players. (I mailed that to you weeks ago, and you still haven’t responded!!!!!!!!)

Zelda Universe:
The yellow bottle is from a screenshot of the early version of the game. So, it doesn’t exist in the newer version which, of course, has better graphics then those early screenshots. As for the pots, thanks for reminding us of that.

From: Andy Arroyo
First of all I want to say that I just love your Website It is the best and its the only thing I use for Zelda info. I was wondering if you could make some of those “Printer Friendly” pages so that when I print some pages, I wont use up so much ink. I LOVE YOUR SITE!

Zelda Universe:
I don’t know how much work goes into that (or if any goes into it, I should say), and with all the constant updates about The Wind Waker, I don’t think we have time to create something like that. Maybe when the site goes through another redesigning, they will put that into consideration. Or, if you want to, you can set your printer to print in EconoSafe or Quick Print. That should take less ink to print the site, but it may be in a real distorted print. But, it should still save ink.

From: SpottyGirl91
Hey! Great site! Anyway, I have a few questions. I feel stupid asking this, but exactly what was Navi doing at the end of OoT? Did she just fly out of the window? Also, In the WW, I found some “Nintendo Gallery” thing around the Forest Haven. I found out that you had to get the deluxe pictobox and find the right thing to take a picture of. I beat the game and got it. To my surprise, it let me into the rooms without the picture. I went in and all of the rooms were EMPTY!!! Why did they do that? Oh well. I’m over it. I had another question, but…I forgot what it was. Darn. Thanks for making such an amazing site! Keep up the good work!

Zelda Universe:
I believe that Navi thought that her job was done and left while Link was away with Zelda. So, Link never had a chance to say goodbye, and went off to find her, thus starting Majora’s Mask. As for the Nintendo Gallery, you can enter the gallery during the first or second run through, you just need to know what to do. In the first run through, you need to become Lenzo’s (the pictograph guy from Windfall Island) Apprentice, and complete essentially 4 tasks, and you get the Deluxe Pictograph, and entrance to the Gallery. But, when you start the second run through, you get the Deluxe Pictograph, but all the picture you got in the first run through are gone.

From: Sean Reithel
I just wanted you to know that your site is great and I also have a Ocarina of Time cheat that my friend and I found out about two years ago. Start a new game. After the boring cinema run over to the person that’s blocking you from leaving the forest. Run at him and keep on running into him. This is the hard part. Slightly pull the left side of the game cartridge out. You should become invisible so you can run out of the forest. Right when Link is supposed to run out of the forest push the cartridge back in. You should leave the forest and the only item you have is the fairy ocarina. One good thing to do before you leave is to get the sword at least. I’m not sure you can beat the game without the forest emerald though. I’m working on it. Sorry for such a long letter. One more thing I have the original gray cartridge.

Zelda Universe:
That has been a cheat known for some time now, the only problem is that if you do it, it may mess up the cartridge, like make the battery not work or the game play to mess up as well, so it is advised NOT to attempt that cheat. Just play the game normally.

From: Greenyoshidlf
In reply to the subject about “in OoT will you see Epona in the end if you didn’t get her from the ranch” It said that you need Epona to jump the broken bridge. Wrong you can use the longshot. You do not need Epona to finish OoT.

Zelda Universe:
I’ve been trying to say that from the beginning of this whole subject. You don’t need Epona to complete the game, you only need the hook/longshot to complete that task. Now in Majora’s Mask, you need Epona to complete the game, to jump bridge in Ikana Village and to get to Great Bay, but I could be wrong.

From: imnever gonnatellu
in your latest mailbag, I read the problem of someone by the name of “Name of Person who submitted question”. He mentioned how Medli has disappeared after he saved the game. Now, I don’t know how far he is into the Earth Dungeon, but I was only at the 3rd room, and the same thing happened. What I figured out is that you use the Deku Leaf to get across gaps without Medli, and the room with the switches should be saved. So technically, all you have to do is navigate back to the room you saved in, and Medli will be there. If possible, please e-mail back to this person, so he won’t be stuck if he has yet to figure out the problem.

Zelda Universe:
First of all, that was my fault that it was “Name of Person who submitted question”. I use an HTML template to create the mailbag, and that is part of it. I forgot to put a name in that spot, and that’s what showed. As for the question, I thought there were many ways around a certain problem, you just need to assess the situation and think. But, I don’t know how far that person was, and I already deleted that email. Sorry.

From: Caleb Shupp
Hi! I was just reading the new mailbag and I have some things discuss. 1. You said that the Link in the WW is a descendent of the Link in OoT. When are getting the third pearl from Jabun he says something then The King of Red Lions says no he has no connection with the Legendary one.
2.My brother has beaten WW and Im looking for the triforce charts we’ve seen no female Gerudos! That means that there are no more Gerudos populate a male Gerudos. SPOILER! So at the end of game when Link stabs Ganon on the head you have just killed the last Ganon.
3. I just want to point out in the oracle games you get rocs feather and in WW there’s a bird enemy called roc.

Zelda Universe:
1. Zephka got to me before you did, so I am sorry about that.
2. Not necessarily. It never says anywhere that it takes a male and a female Gerudo to create another male. How can a race of all females give birth when there is only one male every 100 years? That’s a bit sketchy.
3. I think we went over that in an earlier mailbag, something about there was a guy or bird in olden days. Maybe that was the bird.

From: Charlie Norman
The code for all masks in Majora’s mask, the last is missing a number! IT IS 1 SHORT!!!

Zelda Universe:
I wouldn’t know anything about the codes. I never use them anyway, but we will try to get that fixed.

From: Paul Kim
the answer to that question in Zora’s domain where the controller rumbles is to play the song of storms, and a hole appears. Just so you know…

Zelda Universe:
Thanks for the help, we appreciate it.

From: RGimenezMiguel
How come you don’t have any info on the difference between the gray and gold OoT Cartridge? For example, Gannon spits out red blood, and in the fire temple there is a chorus chanting Muslim-like words.

Zelda Universe:
I never knew there were differences between the cartridges except the color. If you know all of the differences, then send them in.

From: DarkLink
I’ve solved the Zora’s domain thing… how everyone wonders why it never thaws… I’m sure other people have figured this out, but no one has really posted it. The answer is too obvious and I think that is why people missed it after you beat the Water Temple, before you can leave the island, Sheik speaks to you and says something to the effect of “EVENTUALLY Zora’s Domain and it’s people will return to normal” meaning that it will take time… the time it would take for that amount of ice to warm up and thaw would be years, even decades to thaw… MUCH longer than you would be playing the game.

Zelda Universe:
Good observations on the game. I remember seeing that, but didn’t put two and two together.

From: Bobby Johnson
I know everyone accepts that Wind Waker takes place one hundred years after Ocarina of Time, but I disagree. Not once in the game does it ever say it was only one hundred years. How can Hyrule be flooded and forgotten, how could the Zora evolve into the Rito, how could the entire language change in such a short amount of time? I’m playing through again just to double-check, but I believe someone said “hundreds” of years at some point in the game. Yes, it was reported that Miyamoto said 100, but perhaps he was misinterpreted, or perhaps he just made a simple mistake (like we all do, from time to time).

Zelda Universe:
Zephka also got to me about that as well. The King of Hyrule, when telling the story of Hyrule, does say that Centuries have passed since Hyrule was flooded.

From: GraniteDragonb8
In your last mailbag somebody said that they had saved their game during the Earth Temple and then couldn’t find Medli when they turned the game back on…I’M HERE TO THE RESCUE!! Medli is in the room where you saved in, waiting patiently. If you have the compass and map you can see where she is. As far flying across the chasm at the entrance to the temple, just use your deku leaf! Simple as that. In my experience Nintendo has never made any sort of game where you would be permanently stuck. Have fun! Now for my quick comment…I don’t think it’s a real spoiler, but it might be for some. Edit to your own taste. It looks like the Zora’s are in some sort of constant state of evolution! In the Earth Temple a dead Zora’s named Laruto says that the next sage is further down in her bloodline, but Medli is a Rito! A bird! Weird huh? Because we know the Zora’s don’t completely die out, OoA and OoS. Great site!

Zelda Universe:
Second email of help. Hooray! As for your comment

From: Zelda freak
In response to Freya (the soul collector–ooo!)’s question about the crescent moon and star:
The crescent moon and star is also the symbol on the Turkish flag (I’m part Turkish..), but I believe I heard or read somewhere (and I would like to think I’m right..) that, yes, the symbol you’re seeing everywhere IS the symbol of Ganon… 2.this will be a really looooooooooong explanation, but if you think about it, it does make sense:
actually, there wouldn’t be room for any more Zelda games, because Link I would be stuck forever trying to save Hyrule from Ganon I, because at the end of the game Zelda I plays the ocarina to return link to his original form (a kokori) and for turning back time she freed ganon from the sacred realm and since they turned it back seven years and no one remembers anyone else anymore everyone will probably do the same thing they did the first time, and so Zelda will continue to turn back time forever…etc.
P.S. Redeads look like blue punk-rockers, the game DOES feel sort of sunshiny to me..especially the way they did the sun.., and cucoos are obviously extinct ( I probably trampled the last one out of existence a couple days ago). Oh yea..sorry for answering all this e-mail n stuff better than the staff :- (for now..), but I just couldn’t resist..

Zelda Universe:
1. I don’t know why Miyamoto would put the symbol of the Turkish flag in a game, but hey, you never know.
2. Well if you want to get into it more, you could say that the seal brought forth by the sages is not broken by time, whether it be back or forth. So, even though they return to the past, Ganon could still be in the realm, gaining his power back.
P.S. Yes, the Redeads do look punk-rockish in The Wind Waker.

From: trbf
Hi,I would like to say that I just love your site I come here everyday,I discovered the answer for a question everyone asks Why didn’t a new Gerudo male arose?here is the answer Warning Spoiler:Since the Gods sank Hyrule in the sea and stop the time maybe the Gerudo people also got stopped not only the Hyrule castle and I remember that the legends said that it happened hundreds of years and not only 100 years waht is the real time?I would like to thank you in advance.

Zelda Universe:
OK, The reason that Hyrule Castle was frozen was because the Master Sword was holding evil in check. When it was taken out, evil was no longer held in check, and was able to reign. The rains that flooded Hyrule killed everyone who wasn’t told about it, and since the game doesn’t show Gerudos, it seems like they didn’t make it. Or they did, and just hiding on some distant island. As for the timeline, the exact date The Wind Waker takes place is unknown, but it is Centuries after OoT (because I was told the truth from Zephka).

From: Perry
hey ZU, great site i have a couple of questions
1.when will you be adding WW to your timeline theory?
2.It took me 9 days to beat WW (when I also was doing the sidequests also) is that too fast?

Zelda Universe:
1. Whenever we find an exact time, whenever Anakin gets his game, whenever we get a day where no updates are present.
2. Let’s say you played an average of 4 hours a day, for 9 days. That’s 36 hours, the limit that Miyamoto said. But of course, you probably beat it with 2 hours a day, I don’t know. But no, that sounds about right.

From: Joey Mandeville
Hey, i was just wondering, i don’t really get the ending, because it looks like king was just going to sit there underwater, but next scene he’s with you and the pirates sailing away. One more thing, at the end of the credits, what was with that thing with the link and zelda/tetra bubble? Is there something going on? I hope I was blunt enough not to give to many spoilers away. You can do that high light thing if you want to.

Zelda Universe:
According to Zephka, he doesn’t remember either King being in the ending of the game. But the bubble he does. He says it’s just Nintendo trying to make it a “love interest” angle, they do in a lot of games. They make it that way for you to use your imagination.

From: Courtney Kelly
I have two questions and a comment.
1. Where do you guys get the dates for the timeline theory? I have never heard of this calendar system.
2. In the Wind Waker Link is “the same age as the hero”. But how old is that? Is that child or adult Link?
3. I do not think the Links are all descendants of each other. At one point in WW the boat says “this child has no connection to the legendary one”. WW is not 100 years after OoT. That is not enough time for the story to be forgotten and become a legend. In fact I think the King says it was several centuries ago.

Zelda Universe:
1. It was started at 0, and every date was made by estimation given by games. Zephka gives the example of “Link 2 lived for 50 years, then at LEAST 100 years had to go by because they said zelda had to be asleep for a century” The reason it is a theory, is because of the rough estimations.
2. The age of Link in OoT was 10, but the Legend of him went through a “telephone effect” and the age became 12, which is the age of The Wind Waker Link.
3. You’re right, I messed up last mailbag. Sorry.

From: Elizabeth Morgan
I’ve been hearing rumors about an eel in the fishing pond in Oot. I think it’s name is the “Hylian Leech”, or something like that. Is it true? And if so,can tell me how to catch it?

Zelda Universe:
It’s not the Hylian Leech, its called the Hylian Loach. You need a sinking lure to catch it, and it is a high weighing fish. But be patient, it is a really rare catch.

From: Gorblax the Invincible
Since OOT was released, there have been two major warring clans of Zelda fanatics: “Zelda Shippers,” peaople who see Link and Zelda as a couple, and “Ranch Shippers,” people who see Link and Malon as a couple. I believe I have proof that Link in fact married Malon, despite popular belief. Note that I am only addressing Link I.
Why Zelda Couldn’t have married Link: As Ruto proves in OOT, you can’t marry a sage. Plus, they seem too close as friends. Why spoil that relationship? Also, wouldn’t later Links be part of the Royal Family if they did marry? Think about it.
How Malon did marry Link: As we see in some versions of ALttP and LoZ, Link has reddish-brown hair, the same as (gasp) Malon’s! Furthermore, doesn’t Link’s uncle in Alttp look strikingly like Talon? Not one, but two genetic proofs that Malon is an ancestor.
Now to adress the “minority” groups…
Ruto: She’s a fish-woman, for Nayru’s sake! Link doesn’t love her! She’s also a sage, and if they did marry, wouldn’t descendants be part Zora?
Saria: She’s also a sage, and you can’t marry a kid! It’s just… wrong.
Marin: Although some say that according to the secret ending of LA, Marin survived, I interpret the ending to mean she did survive, but she was reincarnated as a seagull. If you say Link can marry the seagull, you can go by that opinion because you’re “special.”
Romani: No proof against her, or Cremia for that matter. Hmmm…
So that’s it. Link married a farm girl, or a common Hylian with similar genetic traits to Malon. Take that, Zelda Shippers! (In case you haven’t guessed, I’m one of the few surving “Ranch Shippers.” And proud of it, man!)

Zelda Universe:
You make some interesting points, Ranch Shipper. I have no real opinion for or against that, because I don’t follow the whole “who he married” part of the game. But finding out who dated who in the game would make the games to Soap Opera like. I hate those shows.

From: Ryan Prenatt
ok.ok i got to admit. this game was the BEST GAME ever (WW), but i found it to be really short and easy. i was woundering if the Second Quest had any new things in it or if it was going to be harder??? well any ways, the game was awsome but i was dissapointed at the length.

Zelda Universe:
There are few minor difference like (highlight)Link goes through the whole adventure in his pajamas, Aryll wears the skull dress the whole game, you can get more pictograph pictures, and you start with the deluxe pictograph. Other than that, there are no real differences.

From: ChozoLink
In the beginning of OOT, Mido, who is guarding the exit from Kokiri forest, warns you that the Great Deku tree said that if a Kokiri left the forest, he or she would die. However, in the end credits after you beat the game, the Kokiri children are dancing with everyone else at the party at Lon Lon Ranch. How is this Possible? Did the Deku Tree just tell the Kokiri they would die if their left the forest so they wouldn’t wander off? Or can they leave the forest at the end of the game because Ganon is sealed away and there is no more evil in Hyrule.

Zelda Universe:
I am told that Kokiris that wonder off turn into Stalchilds. There are some at the party, just to make it diverse, and I don’t know how they got to begin with. Maybe it was because Ganon was gone, or maybe something else. We may never know.

From: Tucker Crim
If you didn’t already know this, Link talks (besides for Yes and No choices) in MM. When you’re in North Termina and you see the old lady from the bomb shop walking past, she gets mugged right? but someone says “Hey you, give that ladys stuff back” or something along those lines. It could’ve been the guard, but if you let the thief pass on by, he does nothing to stop him…. and i hightly doubt that it was Tingle in the air. Link is the only one who could’ve said it….. Makes you think, doesn’t it

Zelda Universe:
Hmm, very good observation. And people want to believe that Link doesn’t talk at all during the games.

From: Janine
is it true that there will be a remake of ocarina of time on gamecube?

Zelda Universe:
If you head down to your local retailer, then you will see that it has already happened. It was part of a preorder deal with The Wind Waker, anyone who preordered it got the OoT remake with the game. But, I think some retailers are selling them now, for either the same price as a regular game, or $10 US.

From: EchoSideNinja17
In order for Ganondorf to break free from that prison that he was forced into by the sages, it must have been a horrible place. Do you have any idea about what it might be like to be sealed away?

Zelda Universe:
I bet it’s like a very, very horrible prison with no toilets, no TV, and no showers. Other than that, I have no idea.

From: Brad Trainer
hey just a comment…been playing WW a lot. Previous mailbags have been saying that Gorons are not in the game…3 islands, greatfish, bomb, and mother and child islands each have a traveling merchant on them…they all had hats over their heads…but to me I would say that they are Gorons…that does support the theory that they all went to one of the “oracle” worlds, and these 3 are just traveling guys. But it does show that there are Gorons in the game. I was wondering though…where did the Zoras go?? I mean, the whole world is water…shouldn’t they be loving it?? The only one I saw was “Laruto” who was dead…I’m guessing she was a descendent of the ever-so-annoying Ruto.

Zelda Universe:
Gorons and Zoras have to be somewhere in the game, because they reappear inside the Oracle Games. I will have to go look the merchants myself to find out if they are indeed Gorons.

From: Unknown majora’s mask do you even find navi?

Zelda Universe:
1. No, but that is who Link is looking for, and gets stuck in Termina for his troubles.
2. Whenever Anakin or Zephka gets a chance to do it. We have a lot of other updates about

From: Joecool12182
I just want to make a point that you guys are totally worng. You said
the WW Link is related to the Hero of Time… [not smart people]! Have you even
played the game!?! It says when you’re talking to Jabun, The king of Red
Lions says “This boy has no relation to the Hero of Time, but I have
great confidence in him.” Just making a point.

Zelda Universe:
No, the thing was I thought that Zephka had told me that he was related to the Hero of Time, but then I played the game, found out, and Zephka told me about the mistake. So, no, we aren’t IDIOTS, I just didn’t read right.

From: Unknown
1.) In Oot, are the redeads dead market people who didn’t make it to Kakariko? People say it is just Ganon’s Magic, but then how would their be redeads in MM, which takes place in another demesion. Is Ganon there too?
2.) How come the Redeads are blue and w/ earrings in WW, instead of brown?

Zelda Universe:
2. I think that either evolution got to the Redeads over centuries, or that’s just the way they were made in The Wind Waker.

From: Craig Torbenson
This has been bugging me for a while now. People keep saying that the Wind Waker takes place 100 years after Ocarina of Time! This is incorrect!! While the pre-game report from Nintendo does say this, it is proven incorrect during the game. The second time you go underwater, when you bring Tetra and meet the King of Hyrule, the King tells you the story of Hyrule. In it, he specifically states that it has been MANY CENTURIES since then. This makes hundreds, possibly thousands of years! Also, using just plain common sense, one can infer that it takes place way more that a hundred years afterwards. First of all, the kingdom of Hyrule has to be destroyed and conquered by Ganondorf. Then the entire nation has to pass from proven history into myth and legend. All of that alone is going to take a very long time, well over a hundred years. We are still aware of civilizations that existed thousands of years ago. Afterwards, the entire world has to flood, and a new civilization emerge. That also would take more than a century. There are also many other aspects, such as the evolution of species – on the timescale of nature, a century is less than a second. For species to evolve that fast, especially complex, self-aware species like the Rito, normally takes millions and billions of years. Granted this is Hyrule, a land full of magic, and things like this may be different there. And, yes, I know the Goddesses had a hand in a lot of these events, but all of this has to take at least some major time.
There are just a few other things I would like to say. One, there are Gorons in the Wind Waker. If you look closely, you can see that the Traveling Merchants on Mother and Child Isles, Bomb Isle, and Greatfish Isle, are Gorons! Their bodies are built like Gorons (Big and round torso with skinny legs and arms and a big, round head). Also, if you take a close look, their mouths are just like Gorons, they have a tuft of hair on their chin like Gorons, they each have a hole in their hat right on the right eye, which is a Goron eye, and their big packs are patterned with the traditional Goron logo. They clearly are Gorons. Two, does anybody have any theories on how the Rito came to be, and from what species? My theory is that when the world started to flood, all the Cuckoos in Kakariko Village migrated up Death Mountain and there settled, evolved, and became a new species. This is supported by the fact that Dragon Roost Island, home of the Rito, is clearly what is left of Death Mountain. This also explains why there are no cuckoos in the Wind Waker (if I’m wrong about that, somebody please tell me where they are!).
Well, that’s all. Also, my information might be slightly incorrect, as I have not finished beating the Wind Waker yet (Almost!), and there might be some information at the end that I do not know.
One last thing: ZELDA UNIVERSE ROCKS!!!

Zelda Universe:
Ok, since two people say Gorons are in the game, i’ll have to believe them until I see them for myself. You are now the third person to say I was wrong when it came to 100 years after OoT, thanks! I guess due to all the lava, the hole on which Valoo sits on, and all the rocks would support the fact that Dragon Roost Island is Death Mountain. I haven’t seen Cuccos in this game, so the Rito might be them, but others have also said that the Rito are an evolved for on Ruto (which the only thing I see that is the same is the name). But good observations.

From: Brian
1) in earth temple in ww just use the deku leaf if medli is not in the
2) in OoT when your a adult and your in zoras domain link having four
hearts is bull

Zelda Universe:
1. Thanks for the tip.
2. Well, that is not necessarily true. You could get to Zora’s Domain with only four hearts. Think about it, you could defeat every child dungeon, and not pick up the containers (or at least just one of them) and then get to be an adult, and enter Zora’s Domain before you actually start the forest temple. So, there’s one away around it, there are possibly more.

From: Sam
first of all……are you ready?……sit down…
second, how on earth do you afford the bombs at the over priced bomb shop in wind waker?

Zelda Universe:
First, Anakin and Zephka are using all the update time to get all the information about The Wind Waker to you, the viewer. When The Wind Waker fad has died down, and there is nothing to update, maybe Anakin will get to it. Right now, there is plenty more than that to update.
Second, you don’t. You’re not supposed to get them until later in the game, on your second tour of the pirate ship.

From: theredjedi
First and foremost, let me thank you for building one of the
best Zelda sites I’ve come across. Its great to see someone who loves
the games so much.
My questions:
1) If the Kokiri are immortal, why did the ghost of Fido say he was the
Forest Sage? Did something happen to Saria (my favorite OoT character)?
2)If Link defeated Gannon in OoT, and was then sent back to his youth,
didn’t the all the events of OoT not actually happen? Or would Link
have been forced to relive his adventure in an endless loop?
3) In your professional opinion, who do you think OoT Link ended up
marrying/having a child with?

Zelda Universe:
1. Where does it say that Kokiri are immortal? I thought it was they just don’t age normally like all of us. They look like kids, no matter what age they are.
2. I think what happened was that the seal put on Ganon is there even if you went back to your youth. The power of the sages defies all laws of time.
3. I don’t really care as long as there as there is always another adventure with a kid named Link. But, if I have to give an answer, I would say Malon, because that “Ranch Shipper” above seemed to have changed my mind a little.

From: AdvanceSP
Hey ZU! I love this site and think it’s the greatest! I come here every day for updates and such.
Anyway, Someone in the last mailbag was stuck in the Earth Dungeon and thought it might be a glitch. Let me tell you, it’s not a glitch. The same thing happened to me and I freaked out like crazy! But it’s all very simple, all you have to do is use the Deku Leaf! But, you’ve probably already figured that out by now.
I have a question, and if you don’t want to tell me because you think it’ll spoil it, that’s fine. My question is, after the pirates take Aryll out of the Forsaken Fortress, is there any way to get to the Pirate Ship and see her?

Zelda Universe:
No, about the Deku Leaf, i’ve been told about 5 times now. But hey, that’s what happens in a public domain mailbag where everyone can read my mistakes. As for your question, the only way that I know of being able to do anything with your sister after she is on the pirate ship is to receive a letter from her. She tells you about the pirates, and how they are missing Miss Tetra. Other than that, I don’t think there is anyway to find out where the Pirate Ship is exactly in the Great Sea.

From: Mathew McCarroll
Yo, Zelda Universe! Okay, I’ll try not to bore you with endless and indescribably annoying blather and get straight to the questions/comments (choose whichever seems to fit).
1) Okay, in your last mailbag (April 6, 2003), you said that Link from Four Swords was not likely to be the same Link as the one from Wind Waker because of family relations from A Link to the Past. But answer me this: who says that Four Swords and A Link to the Past have anything to do with each other?
2) Okay, time continues on in all timelines whether someone leaves a said timeline, so I have a theory. What if Wind Waker Link is the Link in the timeline when Ganondorf was sealed in the Evil Realm, and that’s also the same timeline when the party at the end of OoT? And what if Link from LTTP is the Link from when Link was returned to a kid? As far as I can foresee, this theory has no flaws. Can you prove/disprove that this is true? (Yes, this gave me a headache, and even thought I came up with it weeks ago, my skull still throbs)

Zelda Universe:
1. They don’t, people just like to make their own theories, which is OK with me. I mean, that’s why it is called a theory, it is based on observations made about something and something else, just like our beautiful timeline.
2. I can disprove your theory with a quote from The Wind Waker. “The Hero of Legend ruled Hyrule centuries ago.” So Wind Waker Link is not the Link from the party at the end of OoT. LTTP Link is not the kid Link from OoT because the he has an Uncle in LTTP, and doesn’t in OoT.

From: KriyaAkiyu0
hi, i was reading about the Question about Cuccos and I know that the Cuccos either couldn’t swim and turn extinct or somehow turned into pigs because of the fact that if you hit a pig too many times it will chase you until it can’t get to you, i run i circles with a giant one chasing me for about 15 minutes but it stopped when i went into the water.

Zelda Universe:
Well someone above made a good point that the Cuccos could have migrated up to Death Mountain, and became the Rito. I mean, think about it, it is logical.

From: Nick Something
Hoy! Love the site, best Zelda site out there. I’ve looked into these things. Anyway, reading the ‘Lands of Hyrule’ section, I noticed an unfamiliar name : Calatia. Uh… so… what is it? What game(s) is it mentioned in? (or comics, TV show, manga… etc.) That’s all… hurray for cats!

Zelda Universe:
Calatia is mentioned in The Legend of Zelda manual (you know, the first Zelda game way back in the day). This is what Zephka told me, and he knows a lot.

From: Nathan
In the last mailbag you said that you couldn’t fidgure out why the stone of agony viabrated on that island in zora’s domain.Thats because if you stand on that island and play the song of storms ahole will appear and inside it is a fairy fountain.

Zelda Universe:
Thanks for the tip on why that happens. I would try it, but I don’t have a rumble pack or the Stone of Agony, but thanks anyway.

From: XxGPPxX
the game does not take place 100 years after ocarina of time
the flood happened 100 years after ocarina of time and then this game takes place hundreds of years later

Zelda Universe:
Number 6, I really should group these all together, but I am too lazy. That, and I am answering this question late at night, and I am really tired.

From: GamecuberErick
ww is supposed to take place 100 years after oot, right. but if anyone has noticed when the king of hyrule is explaining the oot legend he says at the end that hundreds of years have passed since then (oot)what should i beleive?

Zelda Universe:
Wow, Deja Vu. Believe what the game actually says, and what I have been trying to correct all this mailbag. 100 years after OoT, a flood took place, and centuries after that, The Wind Waker resulted.

From: Dirk Amoeba
Before WW was released, there was a debate: 100 years after OoT, or several hundreds? I say: both! Why? Here’s why: After the end of OoT, 100 years passed. Then, Ganon escaped and Hyrule was flooded, but also frozen in time. After that, several hundred more years pass ABOVE the surface of the water, but under it, Hyrule remains frozen in time. Only 100 years have passed in Hyrule! I know Hyrule was frozen in time, we all know that if we have played. I think this is the answer to the 100 vs. Many hundred debate.

Zelda Universe:
Well, I could dispute that with that Ganon said that the reason all those enemies unfroze was because evil was being held in check with the Master Sword, and when it was taken out, the evil was allowed to rule again. But, a theory is a theory, I always say.

From: BBD+
I don’t know if they called it the Game n’ Watch or the Watch n’ Game, but whichever way they said the actual wrist-watch made in 1989 (89?). Anyway, what do you think of it? I am trying to get one, and I want to know what to expect ;0) Not that I’m
expecting GC graphics, or anything. Just, did it have any good story to it at all?

Zelda Universe:
I think that there are some Game n’ Watch games for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. It is a game that I think features some random puzzle games and adventure games, like Pac-man, and Mario, and Donkey Kong. I think it’s hosted by Toad, but I am not sure. I have seen them at my local Blockbuster, and I think there are 5-8 of them. Other than that, I don’t know anything else about them.

From: Nash Pop
Since the Wind Waker takes place 100 years after Ocarina of Time, it’s hard to explain how things really happened, and it’s an open window for you to decide the best ending of that storyline. The only person who is capable to solve all those questions in our heads is Mr. Miyamoto himself. Link from Wind Waker has nothing to do with the one from Ocarina of Time, the only thing that relates them is that both plays the role of a Hero, Link from Wind Waker is putted into a test before he becomes the new hero,
and it’s a test from the gods to see if he is good enough to become the next hero after The Hero of Time which in my theory too is the first in the Zelda Storyline.

In my opinion Ganon is the same person all the time, he is the king of evil and no matter what happen he’s gonna resurrect after 100 years of been locked away by the gods, now the interesting part here is that the soul of evil is called Ganon, but the body who’s gonna carry the soul of evil is born every 100 years in Gerudo Fortress and it’s called Ganondorf, and the look is gonna change, the voice, and pretty much everything will change to Miyamoto’s desire.

This basic theory is just based on the silly questions and answers that you receive in your Mailbag, please feel free to add this one as part as the whole bunch with it’s respective answer.

Zelda Universe:
Ok, here’s the new theory that will make you happy. 100 years after OoT, a great flood happens to stop Ganon, who is the same Ganon from both OoT and The Wind Waker, who was gaining power. Centuries after the flood, The Wind Waker happens, a boy named Link goes on a journey to save him his sister, and finds the Master Sword in the process, resurrecting the great power of the Hero, as well as giving Ganon his power back as well. And after all is said and done, Ganon is destoryed by the same thing that stopped him in the beginning, the Master Sword

From: GraniteDragonb8
Trahald, I must say that I COMPLETLEY agree with you. The faeries were useful and just plain pretty. I also thought they gave the game a little personality and life, Link had a little friend! And sometimest the friend had an opinion! I don’t know why people thought Navi was so annoying, the only problem was when you were replaying the game. (You already knew what to do.) As far as enemies, I complain that there wasn’t enough variation! There are…lessee…four types of pig enemies?? I think they can get a little more creative..AGG! A stick! The horror! To connect the faerie again, I also missed the fact that the creatures had individual names and weaknesses. About 98% of the enemies you can just hit with your sword a few times and they’ll die.

Zelda Universe:
I think the thing that people didn’t like about fairies was how in the beginning it told you how to open a door. But hey, these games are made for the people who know how to play games, as well those who don’t. Anyway, thanks for the reply.

From: JAsawn
I think I disagree with some points of the article, “The Missing Fairy”. Of course these are only my opinions and other might think differently.
In a way, u could think of The King of Red Lions as a Navi type character. I think that he’s a whole lot less annoying than Navi. He also doesn’t say “Listen!” every five seconds. Plus he looks cooler.
Anyways the site is pretty cool. Probably the best Zelda site out there. Keep up the good work.

Zelda Universe:
When did I become Trahald’s personal secretary? Just kidding. Anyway, thanks for your opinions, that’s what keeps this mailbag running, mostly.

From: Unknown
Some People Say That Link In WW Is The Same One As In OOT And Some Say No,
Is He Or Not? Im Not Sure Because I Havent Got The Game Yet Because Its Not Out In he U.K. So I Dont Fully Understand All That Is Happening In Game Just Yet.

Zelda Universe:
OK, one more time! 100 years after OoT, a flood to keep Ganon in check occured, flooding Hyrule. Centuries after that, The Wind Waker takes place, where a boy named Link goes on an adventure to save his sister. So OoT and WW Link are two different people.

From: Robin Scribailo
Hey, your sight’s okay, but I’ve seen better (cough). There is a big mistake in TWW. Supposedly it takes place 100 years after OOT, but this can’t be true. There are 2 reasons: One, in the beginning when its giving you the big explanation with all the pictures about what happened after OOT it says’ that was hundreds of years ago. So if Ganon’s evil crept back hundreds of years ago after Link was already gone that’s already more than a century. Two, when your talking with the king when you bring Tetra ( Zelda) down under the sea the King says it took hundreds of years for the land to become flooded after Ganon came back. I think this was a stupid mistake. So TWW is at least 500 years after OOT

Zelda Universe:
Someone is not getting tote bag (joke for making fun of the site (cough). Let’s see. A flodd takes place 100 years after OoT, and centuries after that (anywhere from 100-1000 years) the adventure of a boy named Link to save his sister takes place. So your right, and i’m wrong for time number 8, or 7, or I lost count.

From: HeroofTime6432
1)what is Action Replay and where can i find it.
2)r there any codes for WW
3)i want to know if another zelda game is comin out 4 gamecube where can i find it

Zelda Universe:
1. From what I read on the Code Junkies website, it looks and sounds like a GameGenie. Ah yes, the good old days of cheating with the GameGenie. You can buy them off the Code Junkies website, or maybe at any other electronics website, but I would buy it off the site that makes them.
2. Yes, we have all the available codes for The Wind Waker.
3. There are rumors from Miyamoto himself that he is planning another Zelda game for the Gamecube. He said he might reveal something at this year’s E3, but nothing is set in stone yet. Stay with Zelda Universe for more news.

From: K.K.S
I got a question. How does the Master Sword turn up in both a different pedastal and area? I mean, Temple Of Time, Under-Sea Castle, Forest..ect…whats up with that? And, if you think about the maps you see, in Oot then to ALTTP, the Master Sword changes from the SouthWest corner to the NorthWest corner. Also, this new secret area, if you win anything, or something cool happens, i might just get this Action Replay. but, it seems from the images at the links you mention, you (as in Link) doesnt have a sword or anything. I’ve actually talked about your site to the classmates, teachers, and even the principal!

Zelda Universe:
The only thing I could hypothesize about the changing locations is to throw off the scent of evil. Changing the location allows for only the person who should only pull it out find out its whereabouts. But I don’t know any other reason.

From: KbBaby26
Hey i’ve been coming to your site for awhile now and it’s awesome!!! I personally think it’s the best out there. Anywho in Wind Waker there are a bunch of places in the sea that are reefs that have numbers in their name (like 2 eye reef and 3 eye reef and so on) i think these places are like pirate hideouts. if you look at the flags that are on the rocks there, the faces on them look an awful lot like that of a subrosian from zelda: oracle of seasons, don’t you think? i do. well keep up the good work!

Zelda Universe:
Well, I haven’t been to the reefs yet, but I have seen other symbols from the Oracle games in The Wind Waker so far. All of the pearls have the symbols of the Harp Tunes from Oracle of Ages.

From: The King of Geek Lions
1) Someone asked if the party of the ocarina of time ending was during child Link’s time. The answer is NO. It’s easy to see because all the sages were watching from afar (the sages weren’t woken up til adult Link’s time). Also Malon is grown up. And AFTER the party shows that Link is putting the master sword to rest.

2) About that ocarina romance thing (an article). I want to believe in the Link-Malon relationship. Anyway, AnakiN passed by the fact that when Zelda asked Link to return to his time and do what he is suppossed to do, the first thing he does is go and meet Zelda again. After all she is his destiny.

3) WW can’t take place just 100 years after ocarina. Just see: ganon had time to escape the seal (obviously after The Hero of Time’s death), cause havoc to the point of destroing everything, be sealed with all Hyrule, become a legend which has to take at least 1000 years (because Hyrule is forgotten as a land that existed) and break the seal again.

4) I don’t think WW Link is OoT Link’s descendant. He is never mentioned as that and it would be bad if only one bloodline has the courage to hold the triforce. The case of Zelda can’t be avoided since she is a princess, so she has to be the descendant of the royal family (maybe Link and Zelda’s).

Zelda Universe:
1.Well, even though the Sages were woken during adult Link’s time, after going through this mailbag, it’s tough to say whether or not the things in adult Link’s time are remembered by the past Link’s time. Do sages know everything, whether or not time flows properly? Who knows.
2. Well that Ranch Shipper above changed my mind a little, and he has some good points. But a person has a unique ability to have their own opinion.
3. I really have to stop making mistakes in the mailbag, because I get about 10 emails about it for the next mailbag. Wait, that would make the mailbag not interesting. I’ll take note of that
4. That was also a mistake, he isn’t because the King of Red Lions says so when talking to Jabun as well.

From: Slider
whats with the Dark Nut junk in the Wind Waker? i miss Iron Knuckles! i mean, Dark Nuts are older…as they existed in LOZ but,…well…you know what i mean. i miss those guys. That, and who was Fado? i know that name is the name of a kokori but i cant think of which one….i might be thinkin of Mido in OoT but theres a Fado in WW….odd….And, finally,…you might have an answer…but if you dont, its ok, but, is where you fight Gannondorf in the WW the same area where you fight either Gannon or Gannondorf? i seems like Nintendo would do somethin like that.

Zelda Universe:
Well, you have to change it every so often to make it interesting, and not stale. So that’s why Dark Nuts are there, and not Iron Knuckles. As for Fado, there was one in Ocarina of Time, and is apparently one that is either always in the Lost Woods, or close to it. (Spoiler, Highlight to Read) Well, there are some similarities between the two places, the fact that you need to revisit each dungeon in his tower at the end, but the fact that his castle was gone at the end of OoT may give the fact that it isn’t the same. Or, he rebuilt his castle next to the old castle, and made it just like his old castle.

From: SoccerPeanut1
1. i just returned to Outset Island in Wind Waker and i noticed something odd. up by the bridge to the forest, there is this guy looking through a telescope. if u talk to him, he says he wishes he could fly so he could reach the top of that hill. he also says that under the rock, u can find the “tri…oops! i almost spoke its name”. does he mean the riforce? if so, can u really get the triforce in Wind Waker?
2.this has to do with the question i had last time. i got high enough to soar over to that rock. it looks like a giant head. my question is: can you make yourself stronger, like you can in oot with the guantlets? i’m a bit too lazy to check the walkthrough. i tried to lift it, but i couldn’t. the dumb stone told me i can find something out in the sea that can help me lift the rock. according the the telescope dude, the triforce is under that rock,or am i just gullible? i really don’t think i am
if a CHARACTER from the game told me “So close! If only I could fly to that hill! Under the rock is the tri……I almost told. It is a secret. A very great secret.” i am so pshched about this. what if u CAN get the triforce?!!!
Zelda Universe:
1. Yes, you can get the Triforce of Courage in the game, its one of your objectives (The reason it isn’t spoiled is because the charts are on the site, so you should know by know that you can get the Triforce). The place that he talks about is a real pain, because it is a 51 floor labyrinth of pain on each floor. One chart and a heart piece are in that cave.
2. Yes, you get power bracelets similar to the Silver and Golden Gauntlets in OoT. And the Triforce is not under the rock, just one of eight charts are. You find eight charts in the game, all over the place, and they are translated by Tingle, and you find all 8 pieces under the sea. With that and the two sages praying for the power to return to the Master Sword, you can face Ganon for the final battle.

From: Jin
hello i was reading your link to the past article and i have a theory.
when it says link1/the hero of time was seperated from the qualities that made him a hero i believe this refers to the fierce deity’s mask. think about it why would link be seperated from being a hero unless he became evil. also after link returned to hyrule i believe he went on a quest to find what the fierce deity’s mask acctually was and who made it which would explain why he mysteriously dissapeared.

Zelda Universe:
No, it really refers to the Master Sword and Triforce. Your theory doesn’t have that many fact behind it, where as the Master Sword and Triforce theory does. But, if you have some facts behind the Fierce Deity, I can retract my statement.

From: Victor Fiore
1. how’s it going ZU i got a couple of things to say about OoT. first of all, remember that question i asked in last month’s mailbag? you know, about finishing the game without epona? well… i tried that and finished the game (again) a few days ago. unfortunately nothing happened. it was the same ending as always 🙁 .
well anyway i wanted to comment something else, was the idea of princess ruto being swallowed by lord jabu-jabu some kind of setup???
i mean think about it, the zoras in zora’s domain and lake hylia desperately looking for her. suddenly you find a letter in a bottle in that same lake, you show it to king zora who allows you to go get her and when you meet her she “denies” leaving a letter in a bottle. this was either some kind of prank to worry her father, or she desperately wanted to find a boyfriend (hmmm… that might explain why the zora’s sapphire was considered as a zora engagement ring.) and poor link was in the middle of this….tsk tsk tsk…oh well, that’s how the game goes
2. are there any rumors about a smash bros melee sequel out there???

Zelda Universe:
1. Yea, silly Zora’s playing tricks on Link’s heart.
2. Not that I know of, but anything is possible.

From: EchoSideNinja17
One of my biggest pet peeve’s with Ww was that darn music that repeated over and over again while sailing. After many attempts of finding a substitute, i came up with 3 choices of albums to use: Merril bainbridge- the garden, Limp Bizkit- 3 dolla bills y’all, and soulfly- 3. These album titles could be a little bit off, but its close enough, but i realized that listening to these albums over and over again got tiresome( this was after a 12 hour period in one day). My question is this, what are your suggestions, if you have any?

Zelda Universe:
I would suggest MP3’s, but that is kind of illegal. You could listen to music until you don’t even notice it anymore, I don’t really care about the music, seeing as though I have downloaded music from the game. I really don’t know.