From: Wmalott0128
I just gotta know, r there gonna be Gorons in the Wind Waker?

Zelda Universe:
I was just reminded last mailbag that Goron’s hate water, or something like that. So I don’t think you’ll find many near water… which is the whole place… but I could be wrong. They could be hiding on one of the big islands… but it is uncertain if they will be in the game… maybe in 4 days.

From: ZeldaFreak084
Compliments on the great sight you have produced, first of all. But my question is: Obviously on your timeline OoT and MM are first. But then there is an 800 year gap in the action. Where does the WW fit in at 100 years after OoT? Does this Observation cause the timline to be rewritten? Will all be explianed about the obviously flooded Hyrule ocuring before the obviosly dry LTTP Hyrule, in the WW? I have to know.
Zelda Universe:
The Wind Waker will take place 100 years after OoT. Yes, the timeline will have to be rewritten to add The Wind Waker, but that would be about it. And your observation of LttP is a great one, that makes me think more and more about the timeline being true. It all fits together.

From: Steven Graboski
Hey guys, i think i might of just solved the question of why there is a cel-shaded link. Look at the picture of Link fom The Legend of Zelda in the character’s page of your site. Now, look at the picture of link from the Wind Waker. You Should See the resemblence, of the size and shape. Also, thier feet are identical. This can only mean one thing. The reason that Shigiru Mayomato wanted link to look cartoony, is because he wanted to retain link’s classic look!! This makes me glad I reserved the game twice as much as before!!

Zelda Universe:
This picture? I don’t see much of a similarity, just in the fact that Link wears the same thing in every game ever. But if you see it, that’s your opinion, and the millions who probably do too.

From: Gohanss925
Can i use some of your screen shots for my website? I’ll put a link to your website if you want…

Zelda Universe:
Yea, as long as you give proper citing. Look, I even give you a page to Link to us. Also, if you do borrow the pictures, save them to your site server, just don’t link right from the picture on our server.

From: Analystic Link
Just wondering, you said in a previous mailbag that Wind Waker was the third in the Zelda timeline, does that mean that Hyrule eventually gets unflooded? It would explain why in later games (timeline-wise) there are new positions of places and the movement of the castle in LttP…you know, the water made things grow and eroded other things. On a COMPLETELY different issue, although you’ve probably heard this before, what happened at the end of OoT?!?!? Did Zelda recognize Link? If Ganondorf *magically* disappeared from the past does that mean all that he did there was reversed? (like killing the Great Deku Tree) And Doesn’t young Zelda realize he’s disappeared from the face of Hyrule? AHH! Sorry for writing so much:)

Zelda Universe:
About the timeline, yes, a lot of good obversations by the fans on the timeline. And people doubt it! On a COMPLETELY different answer, the ending of OoT does raise a lot of questions, including from what you said. I think that Zelda did recognize Link at the end, because she is the Princess of Destiny, and knows a lot. Everything would probably be reversed, after Ganondorf did everything in the future, including Lon Lon Ranch, his castle, and every temple that he messed up. But the Deku Tree was destined to die. I love that word. And the last question, I answered twice already, and I am lazy.

From: Ryan Prenatt
hi hows everyone doing? really! thats good. ok i dont know if you guys have the Bonus disk booklets or not (icould be wrong, sorry) but if not, i would like to point out that the Wind Waker Minnie booklet shows link in his boat… but if you pay attention to the shadow in the background, then (i dont know if you see it) you can see Gannondarf looking over his sholder… just letting you know. oh yea, great site!!!!

Zelda Universe:
Man, I was looking through that whole book for a picture of Link in a boat, and it was on the front. Yes, it is indeed the Gerudo King Gannondorf. That inquires a lot of questions. But we did all know they he was going to be in the game anyway.

From: JLarson707
Ok first off i would just like to say I think ZU is the best Zelda page on the internet and for my question,i just read the latest mailbag and someone asked were the triforce was and you said behind the temple of time and down a hole was that just a joke or is it true? Thanks
From: SoccerPeanut1
i was just reading last weeks mailbag, and i have a question about it. the hell? i thought u couldn’t get the triforce, but u said “go behind the Temple of Time and fall through the hole”. i sure hope that was a joke. btw, ZU is the best Zelda site on the net.
From: Charissa
Hey,this is really starting yo bug me.Can you please tell me where the trifoce is on oot.Can you get it.I heard you can,I heard you can’t.Be serious and tell me where it is. P.S. LOve your site.

Zelda Universe:
Man, I make one joke, and people bite my head off for it. The directions I gave to that person I remembering reading off the net one time, so I decided to include that as the answer. But if you read the first part, it still says that the Triforce is in your imagination.

From: Swish75
I love the site and I especially love that you actually update. That keeps me from straying away to other shanty sights. But I digress. . .
1.) I always wondered why the Gerudos lacked elf ears. Are they some sort of outcast nation and not given the ears to hear the Gods?
2.) Another Gerudo-related question…in some images in the Spirit Temple, there is a triforce surrounded by the standard wings. However, deeper into the temple, the triforce in an eyeball instead surrounded by wings. Do they have a second religion or something that has to do with the Desert colossus statue?
3.) I noticed this recently (yes, I am blonde so you have to expect the delayed reactions) I didn’t know that the old-school original Zelda flute warp hymn is the intro to oot. You know, when Link’s riding on Epona and they play the nice orchestra piece. Maybe I was the only oblivious one.
4.) The Zelda timeline theories:
Could the answer to the chronological order be that the Nintendo games and Super Nintendo games were just GAMES. I mean, ocarina of time and majora’s mask are the same Link. Wind Waker Link is 100 years past. I believe when loz and aol was created, it was just a simple game with a simple plot that rooted oot and future games. Maybe they have no part in the Zelda timeline. Take super mario bros. for example, the first game had the same streamline plot of zelda: beat bad guy, save princess. Now Mario is saving her in her castle and on an island with a more prominent purpose as if in sorta real-life. Just with the advance of technology, nintendo was able to make the zelda story deeper and actually have a story to appeal to audiences. I hope that made sense. I ramble on sometimes…

Zelda Universe:
1. This is from the legend that was told in the A Link to the Past instruction manual: “With their magic infused blood, the Hylian people were endowed with psychic and skill in wizardry. It was also said that their long, pointed ears enabled them to hear special messages from the gods, so they were held in high esteem by many people in Hyrule.” — The Gerudos simply were not blessed by the Gods with these gifts.
2. Well since two religions in the same race is just plain silly, I think it’s just the way the temple was built.
3. Since I have never gotten a real chance to sit down and play the original, I never would have noticed it either. But according to Zephka, it doesn’t (down right left up, as he says) but if you can prove him wrong, send it over to us.
4. If they were just games, they wouldn’t be part of the Legend. So, it needs to be in the timeline. And since the end seems good, it was stuck there. But, your fact that they are roots of all of the other games is a good one too.

From: Lyra
Hi! What exactly is the game Soul Calibur? (Just asking. If you don’t know, it’s all right).

Zelda Universe:
It’s a traditional fighting game, like Tekken — Go here to find out more information about the game.


Zelda Universe:
Lets see what I can decipher from this Email. Cool for the OCTOROKS. There are THUNDERSTORMS in The Wind Waker? Whoa! SHADOW GANON you say, he has a usuable sword for later on against GANON? Cool, thanks!

From: Brad Trainer
on the original n64 OoT, in zora’s fountain as an adult… if you walked by the rock in the center of the fountain, there was a spot where navi would turn green and fly to the top of the rock. turns out that it was a scarecrows song point… but what was its purpose? my friends and I never saw a use for it, we could get up there with the longshot, but there was no point to it… would you know what the point was for?

Zelda Universe:
I guess it is just one of those random scarecrow song points, where you can use your longshot to reach some random spot. Maybe to practice using the scarecrow’s song

From: Trinexx
This is my theory about the possible multiple Ganon issue. Because Ganondorf was sent to the sacred realm, time that passes in Hyrule would not effect. He is in another dimension, therefore he has a different time flow. 100 years that pass in Hyrule may only be a few hours to him. That is the only explanation that I can think of that explains how Ganondorf survived in the sacred realm all those years.

Zelda Universe:
But how can you prove that there is a different time flow in the sacred realm? That, and Link was suspended in the Sacred Realm for 7 years, and it passed like 7 years… prove that wrong. It is probably what many have said, that since every 100 years, a Gerudo male is born, the Ganondorf in The Wind Waker is the newest Gerudo male.

From: Unknown
Yes like the true Link said (my brother) This truly is the best Zelda fan site we have ever seen. But in the article The girl with the red hair I believe it is possible that Link may soon have a thing for Malon but what if he see’s Marin again do you think he might get married to her later on in his life or would he stick with Malon. (I have not played Links awakening but my brother has) I think he would go with Marin. but the reason I wanted to say this is because as most kids I don’t really like love!!!!!!!!

Zelda Universe:
If you stick to the Timeline Theory (which I do), then the Link with Malon and the Link with Marin are two totally different Links…So the Link with Malon (the first ever Link) will never ever see Marin…ever.

From: DavidC0315
how does the timeline from ocarina of time continue? does it continue from when all the people of hyrule are having that party at the end of ocarina of time, with link not existing anymore in that timeline, or when link becomes a child again, and goes to termina?
1.) if it continues from ocarina of time, how can link have any children to continue his bloodline?
2.) if it continues from majora’s mask, the imprisoning war never took place right? he laid the master sword to rest, and never defeated Ganon

Zelda Universe:
More Timeline things…I know Timeline…Anyway, OoT happened between 2280 and 2287 Hyrulian Time. That is so because he starts out as a kid in 2280, then becomes an adult 7 years later. After Link reverts back to his child form at the end of game (which is when all the people are partying), he goes a few months without doing anything, and the next year, 2281, he goes on his journey to Termina. So the Link in OoT and MM are the same Link. The Imprisoning does happen, to those who remember it, like Link and Zelda. But I guess your right in the fact that it may not have happened.

From: David
I dont know what you guys think, but I was playing Zelda the other day with one of my friends, and we both realized that link never talks. Everyone talks to him, but for some reason, he just never says anything! The only time he does say something is when you have to choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as a choice to help someone. I think that is kind of dumb, and they need actual dialouges in any new games.

Zelda Universe:
I guess it’s either in the fact that Link’s really shy, or he just doesn’t have any inner dialouge. And besides that’s how many games are played, where the main characters never speak, but just listen.

From: john diaz
hi my name is john im 12 years old and im a big fan of zelda and your website i go to your website every day, and like others i cant control myself because of the new zelda game (zelda wind waker).zelda is my all time favorite game, i play nothing eles but that, i also got that special game when you reserve zelda wind waker. i also wanted to point out that your clock on your website for the count-down for zelda wind waker is a couple of days ahead when it should be 2 days back so are you still following the date when it was coming out on march 24, 2007 but the real date is march 26, 2007 i thought i piont that out for you and one more thing how do you become a member of your staff tell me please i would really like to be on your staff

Zelda Universe:
People of all ages! And the year is 2003, and if the game was coming out in 2007, I WOULDN’T LIVE… anyway. We are right in the clock, it set on March 24, because that is when EBgames and other websites are saying that the game is being SHIPPED to the United States. March 26 is the date in which you will receive it.

From: Victor Fiore
heh…i never miss a mailbag (well except one but who the hell cares)! anyway here are my questions:
1)what was so special about the gold colored cartridges, besides the fact that they were collectibles? were the gold games any different from their normal grey color versions?
2)has ZU ever considered in allowing Zelda fans to submit their flash cartoons or games? i was wondering that after checking out (a site which i strongly recommend). this site has video game parodies like no one has seen before, and yes, including Zelda. if any of you guys want to check out the site if you’ve never heard of it here’s the zelda parodies page: warning!! parental discretion is advised (yeah right! heh heh heh…)
3)In OoT after you beat the game the credits start rolling right? and during the credits you see epona galloping across hyrule field.question: what happens if you finish the game without winning Epona and without saving the ranch? is there a chance that the ending could be different?

Zelda Universe:
Victor, you let me down man! It’s like my attendance record shattered after three consecutive quarters! Anyway, here are your answers.
1. The only difference is the color and the collectivity value. The gameplay is the same as if you bought the boring, blah looking grey cartridge.
2. I know of that site, and yes it is a good site… Link’s Quest for {booty}… funny stuff… 😀 But I don’t know, it would be a good idea, but I guess only if we get enough to get a collection going. Maybe after Anakin reads this, he’ll put one of his fun little “Webmaster Comments” in 😀
3. There is a slight chance, I guess… But why would ever not want to get Epona, she is best! But, think about it, after you beat the game, the ranch is restored to normal, so all the horses are not imprisoned anymore, so I guess that the ending could be the same. But if someone finds prove, then I guess you will find out.

From: Bryan Stevens
While I was reading the Time Line at your website a thought pasted through my head. This happened when I got to the year 3256 in Hyrule’s history. Although it doesn’t specifically state that this happened, it’s said that the Master Sword might have been stolen by monsters. I questioned this theory for two reasens. One, how could the monsters have taken the Master Sword. They couldn’t just pick it up out of the Pedestal of Time, only the Hero of Time (a.k.a. Link) could do this. And two, ( though I’m not to sure on this) wouldn’t the monsters perish if they touch the Master Sword since it contains magic that destroys evil made by the godesses. I’m not sure if I’m missing something here but could you clarify this for me.

Zelda Universe:
Maybe they just dug up the pedestal itself, and dragged the unit of the pedastal and sword out of the woods. It never says that the pedestal also was found missing, but it could be as well. But you are right, the sword will not be taken by evil, but there are monsters that could be impervious to magic.

From: Justin Carvalho
okay, ever since the first time i got to the fire temple in oot i wondered this its the only thing i dont know about the game… in the room in the fire temple where all the rocks are rolling around. if you enter the room by using the second floor entrance (where you bomb the floor to save a goron) navi will turn green and fly off the screen, you cant z-target but if you look around in first person mode you will see navi floating above a platform. ive tried everything, the hookshot, bombs, and even the scarecrow song but i still couldnt find out what the heck its there for! please help, ZELDA FREAKS ROCK!!!!

Zelda Universe:
You wanna know something… I have no idea myself. I tried everything myself.. unless Anakin knows, we’ll never know.

From: Random children
I know this has little to do with the new zeldas, But do you think it is possiable or probbable that we will ever see the original LOZ or AOL on the e- reader? Also, what do u think is the best rippoff of the zelda games? my personal favorite is Starfox Adventures.

Zelda Universe:
The future is unknown, but I would love to see it more on GBA more than e-Reader, because….. I don’t have a e-Reader. My favorite ripoff is Starfox… the minute I started playing it as Fox, I was like… Ocarina of Time reincarnated? WHOA!

From: C K
Do you know a good free webpage maker thats not one of those lke expage or angel fire but more like the one you used???

Zelda Universe:
Apparently, we are now hosted by The GE Force Gaming Network but I think that is more hosting already made sites, and not sites building up. If you are going for classic gaming, there is always, Classic Gaming. Other than that, I used Angelfire, and it was ok… and if you don’t get the layout of the site, there are always downloaded and buyable webpage programs to use, that will connect to your Angelfire account.

From: Taylor Yust
First, what is the deal with Termina? Is it an alternate universe where everybody in Hyrule has an alternate ego? Also, I’m not sure if anybody else has found this, but in Majora’s Mask, if you go to the chest that holds 100 rupees in East Clock Town and then jump off the edge right next to it that leads to South Clock Town and fall towards the stairs, then you’ll fall through the floor as the transition from East to South Clock Town occurs (whew, that was a long sentence!)

Zelda Universe:
Yes, Termina is an alternate universe to Hyrule where everyone has a alternate ego. For some reason, I want to say that if the moon hit Termina, than Hyrule falls with it, because they are alternative universes, but I forget where I saw that. And you’re little glitch, never noticed it either.

From: Darkfire Eclipse
Since I know next to nothing about how things work on the Internet, and I’m sure it varies between sites, I would like to know about the fan fiction. Do we have to send in the whole story, or can we send it in chapter by chapter? Or does it matter at all?

Zelda Universe:
Depends on the size. If it is huge, it will take a while for the whole story to load if it is in one file on the site. But, you can send it as one whole story, or in chapters, depends on what you see is better for your story.

From: Charissa
your site rocks!!!! I love it.The layout,the details,the constant updating.Its all great!!! And I’ll like to thank you personally for the info you’ve gave me.Did I tell you I love your site.

Zelda Universe:
Ah, we needed that, since we haven’t had an email with just a compliment and no question. You’ve served this site well, and I salute you /:)

From: Allstar700
1. I was wondering, what ever happened to the Ocarina of Time after majora’s mask? it is never spoken of in the later games again. Why?
2. Another thing, the mirror shield in the gc oot is different from the n64 oot, because the n64 oot shield has a moon. I wanted to know why?

Zelda Universe:
1. Well, I guess you could call that true and false. The Ocarina of Time itself is never mentioned again, but that doesn’t mean that the other references to Ocarina’s in the other games IS the Ocarina of Time, buried or something. Just because something isn’t mentioned, doesn’t mean its not there 😉
2. Since I have been a video game slacker, and have NOT been playing OoT on GC, I couldn’t tell if there was a difference.

From: David
I’ve got two things to comment on:
1. I was in a store today, and I played the demo of “The Wind Waker.” The only thing I have to say on the game was that it was one of the best games I have ever played, apart from Final Fantasy 7. The graphics were awesome, even though they were kind of kiddy. I just can’t wait until the gme comes out!
2. I think that you need a place for Zelda music on ZU. I know you have SOME music, but you need all of the cool music, like the techno remixes, and orchestral music, and all of that stuff. I have some music that I downloaded, and a really neat song is “Legend of Zelda”, and for the artist, it says “Copy of System of a Down”. You should get that one, it is totally hillarious.

Zelda Universe:
1. I played the demo when it first came out, and almost drooled when I played it. The only thing that got in the way was the way the camera would sometimes get stuck behind Link, but other than that, it was great!
2. Hmm.. That would be kind of cool, I have also downloaded songs from the games as well, some orchestral music. And that song you mentioned, is a parody on the Legend of Zelda theme, made by Rabbit Joint, who consisted of two members that eventually went on to form System of a Down. This was also answered in a previous mailbag.

From: barney killer
hi, great site! by the way… on the tww charachter page Komori (the timid rito person) is holding a round object. Is that a season from oracle of seasons?

Zelda Universe:
I think that someone brought this up before, but it is actually a symbol of one of the Tunes from Oracle of Ages. They are easily confused, I guess.

From: Ned
At the end of OoT, right after you beat ganon’s final form for the first time (they cut out stuff when you redo it). Ganon says his descendants will come and destroy link once and for all. Do you think the next man in the gerudo tribe will destroy link?

Zelda Universe:
They say that they will destroy Link, but if you look at the timeline, you know that that won’t happen. If The Wind Waker doesn’t live on, then none of the other games exist. So, once again, the timeline theory comes to my rescue.