From: The True Link
i think your site is the best Zelda fan site on the web but i have a theory if the wind waker takes place 100 years after oot and a garudo male is born every 100 years than could there be another gannondorf/ gannon?

Zelda Universe:
It is quite possible that your theory is possibly true because their are confirmed pictures of a gannondorf like figure in The Wind Waker. I forgot that a male is born every 100 years, interesting…

From: Adam
someone said that the zora in wind waker is not ruto the person said: That is NOT Princess Ruto. That was a bad translation from . In reality, that is the GHOST of a Zora Princess named RATL. i did not say this someone else did

Zelda Universe:
If you send the source where it was said to AnakiN-, then maybe we’ll post it on the site.
Webmaster’s Comment: We are waiting for the English version of the game to confirm this before we update the characters page. Thanks for letting us know 😉

From: Devin Withey
Hi, I know this isn’t a question per se, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people have sent you similar statements. Regarding the controversy over whether there are multiple Links or just one; in addition to Eiji Aonuma’s comments, you have to look at the story of each individual game. LoZ gave very little background information about Link. AoL only provided that little tidbit about the triangle on his hand. In ALTTP, he was an orphaned child who lived with his uncle, as he was in OoS, OoA, & LA. In OoT & MM, he was still an orphan, but he lived among the children of the Deku Forest, no uncle involved. Now in TWW, he lives with his grandma (I’m guessing he’s still an orphan) and now he has a sister, which has not been a factor in any of the games until now. Based on this information, I think it is blatantly obvious that there is more than one Link who just happens to arise when there is trouble. I’m sorry to have written so much, but I just wanted to bring another point of view into this debate. Keep up the good work on such a great site,

Zelda Universe:
And people would the theory of Link’s background against the timeline theory. And both sides have good support, and you have good support as well. Thanks for your “unquestion” 😀

From: Keiko Z
How the heck do you pronounce HYRULE!!! People in the commercials are always screwing that up!!! I say it like, “HI-rule.” But NO! In the Wind Waker commercials, that cheap little woman playing out as Arril trapped in the leafy old tower says, “in the land of Hi-ROOLE” or some crap like that. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!!! I WILL SUE THEM!!! It’s not that hard: Hi-plus-rule. Hyrule. Am I right or what?

Zelda Universe:
Well, I agree it is Hi-Rule, but you have to remember the commercial (I believe) was created by NoA… And since they aren’t hardcore Zelda fans like ZUers, then they don’t know anything pronunciation. That and the Aryll in the commercial was British… they have a different accent 😉

From: Philip
Should I send in my ocarina of time and majoras mask emulations into zelda universe with the project 64 emulator to play them on?????

Zelda Universe:
Why would you send them to us? They are both illegal! Anyway, on the forums, I believe, has a link somewhere on it to the project 64 and the roms as well, so I don’t think we need em.
Webmaster’s Comment: We will not provide information and support emulation of games that are still being sold, as this is completely illegal.

From: Patrick Conlon
How big would the world be in the wind waker?

Zelda Universe:
It is technically the same as Hyrule of OoT, only flooded. This is proved by the statues found of OoT Link, and the Hyrule Castle found under the water.

From: Hugh Penman
when you use the tingle option in the wind waker do you see him flying about while playing

Zelda Universe:
The thing your thinking about in the Tingle Tuner, and when you use the GBA with The Wind Waker, you’ll see maps, items, and other loads of stuff from the game on the Gamecube.

From: ChozoLink
Throughout Hyrule, especially in OOT and MM, the signs you can read and the dungeon maps have the Hylian language on them. Pictures on your site of a dungeon map from OOT also has this strange language ( see the writing of the top of the first map picture on Maps Page). I was wondering if Nintendo actually created a language for the legend of Zelda game series, of if these symbols are simply random. If this is an actual planned out language, I would like to know where I could learn to read or write it.

Zelda Universe:
Nintendo made up a Zelda language for The Wind Waker. As soon as we get our filthy hands on the English version of the game, and can directly translate all the characters in the Hylian Alphabet, we will give you the full low-down on this!

From: Jon
What is the master quest all aboout? Sorry for asking such a stupid question,but I really dont know. WIll you be able to obtain the triforce in it?? Or is the version before what came out?? Ahh, I really dont know!!!

Zelda Universe:
Master Quest is the exact Storyline of OoT, the only difference is that the dungeon layouts are different. Where an item was in OoT, it’s in a different place in Master Quest. The puzzles are also tougher, to test the player who calls himself a “master of the game.” Enjoy 😀

From: Jon
hi, I am a big fan of all the zelda games and about 2 months ago u were talking about making a zelda game playable online if so i was wondering if u have a release date.

Zelda Universe:
The game is called Darkness in Hyrule and all I can tell you is visit the site by clicking the link, and reading the news that he posts.

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ok…..all right….my friend side in the Wind waker you fight a Moble as a boss with a magicle spear?! is it true!?becuse he has a book called “Moble’s Magicle Spear”.from 1993. I told him “you don’t’ and he said it’s called what that books called not the Wind waker!bey!!^-^

Zelda Universe:
I have no idea if you face a “Moble” in the Wind Waker, all we have is on Bosses Page which isn’t much.
Webmaster’s Comment: That book was called “Moblin’s Magic Spear” — And a moblin is a common enemy in the Zelda games.

From: Unknown
Hey ZU, i wanted to know if you guys know if you get another sword in WW besides the hero’s sword and the master sword. By the way, you have the best site ever!

Zelda Universe:
I would have to say, I would love to see another sword other than the two usual ones, but all we know is on the Items/Equipment Page.

From: Ryan
i think you guys should put a FAQ page somewhere because it would be useful. also, do you know how many blocks of memory the wind waker will take up? thanks

Zelda Universe:
The game will take up 13 Memory Card slots — And a FAQ page is under consideration.

From: Chris
When I read the news about another gamecube zelda being revealed I Hoped that mabye this one might be a polygon zelda and not cel shaded. Do you think I could happen?

Zelda Universe:
If you read the Gamespot Miyamoto Q&A, it will say to you that…
“Since we’ve already developed this technology, we’d really like to use it again, but we were able to use it with Zelda because in the game Link is always a child and he never becomes an adult. Since we don’t what’s going to happen with Link in the next Zelda game, we don’t necessarily know if [we’re going to use cel shading for the next Zelda game], but we’d definitely like to use it again for a game that best suits that style.”

From: Victor Fiore
1)If The Wind Waker becomes a big hit, and i’m pretty sure that it will be, then is Miyamoto gonna continue to use the cel-shaded style on a possible sequel or will it be like the E3 demo from 2 years back?

2)Will there someday be a Zelda Gamecube with voices (hopefully with Link) including the usual text conversations (example:Starfox 64)? i think they should consider that in the next possible game.

3)Any clue if a Zelda Anime exists right now in japan?

4)I’m just curious, but what other differences does the master quest have that OoT doesn’t besides unknown monsters and remixed dungeons?

5)I know this question is possibly too soon to ask, but does an alternate ending exist as well?

Zelda Universe:
If Victor cares, I put both the three question from his first mail and the two questions from his second mail into one “question” 😀

1)See Previous Question.

2)I don’t know if the world is really for a talking Link… no really, I have no idea what Miyamost is thinking

3)No clue

4)Unknown Monsters and Remixed Dungeons… oh wait, you said besides… Harder Puzzles and Items in different rooms.

5)I know this answer is also possibly too soon to give, but I don’t know

From: ALEXJS89
dudes pleaseeee tell me where the triforce is!

Zelda Universe:
It’s really in your imagination… but if you must know, then go behind the Temple of Time and fall through the hole, you’ll find it there.

From: adm0
Yup, I read Celda On Trial, and I agree with much of the content that Trahald put in there. Although I think one of the only reasons I like the game is because, honestly I don’t pay attention to graphics. Kinda weird compared to everyone else, huh? Well, okay, if you’ve played the Final Fantasy 8 and 9 games where the cinematics look like the movies, then yes I pay attention to those… Umm…anyhoo…one thing that I don’t understand…who doesn’t like anime? Call me naive or whatever, but really, who doesn’t? I’ve been to Blockbuster, Video Warehouse, Wal Mart, K-Mart, any place that sells videos and DVD’s, and usually they all have some form of anime (well, Wal Mart is just starting to get into the habit of it) in the DVD’s (and people are rushing to them almost every second). Best Buy has a whole section of anime DVD’s like Armitage and Hellsing, as does Video Warehouse, who has things like La Blue Girl, F3 and Rayearth. My point? (yeah, I’m obsessed with anime and manga) I think we’re reaching the point where almost half or more of our cartoons are getting to be Japanese Animation. So I don’t see the problem with the chibi anime in Zelda. I actually think that the game looks a little better than Ocarina of Time (great, now people are going to criticize me). JUST A LITTLE…

Zelda Universe:
I can take Anime to a certain point, and then it gets annoying… But it was made for some sort of reason, that I will never know. But the graphics are good in Zelda, and the gameplay looks good, so I guess you have some sort of point.

From: Jamie
Hey!, Wicked site ! …..ok i have a quick question. On the charecters page for the Windwaker, there isnt any Gorons…are they in the game at all? or, since they are weak against water, have they become Extinct? anyway Keep up the great work!!

Zelda Universe:
Well since this is the third game in the timeline, and I do remember seeing Goron’s in Holodrum, so I guess that the Goron’s saw water, and took a long vacation to Holodrum (which was 4th in the timeline).

From: Jeff Kirkpatrick
What is a Beta Version of a game?
Is there any way to purchase it?

Zelda Universe:
A Beta version is the version that the game testers take to look for errors in the game and then tells the game makers to fix. Things like cows in the walls, and random objects that shouldn’t be there. Then the game makers take out the mistakes, and then the game is retested, and tested until most of the errors are removed. Then the game is put on the market for the public to find more errors :-D.
Beta versions cannot be bought, but probably can be downloaded if you searched hard enough, or looked at the ZU messageboard.

From: ryan
can you pretty please bring back the vidoes on the wind waker page? i’m desperate and need something to hold me over til its release. and yes i already beat the bonus disc (in a week!) and theres nothing to do now so once again, please put the videos back on as soon as possible.

Zelda Universe:
When did we have videos on The Wind Waker page? Oh wait…those movies…Wow, I guess we had to bring them down due to the bandwidth fun stuff. I guess when Anakin reads this, he may get the videos up, but I don’t know anything that happens at the site…

From: Jeff Kirkpatrick
this is the best zelda site i have ever seen. it is much better than the official site. the comic “hyrulity” is great! and the humour just keeps me laughing! so keep up the great website and i will be happy!

Zelda Universe:
I really do like the Hyrularity comic as well, and our personal artist has much skill. We are glad that’s your glad and laughing, and enjoy more of the site as it comes to be known.