From: Keiko Z
It’s great to know that I can use a DigiCam (I’m sure you know what that is), because now I can steal my dad’s (kidding–I’ll borrow it) while getting updates for MY site. It doesn’t have much yet, but it’ll have Zelda pictures up soon. I’m trying to prove there is a Dragon’s Mask because my friend tried it. He got as far as repeating the beat-Majora’s-Wrath-without-getting-hurt cycle three times before he failed. Being the gaming nut I am, I’m thinking I can get through it. Then again that’s just me bragging, but hey, it’s worth the shot. But I think it’s a little weird for people to not believe it when someone sends in proof (that picture in the humour section sent in by some guy as an email? Yeah, that one). Oh, if any of the staff or anyone wants to see my site sometime into (specifically preferred) summer vacation, please do. It’s and from there, you just clickity-click the link and my site is there for all to adore! By the way, again, awesome site. I think my friends visit it daily, and at least, I try to (when I’m not playing Zelda or Final Fantasy 9–Zidane and Link RULE THIS EARTH!!!)

Zelda Universe:
I still don’t think that the Dragon Mask exists, but oh well. I’ve given up on that. Thank you for visiting our site, and we appreciate your traffic.

From: Darkfire
In response to the message on January 31st about who “Roc” is I believe (and this makes sense) this is the answer In mythology the Roc was a massive bird (who enjoyed eating people, but that is beside the point) this would explain Roc’s feather, which were also believed to contain mystical powers possibly the power of flight. As for Roc’s Cape, it might be from a victim, and some portion of the Roc had come off onto it and then mysteriously lost
From: Maurice
I’m not sure if it’s too late or not to update it, but I noticed this in the latest mailbag: “From: dcstetson I was curious of who Roc, as in Roc’s Feather and Cape, because I’ve always wondered Zelda Universe: We don’t know who Roc is… Anakin was actually thinking about that when you sent this! He was probably some guy in the past who made those tools for someone to use on a grand adventure.” A Roc is a mythological giant bird. If anyone has Age of Mythology for the PC, they’ll know it as a transport unit for the Egyptians. Anyway, that’s why it’s a “Roc’s feather.” It’s the feather of the giant bird. Hope that helps.
From: Teresa Arispe
Someone was asking about the Roc’s Feather and Roc’s cape. A Roc is actually a mythical animal in the form of a large bird, which explains why Link is able to jump using only a single feather and fly using a cape made out of the feathers. I hope that cleared things up a little.
From: Double L
Last Mailbag there was somebody wondering what the Rocs feather and Cape came from. Well the Roc is a huge Mythical bird that feeds elaphants to it’s young it’s so large, accourding to legend it’s feather can enable it’s bearer to jump tremendous distances and create wirlwinds, yet I’ve never heard of a rocs cape until Four Swords.

Zelda Universe:
See when you don’t know something, you post it and people reply! Thanks to everyone who told us about a Roc!

From: TOOLCloud8
HELLO!!! i am a big fan of zelda, kinda like everybody that mails ya, but i was wondering for the people who have played the demo of The Wind Waker if the controls were a little “jumpy”, or crappy when you played it. Because i went to target and luckily they had the demo there, but the controls just weren’t that smooth. :(!!!!! LIGHT!!!!!! I HOPE THAT THE CONTROLER WAS THE ONE THAT MADE the control seem bad…..i think it was, but anyway how was the control when you played the demo???? oh yeah!!! has anyone ever heard of the Wheel of Time series….best book series EVER!!!!!!!!!! “Let the Dragon ride again on the Winds of Time”.

Zelda Universe:
I have seen the light, and it was the Walmart Zelda Demo. The controls for me were simple, and they were not “jumpy” as you called them. I got through the first couple of rooms in the dungeon very easily (except for the fact that the R button is now the button to pull stones out with… I was still pressing A, and sneaking!). Plus, the graphics and sound rock! I don’t know why people are putting it down that much. And about Wheel of Time, never heard of it.

From: Cerberus
Hey I’d like to compliment you on your amazing webstite, but I also have a question. If Zelda is a girl and Sheik is a boy (at least that’s what I read in your website, I haven’t played the N64 games) then how can Zelda transform into Sheik in Super Smash Bros. Melee. I could be wrong but Sheik looks like a girl to me. So could you please clear this up and tell me whether Sheik is a boy or girl?

Zelda Universe:
Zelda is the Princess of Hyrule and female. Sheik is Zelda in disguise as a boy to hide from Ganon and to give Link hints during his adventure. So, when you transform into Shiek, you are technically still Zelda (which is why its a Zelda move), but with “Sheik’s” abilities.

From: Catherine Ann Sanders
Here’s a cheat for the OoT cheat page. If you want a extra bottle you should try this. When your in mid swing to bottle something up press the start button and switch it to something like the uhh… I forgot how to spell it… Deku(?) seeds. If you did the timing right it should turn into a bottle. When you get more seeds it will turn back though. But some items it won’t turn back. Don’t use bombs or your bow for it. They won’t turn back.

Zelda Universe:
Thanks, I’m sure that Anakin might put that on our cheat page. If you have anymore, feel free to send them over.

From: Victor Fiore
hello ZU here are some questions that probably were erased in the other email address:
1. do you know who did the official art for OoT and MM?
2. any idea if you or your affiliates know anything about zelda’s orchestrated songs? there any info about the cover version of the zelda theme? it sounds like system of a down but you say that this was from rabbit joint (no clue who that group is)
4.what happened to lord jabu-jabu in OoT when you turn into adult link? the only things that were left in that area were ice platforms so what happened to it??

Zelda Universe:
I remember most of those, so here goes.
2. I think if you visit our store and search for Ocarina of Time or whatever game you want, you may find the CD’s there. That’s all I can tell you.
3. I don’t think a group called Rabbit Joint exists, but I have heard a version supposedly by System of a Down. You can download it on any search programs out there.
Webmaster’s comment: Rabbit Joint did exist, that is true, and they made the humour-cover of the Zelda theme. The reason people have confused this theme with SOAD is because Rabbit Joint actually consisted if two persons that went on to form a group called System of a Down.
4. Zora’s Domain began to froze over because of the evil of Ganon, so Jabu Jabu took off to prevent himself from freezing as well. Where he went, we will never know…

From: Alex
hey i love your site but i was wondering are skull kid and zelda in tww

Zelda Universe:
We do know that Zelda will be in The Wind Waker, hidden again as another person. I don’t think that Skull Kid will make a return in The Wind Waker though.

From: KoRnOnTheKob
I’ve always gone to IGN for the latest info on games. However, I’m highly disappointed in their knowledge of WW. Ever since I found ZU, I’ve learned more about WW than IGN could ever hope to give. 95% of their information is only for IGNsiders, which I find to be extremely stupid. If you’re not a member, you don’t get the information that you want, forcing you to find new sites with good info. That’s how I came to find ZU. I thank IGN for keeping me out of many articles, cause I have found that greatest Zelda site in the world, ZU. Good job, Anakin, and keep up the good work.
BTW, I have a little tip to get anyone who still uses IGN for screenshots and videos, but can only look at a few a day due to their “daily limit.” IGN limits non-insiders media limit by using cookies. Just delete you cookies after it says you have reached your limit, and you can look at their media until it tells you that you’ve reached the limit again. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary.

Zelda Universe:
I know, when IGN decided that people needed to join the insider thing in order to be “cooler”, it made me mad. Now every site out there (like Gamespot), are making the visitors become members in order to get the best stuff available on the sites. That’s why, like you said, ZU is better. 🙂

From: Donnie Andrus
do you have an aol screen name

Zelda Universe:
I believe everyone on the staff has a AIM/AOL screen name, so contact us from there.

From: Victor Fiore
when you face majora’s incarnation in MM for some reason after he starts running he dances like crazy. first he does a russian dance then he does some kind of balerina twirl and (i find it strange) immitates michael jackson by doing a moonwalk. why did they make the boss dance like that? was it to piss the player off or was it just comedy during a battle? i have to admit that it was pretty funny though. oh and before i forget,when will the beta version of LoZ:darkness in hyrule be ready??? i cant wait to play it!!! : )
PS. congratulations zephka for being the head webmaster in ZU. all of the ZU fans will support you and your partners 100%! good luck in the future.

Zelda Universe:
I guess either Miyamoto was watching MTV when he made the final boss battle, or it is strictly coincidence. I don’t know when the beta version will be released. Some encouraging words for the new boss. I bet he really appreciates that.

From: alexandrosxvii
In Ocarnia of time At Zora’s river ,when you step on a tree that’s in the water and it sais << ther are frogs looking at you>>I played a few melodies and I notised that the frogs keept growing.could someone tell me what it is?

Zelda Universe:
There are certain times in the game where you can play certain melodies to the frogs to gain heartpieces. Also, you can play a game to get a heartpiece as well.

From: Mr. Frodo of Middle Earth
I recently read in the free book you get at a Nintendo CubeClub (one that gives descriptions of games and hardware for the GC and GBA), and it said that if you connect The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past/ The 4 Swords to The Wind Waker using a GC/GBA cable, it will unlock “new features” in the GBA game. I have not heard anything about this until now….so I’m wondering if they’re just refering to the “Tingle-Ceiver” that you get if you connect a GBA to TWW with the cable, or other unknown features in ALTTP…..

Zelda Universe:
Nope, we don’t know of any such features, only that The Wind Waker will have special features if you connect it to a blank GBA. Go to the GBA Connect Page if you have any other problems

From: Victor Fiore
hello again. this this email is not only a question but also to inform you about something that wasn’t mentioned in the romani ranch walkthrough.
did you know that there is an alternate scene after you help cremia protect the chateau romani from being vandalized? well, all you have to do is first help romani protect the ranch from the UFOs then return to the ranch at 18:00 to help cremia(after you’ve gotten romani’s mask)and make sure that you’re wallet(and/or energy or magic if necesary) is full. after successfully protecting cremia’s milk from the bandits link, of course, gets his reward (and i do not mean 200 rupees nor a heart piece). i wont give away what happens. find out yourself. ; )
now for my question: when you go inside the moon after freeing the 4 giants why does the moon’s absorbing beam take you to a huge field with nothing but a giant tree and 5 kids playing around it??? what does that represent??? i never understood it.

Zelda Universe:
I can only guess what that alternate ending is… Thanks, I hope our viewers try that, even though I had trouble doing it the first time. Oh well
It represents the open mind that Link must have to “be” in Termina… I have no idea, it’s just there to allow the plot run, and you to defeat Majora’s Mask easier.

From: SoccerPeanut1
i was reading the latest mailbag, and i have something to say about your answer to where u can find Oot toys. i’ve seen them at toys r us. i haven’t seen link there, but i’ve seen zelda and i think i saw ganondorf.

Zelda Universe:
You know, I completely forgot about the place where you don’t want to grow up, being a Toys R’ Us kid… Ah memories… Thanks.

From: Bert
I have been hunting to find the commercial that came out with ocarina of time, im sure you remember- wilst thou get the girl or wilst thou play like one ? Do you have any idea where i could get the beautiful piece of zelda history.

Zelda Universe:
We don’t know where to find it as of this date, but Anakin and Zephka are hard at work looking for it, so stick around, it may be up on our site in the near future.

From: Craig
From: Big-Time Zelda Fan OK, I am confused about the bonus disk you can get when you buy Zelda for Gamecube. I have two questions about it: 1. To get the disk, do you have to pre-order before, after, or on Feb. 16? 2. Do you have to pay extra money for it?
Thank you for your response
(P.S. Zelda Universe Rocks!)

Zelda Universe:
1. If you preorder before or on Feb 16th, then you will receive the game on that day. If you preorder after Feb 16th, everything ships out in March.
2. The way you pay depends on the way you preorder it and where you preorder. If you order online at it will deduct an extra $5 for shipping and handling of the game. I ordered at the EB store itself, and they told me I need to put a deposit of at least $15 to get both discs. Just check with where you plan on preordering it.

From: DC587GSP
Zelda Universe rocks!!!! Had to get that out. Now to the reason I wrote this I have a question over The Legend of Zelda for Gamecube. Now this is going to be your opinion unless you know the answer. What are the chances of another Zelda game being released for Gamecube?

Zelda Universe:
Seeing as though every Nintendo system, except SNES, had two Zelda games for it, I think it is probable that we will see a new Zelda after The Wind Waker… of course, you’ll have to wait for The Wind Waker hype to die down before they start to create a new game.

From: Ryan
The Gibido trick works for every game

Zelda Universe:
Thank you very much for trying it for us! Our visitors will be very happy.

From: Steffanie King
on the game LINKS AWAKINING i did everything i needed to get the fishing hook, but the fisherman for some reason doesn’t even ask to have it, i cant even give it to him. all he asks me is if i want to fish. please help

Zelda Universe:
Your probably giving it to the wrong fisherman. If you are trying to give it to the one North of the Village in that little pond, that’s the wrong fisherman. The one you want to give the hook to, is under a bridge in southern Martha’s Bay. You’ll need the flippers from Angler’s Tunnel first before you can reach the fisherman. Good luck!

From: SoccerPeanut1
after u get the master sword back when u r facing ganon in OoT, he doesn’t really get faster. if u r on one side of the ring and ganon is on the other side, he will run at u, but he slows down a lot when he reaches u. also, if u r looking for some fun, try rolling through his legs. he will stoop down and basically ask u to hit his tail. if u do that, u save magic. btw, ZU is the best LoZ site around (i’ve been to a lot of them, but none r better than ZU).

Zelda Universe:
Thanks for the tips, and maybe our viewers will try that out!

From: Nathan Pannell
Hi about a week ago I got to play a demo of the Wind Waker. The one thing I liked about it the most was for the first time they used logic, my example I threw water on some lava and it turned into rock.

Zelda Universe:
Logic? What’s that? I know, the only thing I hated about it was that pulling objects, like the stones, was the R button and not the A button in OoT, that confused me. The camera did get in way sometimes, but that’s how it goes.