Linked Game Secrets
  1. 1 Heart Container secret
  2. 2 Ring Box upgrade secret
  3. 3 Seed Satchel upgrade secret
  4. 4 Sword upgrade secret
  5. 5 Bombchus secret
  6. 6 Snowshoe Ring secret
  7. 7 Bomb Bag upgrade secret
  8. 8 Biggoron Sword secret
  9. 9 Spin Ring secret
  10. 10 Shield upgrade secret

When you complete one of the two games in the Oracle duology, you’ll be able to continue the storyline by playing a Linked Game in the other. When doing so, ten characters will appear in the new game that will encourage you to return to the first in order to claim secret prizes and Rings. These are the ten secrets you can uncover in a Linked Game of Oracle of Seasons.

1 Heart Container secret

You’ll find this girl after beating Level One, but you can’t claim the prize in Seasons until after Level Two.

Requirements: Gnarled Root Dungeon to gain the secret, Snake’s Remains completed to redeem it

After you complete the first dungeon, there’ll be a new villager settled in Horon Village. Apparently she’s just come back from Labyrnna and has really hit it off with some folk there. You’ll be able to find her on the screen with the fountain in the center of town, just on the right side of the fountain. Once you talk to her, she’ll ask you if you want to know the secret to happiness. Agree to hear it, and she’ll give you a five-character password that you’ll need to give to the fairies in the Fairies’ Woods.

Plug in Oracle of Ages and open the completed save file there. Return to Lynna City in the present, and head out the southwest exit of town. Head west and south into the Fairies’ Woods. Once you enter it, head to the northwest corner where you’ll find the blue fairy of the trio. Recite the password that you were given in Holodrum to it. The fairy will give you an extra Heart Container! Granted, you have beaten the game, so it’s not as useful here. However, the fairy will give you another secret password to plug back into Oracle of Seasons to share your reward there.

Even though you can start this quest once you complete the Gnarled Root Dungeon, you have to wait to redeem this reward until after you complete the second dungeon there. Once you beat Snake’s Remains, return to Horon Village and visit the Maku Tree. You’ll find at the base of the Maku Tree a small entrance into the trunk. Enter into it, and you’ll find Farore, the Oracle of Secrets there. Give her the password you got from Oracle of Ages, and she will give you the Heart Container in this world as well.

2 Ring Box upgrade secret

Requirements: Snake’s Remains completed

You can find out how to collect the Ring Box upgrade using our guide on Equipment Upgrades.

3 Seed Satchel upgrade secret

Requirements: Rod of Seasons with the power of winter, Snake’s Remains completed

You can find out how to collect the Ring Box upgrade using our guide on Equipment Upgrades.

4 Sword upgrade secret

Requirements: Roc’s Feather

In Oracle of Seasons during a Linked Game, once you’ve obtained Roc’s Feather from the third dungeon, head back to Horon Village. If you leave Horon Village via the western exit, head west and then south until you find a beach just on a beachside cliff. Enter it to go inside the Hero’s Cave. (For more detailed information on how to proceed through Hero’s Cave, see our guide for the bonus dungeon!) To find the secret, you’ll need to advance to the sixth room and then return back to the fifth room via an alternate exit in order to find a Zora deep within the cave. Talk to him, and he will ask you to deliver a report to King Zora.

Back in Labrynna in Oracle of Ages, you’ll need to teleport to the far southwest corner of the map in the present. Don the Mermaid Suit and dive beneath the waves. Head north until you enter King Zora’s palace. On the second floor, deliver the report to the king. He’ll thank you profusely, and in return he’ll offer to upgrade your sword. If you haven’t yet earned the Noble Sword, your Wooden Sword will become the Noble Sword. If you already have it, he will upgrade it further to the L-3 Master Sword!

To get this upgrade in Holodrum, simply talk to Farore in the Maku Tree. Once again, if you have already acquired the Noble Sword, you’ll immediately get the Master Sword. If not, you’ll just get the Noble Sword.

5 Bombchus secret

Requirements: Playing a Linked Game, Poison Moth’s Lair completed

After you’ve finished the third dungeon in Oracle of Seasons, return to the suburbs just east of Horon Village. There you’ll find the windmill high atop a cliff. However, you’ll notice there’s a boy up there with the Guru-Guru Man. As such, enter the doorway cut into the windmill’s tall hill, and ascend two flights of stairs to reach the top of the hill where the windmill. Talk to the boy, and he will brag about how he’s one of Dr. Troy’s best students. He’ll want you to deliver a message to Troy. Agree to do so, and write the password down.

Dr. Troy is a bit tricky to find in Oracle of Ages. He used to be in Lynna City, but post-game he’ll be up in the mountains. The easiest way to find him is to go to the past, and then use a Gale Seed to warp to the northeastern point on the map near the Goron settlement. Jump down off the cliff and then enter the cave below. Ascend the steps, and use the Pegasus Seeds and Roc’s Feather to jump over the gaps. Head up the stairs and leave the cave. Head south, and then use the Harp of Ages to warp back to the present. Climb the vines, head east, and then enter the Target Carts mini-game. Give him the password, but Troy won’t cooperate unless you manage to beat Target Carts with a perfect score. And this time, Target Carts is significantly harder.

Completing the Target Carts mini-game

Step One The first room is fairly easy. The first rupee you can hit with a leftward shot, and the one above with an upward shot.

Step Two Follow that with a leftward shot for the third one, and then an upward shot to the fourth. Finally, you can get the fifth and final Rupee in this room with a rightward shot.

Step Three The second room is much harder. Some of the Rupees move, which mean you need to time your shots well.  Rupee #6 is a simple rightward shot, and Rupee #7 is a downward shot between the rocks.

Step Four The eighth Rupee in the top-right corner needs to be a diagonal shot. It’s the only way to get it. You can follow that with a simple rightward shot to hit the ninth one.

Step Five The Rupee in the lower-right corner moves about. The best way to get it is with a diagonal shot down and to the left.

Step Six As for the last two? You just need simple timing. Fire downward to get Rupees #11 and #12.

If you’re successful, talk to Troy. You’ll get the explosive Bombchus! These things are fun to play with, but refilling your inventory can be quite expensive. To buy more, you’ll need to head to Syrup’s shop at the price of 100 Rupees per five.

To get these back in Oracle of Seasons, simply take the password Troy gives you and give it to Farore in the Maku Tree.

6 Snowshoe Ring secret

Requirements: Poison Moth’s Lair completed

You can find out how to collect the Ring Box upgrade using our guide on Rings.

7 Bomb Bag upgrade secret

Requirements: Zora’s Flippers, Great Moblin defeated

You can find out how to collect the Ring Box upgrade using our guide on Equipment Upgrades.

8 Biggoron Sword secret

Requirements: Poison Moth’s Lair completed, Obtained the Goron Vase (or later) in the Trading Sequence

The earliest you can uncover this secret is between the third and fourth dungeons in Oracle of Seasons during a Linked Game. However, you will actually need to keep up to date in the Trading Sequence quest as well. To activate this secret, you’ll need to have traded up to the Lava Soup and delivered it to the Biggoron up on Goron Mountain, getting the Goron Vase in exchange.

Once you’ve delivered the Lava Soup to the Biggoron, you’ll see a red Goron just inside the Goron caverns as soon as you head back underground from the Biggoron. Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that he’s been uncovering the secrets of his Goron ancestors from Labrynna. Tell him you’ll research the secret for him, and he’ll tell you what it is.

Back in Oracle of Ages, you’ll want to go to the past. Warp to eastern Rolling Ridge. Jump off the cliff, and enter the cave there. Ascend the steps, and then use a Pegasus Seed and Roc’s Feather to jump over the pits to reach the upward staircase. Then leave the cavern. Head south, warp to the present, and then climb up the vines. Head east, and then warp back to the past, and you’ll find the Goron Shooting Gallery mini-game. Go inside, and talk to the Goron Elder. Tell him you’re secret, and he’ll offer you one better: a chance for the secret Biggoron Sword. However, you’ll have to earn it by playing the Shooting Gallery mini-game.

However, this time there’s a twist: You’ll have to win with the Biggoron Sword. This big sword is very awkward for this mini-game as the timing is very different from a normal sword. There’s a huge lag after pressing the swing button before it swings, so you’ll have to adapt on the fly. All you need is 300 points, which is a very achievable score in any other circumstance. Once you get the necessary score, talk to the Goron Elder to gain the massive two-handed sword.

Take his secret back to Farore in the Maku Tree in Oracle of Seasons to obtain it for your Holodrum quest.

9 Spin Ring secret

Requirements: Dancing Dragon Dungeon completed

You can find out how to collect the Ring Box upgrade using our guide on Rings.

10 Shield upgrade secret

Requirements: Ancient Ruins completed, Pirate Ship moved into position

You can find out how to collect the Shield upgrade using our guide on Shield upgrades.

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