Triforce Tributes: These Zelda collections deserve honorable mentions
by on January 24, 2017

We had an incredibly difficult time picking out just ten winners out of the many, many Zelda collections that were submitted to Triforce Tributes. As we said in yesterday’s post, we wished we weren’t limited to just ten winners because there were so many good ones. After we picked out our favorites, we ended up with a small group that didn’t quite make our collective cut. And instead of just letting them remain tucked away in our gallery, we thought we’d do a little bit more and give them their moment in the spotlight.

Of course, just because we didn’t pick yours, it doesn’t mean we didn’t like it! We were thrilled to see every collection. So with that said, and without further adieu, here are a small selection of our honorable mentions:

Rico Pacquelin

Rico didn’t submit a collection in the classical sense, but I think most gamers would be crazy envious of Rico for owning these pair of beauties. Zelda is the quintessential golden experience, so why not bling your consoles with that exquisite luster, complete with the Hylian crest and the Triforce. I’ve always been in awe of those who have done custom paint jobs on consoles, but I’d never had the courage to do it myself.

Laura Miharu McCreary

Laura shipper collection

Laura’s collection may be small, but there’s a personality to it that speaks volumes. With a backdrop of the map of Twilight Princess’ overworld behind, here we see a lot of love for Link and Zelda. Nearly all of the figurines are exclusively of those two, and there’s naturally the shippers’ envy of Link and Zelda standing beneath the heart container.

Emma Griffin

Emma has a decent sized collection, and many of the things she’s collected are things no one else who submitted a collection photo collects! Here we find blankets, pillows, and bed comforters for one. However the thing that really piqued our interest in Emma was her collection of Zelda shirts. We have small collections of them as well, but they’re never something I considered that I “collected,” so we were happy to give Emma an honorable mention for her effort.

Deon D’albora

Deon collection

Something tells me that Deon has a proper gamer’s room here. Though the decorations on the wardrobe is Minecraft, there’s a proud, permanent display of Zelda games, posters, manga, plushies, and figurines chilling on his shelves. What’s more, Deon is more than prepared to go out into the world dressed as the hero himself.

Chris “Thrax” Burchell

Thrax collection

I for one consider myself lucky that my wife not only encourages me to keep Zelda trinkets in the house but also encourages me to get them! I’m not sure what Chris’ situation is precisely, but I’m betting that his setup in the garage is the result of, “If I can’t have them in the house, I’m going to set them up in my man-cave instead!” Complete with a full-sized Twilight Princess Link in the corner, Chris keeps all of his Zelda swag on display regardless of the circumstances.

Diana Gomez

Diana collection

Diana’s collection is small and mainly in miniature, but it’s easy to see the love that went into crafting it. To me, the little diorama in the lower-left is what endears this to my heart; sometimes the most precious parts of our collection are handmade rather than bought. amiibo and figurines round out the collection along with some casual Link cosplay clothing.


SMCGamer collection

SuperMCGamer’s collection is the epitome of an enthusiastic fan. Posing with his very own Wind Waker, he’s got an entire room immortalizing the game. It’s hard to know where to start when appreciating this collection because there’s so many knickknacks of so many types, but I think the thing I want most is the wall covering featuring a gold cartridge of The Legend of Zelda.

David Johnson
David Johnson, a.k.a. "The Missing Link," was once the webmaster of both Zelda: The Grand Adventures and ZeldaBlog. He works as a software engineer in the games industry. David also pontificates about Zelda, writes features and guides for ZU, and obsesses about CD-i.