Triforce Tributes: We reveal the winning Zelda collections
by on January 23, 2017

It’s time to announce the winners of the Zelda art packs for our favorite Zelda collections submitted to Triforce Tributes, our final 30th anniversary celebration. We received more than 200 photos, and each and every one was a proud testament to not only the amount of great Zelda merchandise out there, but how much each owner treasures their collection.

The full gallery is available to view here, and I recommend checking it out because it contains some incredible pictures. Today, we’ll feature the ten winners of the 30th anniversary Zelda art prints from Nintendo, and tomorrow we’ll showcase a few more honorable mentions. It’s important to note that we weren’t necessarily looking for the biggest, rarest, or best collections. We wanted to see passion and a love of Zelda. If there was a way to give each and every person who submitted a photo a prize, we would!

Neo Phoenyx


First off, what does it say when a guy puts on a tie just for a photograph? That he’s a complete class act is our takeaway! But as to the Zelda collection behind him, holy cow. There is a clear and present passion behind this permanent and well-lit display case. Our minds are still going crazy over how many sealed copies of Zelda games are behind him, their cellophane reflecting the LEDs from the cabinet.

Neo also has a collection of Zelda comics, pristine amiibo still within their plastic, consoles and accessories galore in their beautiful Zelda gold, several jigsaw puzzles of Zelda scenes, and then a collection of Zelda merch and items from collector’s editions. We’ll also give him some extra props for that Sega Master System on the far right, even though the Philips CD-i saw way more Zelda games than it. This guy may be a collector of many things, but he’s a Zelda collector first and foremost.

Luzy Do


Luzy clearly put a lot of thought into how to best display her collection for this photo, with no apologies to anyone else in her house for taking over the staircase, because it made the perfect backdrop! The biggest standout is the collection of hand-drawn art, proudly displayed as if they were official Zelda posters, and it’s clear that she loves to surround herself with her favorite characters. We also love the way that Luzy displays some of her accessories and ocarina by posing with them in the photo. Each stair is a delight to look at, lined with all manner of games, books, figures, and collectables.

Matthew Rayman


His name may be Rayman, but it’s a different video game franchise that Matthew’s into. His Legend of Zelda collection stood out to us because of its variety and condition. He has collections within his collection: baseball caps, t-shirts, lanyards, bags, and even trash cans. He seeks out multiple copies of each game and item, and you can clearly see that he keeps some of them unopened and pristine in their packaging. His collection is a living history of Zelda merchandise, with dozens of retro items featured. He’s even got the creepy Link Halloween costume and mask from the late ’80s that we occasionally make fun of.

We haven’t featured all of Matthew’s pictures here, in order to save space, so make sure you visit the gallery to see the rest.

Toby Coppin


You can tell that this probably isn’t Toby’s entire collection given how the posters on the left- and right-hand walls get clipped by the camera. But what we can see is a proverbial shrine to Zelda. Toby has a collection of Zelda games, plenty of Zelda-themed consoles, and amiibo. You can see front and center the entire collection of 10 Zelda manga by Akira Himegawa, and the statues and special items from the Zelda special edition games are right above them, boxes and all. But what blew us away is that Toby has collected perhaps every First 4 Figures statue released… and when there was an exclusive, special edition of one, he wasn’t just content to have the more expensive one; he ordered both. How can we compete with that?

Renke Kuiper


We want to take a tour of Renke’s house because he captioned his photos according to the room they were taken in, and most of the available space has been taken up by his collection. It’s a living shrine to The Legend of Zelda. He’s even dressed a skeleton in a Link costume (or is it a Stalfos, disguised as Link?)! We were especially impressed by the Zelda theatre room; its standout feature a set of custom-built shelves in the shape of the Triforce. The only problem with it is that we’re not sure we’d ever be able to watch movies in there without being distracted by all of the surrounding Zelda items!

We haven’t featured all of Renke’s pictures here, in order to save space, so make sure you visit the gallery to see the rest.

Daniel Cosavalente


Daniel clearly wasn’t content with having Link memorabilia in his house; he had to go and kidnap Link himself for the collection! All joking aside, great cosplay. For us, it was the little touches that showed how passionate Daniel was with his collection. While the first room might be a bit more practical as it’s normally reserved for watching DVDs and playing, his amiibo collection spreads across the entire room from left to right. Yet the most important touch is that all the Zelda ones are on the mantelpiece in the middle. But why stop there when there’s more Zelda swag on the other side: posters, shirts, board games, plushies, and manga, beautifully positioned for everyone to see.

Branwen Frost


Now this is dedication: Branwen hauled her entire collection outside in order to photograph it for Triforce Tributes. We really hope no rain was on the forecast for that day! Among Branwen’s treasures are books, games, consoles, clothing, and statues. We spy board games, from the modern Zelda version of Monopoly to the 1988 Milton Bradley game. She’s even got a bow and quiver full of arrows, reflecting one of Link’s key weapons apart from his sword. And while we’re not quite sure if it’s a quilt cover or something else, we love the huge scene from the original Zelda with Link and Zelda holding the Triforces of Wisdom and Power.



It doesn’t require a big collection to be a good, well-loved collection, and Canyarion’s proves that perfectly. We see all the games carefully arranged in sequential order across the franchise’s history, but what struck us was that this collection doesn’t focus so much on the collection of games but on the collection of most everything else! Even the empty boxes that contained those GameCube and Wii discs remain part of the collection. Front and center are all the cherished little things: amiibo, smaller figurines, shirts, and notebooks, and some things we didn’t even know existed! “Where did you get that Majora’s Mask clock?” we find ourselves wondering, “and is there another one wherever you bought it?” Thank you for showing us your collection!

Kaylee Bellamy


You can’t get much more out there as a Zelda fan than by having a piece of the franchise permanently tattooed on your body. Kaylee’s tattoo of the emblem from the front cover of Hyrule Historia is really beautiful. You can tell that she couldn’t wait to show it off after getting it done because her skin is still red in the picture. And who can blame her?

Ikhana Kingdom


ikhana02The moment one lays eyes on this picture, there’s so much Zelda visual overload that it takes a moment to discover just how many unique treasures are part of this collection. The easiest thing to spot is Mikau’s Zora guitar in a beautiful glass case, the likes of which truly belong in a museum. Then again, this place practically looks like a Zelda museum! Not only is there a full-sized statue of Link, showing off his Hyrule Warriors scarf, but there are heaps of cardboard character cutouts from the series that had to have been pilfered from the local game shop when no one was looking. (Seriously, where did you get them from? Inquiring minds and all!) Consoles and games are on display as well as boxes, all framing the golden statue of Link riding atop Epona.

Congratulations to the winners! You’ll soon be able to ad some special art prints to your collections. You should all have received an email by now with the subject line “Zelda Universe Triforce Tributes: Zelda Collection”. If you haven’t received it, please contact from the same email address that you used to submit your photo.

Shona Johnson
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