Triforce Tributes: Here is the winning fan art
by on January 30, 2017

We’ve chosen the ten winning pieces of Zelda fan art submitted for Triforce Tributes. The artists behind these pictures will receive a selection of special 30th anniversary artwork thanks to Nintendo Australia.

We had a hard time choosing just ten winners from amongst all of the amazing artwork submitted. Over the next two days, we’ll feature some additional artwork that we feel deserved honorable mentions, and you should definitely visit the gallery to view all of the incredible fan art. So wihout any further ado, here are the winners!

Ana Rois Ortiz


Ana has constructed a really interesting scene. It’s as if Link, Ganondorf and Zelda are actors and have taken a time out from their usual in-game personas. They’re surrounded by props which represent a range of Zelda items. And now it’s Link’s turn to enjoy playing a game for a change, rather than being in the game.



This drawing of Link was made for a friend, and it shows a lot of passion to just give your beloved artwork away. This hand-drawn picture of Link within a forest scene is lovely and takes us back to the Kokiri Forest of Ocarina of Time. Most of us would be stoked if someone were to draw this for us, so we hope Lievezz’s friend truly appreciates it.



We really loved the way that Raiannstorm constructed this Wind Waker scene out of scrapbook paper. Different textured paper is used to create elements such as water, grass, and the King of Red Lions, and even news print makes a great base for the island. It’s clear that a lot of patience went into this picture.

Craig Delean


We can’t imagine how much work went into this piece of artwork so quickly. By the time this part of our contest ended, just a little over one week had passed since we had even seen the Breath of the Wild version of Zelda, and here is this lovingly crafted piece of digital artwork, which officially certifies Craig as a solid Zelda fan.

Keisha Saesu


This picture stood out to us because of how fierce it is. Keisha portrays Princess Zelda and her alter-ego Sheik as dangerous and deadly. Time and time again in Zelda games, the princess has proven she’s not the typical damsel in distress, and we love that Keisha has captured her strong side.

Deon D’albora


We were overwhelmed by the number of Breath of the Wild submissions that we received, and it’s clear that there are number of people very excited and inspired by this game. Deon’s portrayal captures classic elements from what we’ve seen of the game so far: long grass, Link’s blue tunic, the bow, and arrows. Link’s pose suggests that he’s ready to take on anything, just as Zelda fans around the world can’t wait to take on Breath of the Wild.



Sometimes the most interesting artwork is done with limitations. This artwork of Ganon may never make its way into a museum, but the fact that this artwork was done strictly using pens and texturing is absolutely stunning. Even with such limitations, this “sketch” expresses just as much as a lovingly crafted Photoshop project.

Leticia Avitia


This piece of art demonstrates so much passion for Zelda, specifically The Wind Waker. Not only does it depict so many memorable characters from the series, but it also includes a few very memorable pieces of landscape as well, demonstrating that Leticia loves this game so very much. And everything is hand-drawn too, which is all the more amazing.

Luisa Rafidi


There’s a lot to love about this depiction of Saria. It’s an alternate version, but it fits perfectly with her character. Her outfit is different, but it still reflects the natural greens and browns of the forest, and it features a hood which is a common piece of Kokiri garb. And a bow seems like the perfect weapon for the tiny Sage of Forest if she was to carry one, allowing her to pull off ranged attacks from up in the trees.

Ashley Marie Busch


This painting floored us. The Deku Tree and the surrounding forest glade capture one of the most memorable moments in Ocarina of Time; that moment that sets off Link’s journey. All those memories of adventure flooded into our minds, and we can only imagine they flowed through Ashley’s as well when she painted this scene.

Congratulations to the winners! All of you will have received an email by now with the subject “Zelda Universe Triforce Tributes: Fan Art”. If you are one of the winners mentioned above and you haven’t received this email, contact from the email address you used to enter the competition. If you’re interested in joining in the celebration, we’re looking for Zelda music this week, and you can see the Triforce Tributes announcement post to find out what’s ahead in coming weeks.

Shona Johnson
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