Meet the voice actors from Breath of the Wild (spoilers within)
by on March 17, 2017

Spoiler Warning: There are major story spoilers in this article. If you have not yet played Breath of the Wild or don’t wish to read any of its major story spoilers, perhaps you should wait to indulge your curiosity.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the latest entry in Zelda franchise, takes the Zelda formula and utterly revolutionizes it, and this is all for the better. The game includes wide exploration, discovery, resources, and allowing the player to do what they please. Not only that, but Breath of the Wild takes the experience even further — with voice acting! This isn’t just the typical grunts, sounds, and moans we hear both Link and everybody else mutter during their text-based dialogue. This time we’re treated to fully voiced dialogue, albeit for momentary cutscenes.

Some of the voice actors have publicly announced which characters they performed. Listed below are all the voice actors, alongside their characters from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Kengo Takanashi – Link

As with almost every Zelda game, Link’s voice clips are done by his Japanese voice actor, which is no exception here. Kengo Takanashi provides the voice for our hero in, not green, but blue! Breath of the Wild does a lot of new things with the Zelda formula. But when it comes to voice acting, Link remains silent. So don’t worry, he doesn’t talk in this game. But unlike most Zelda games, there is a story related reason he’s silent. Even the other characters comment upon his silence. We’ll save the explanation for now.

Takanashi’s other voice work includes Hajime Nishikawa in Gin no Saji and Yaiba Toudou in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

Patricia Summersett – Princess Zelda

At long last, we have a new (official) English voice for Princess Zelda, and she nails it! Meet Patricia Summersett, the princess of Hyrule! We’ve been gifted with a mystery voice since the E3 2016 trailer, which we now know belongs to Zelda. Summersett has previously worked in video game titles such as Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate (Galina Voronina), Suikoden Tierkreis (Diadora & Servillah), and For Honor.

Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild stands out just as much as previous Zelda incarnations. While she isn’t as cheery as Zelda in Skyward Sword or as mature in Twilight Princess’, Zelda’s traits and personality in Breath of the Wild stand out. In this game, Zelda has a keen interest in learning about technology and studying wildlife, especially for flowers, plants and creatures.

It’s easier to understand Zelda’s characteristics and backstory when you gather up the 12 memory cutscenes and also read her (and the King’s) diary entries in Hyrule Castle. In Breath of the Wild, Zelda has a difficult time connecting with her magical powers. Her said powers are the key to sealing away Calamity Ganon. Because of this, her father, King Rhoam, explicitly orders her to focus on training rather than her technological studies. This pushes Zelda into a difficult position, unsure of what to do at times. Due to being held back from her hobbies and studies, Zelda usually push anger on Link. As Zelda’s appointed knight; he’s the sole reminder of her failures. No matter how severe the events unfold, Zelda always attempts to do things her way in order to prove she is worthy of her title.

If voice acting continues to follow up in future Legend of Zelda titles, we’re thrilled to have Summersett set the bar as the first to voice Princess Zelda.

You can follow Patricia Summersett on Twitter.

Bill Rogers – King Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule

Not only is it exciting that we have a new voice for a king in Zelda, but he’s voiced by none other than Bill Rogers! This goes without saying, but he also voiced Brock in the Pokémon anime series (from season 9 onward), Urien from Street Fighter V, and many more. And now he’s our king in Breath of the Wild: Rhoam Bosphoramus Hyrule!

Originally we knew of him as an old man from the Great Plateau. Once we gathered four spirit orbs and meet him on top of the Temple of Time, we learn everything. Surprise! He’s the late King of Hyrule! King Rhoam informs Link about what happened to Hyrule 100 years ago. This is where the story opens up to the vast land of Hyrule. Upon playing the game for the first time, King Rhoam’s exposition was rather touching, and listening to his story felt like a cinematic experience. His performance really set the bar, and the later actors followed up. Once the story has been told to us, Rhoam disappears, but not without gifting us the amazingly useful Paraglider. King Rhoam appropriately opened the doors for us to explore Hyrule and become the Hero we set out to be.

King Rhoam’s dialogue was written by Zelda Producer, Eiji Aonuma. To vocally hear Aonuma’s character come to life by Bill Rogers is a treat in of itself.

Major props to Rogers for his stellar performance, and we hope this isn’t the last we hear from him in The Legend of Zelda!

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Andi Gibson – Impa

Right after we meet the King, we’re tasked with heading to Kakariko Village to meet Impa, who is voiced by Andi Gibson. Just like the King, we get treated to the history of Calamity Ganon but this time from 10,000 years ago. Gibson’s performance as Impa is brief in the game, but she leaves a nice, warm impression for the character. To be fair, voicing for elderly characters is a challenge itself, but Gibson takes up that challenge and makes it her own. Link will be making constant revisits to Kakariko Village in order to follow up with Impa on his quests.

This is the only role we know of Gibson thus far, but we hope to see her again in future titles, even outside of the Legend of Zelda!

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Amelia Gotham – Mipha

Mipha, the princess of the Zoras and their Champion, is voiced by Amelia Gotham. Just like with Impa’s voice actor, this is also the first voice acting role we know of by Gotham. She provides a voice for Mipha that really works as Mipha is portrayed as a sweet but shy character. We even detected a beautiful accent in both her and Sidon’s voice. It’s a nice touch with the Zoras having regal and sophisticated designs. Mipha also has the ability to heal and wield the Lightscale Trident for combat.

During a memory cutscene, we get to witness Mipha opening about her feelings towards a certain hero. It’s obvious to the player, and even her family, that Mipha has romantic feelings towards Link, which is far more sentimental than with Ruto from Ocarina of Time. Unfortunately, due to the tragic events of the game’s story, Mipha along with the other Champions have lost their lives when fighting against Calamity Ganon’s malice. So her hopes for the future were lost that day.

With this being one of Gotham’s first voice roles, we hope to hear more of her in the future!

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Unknown – Prince Sidon

Unfortunately, we don’t have word yet on who voices Sidon. Aside from that, it’s easy to see that he’s become a fan favorite among the supportive characters. Sidon is both the prince of the Zoras and Mipha’s younger brother. When we first meet Sidon, he openly expresses excitement in meeting Link. Prince Sidon openly expresses support and encouragement along the way to Zora’s Domain. When Link is tasked to confront Vah Ruta, he sides with Prince Sidon to free the Divine Beast from Calamity Ganon’s control. When it comes down to it, Sidon is a guy you would want to be best friends with.

Now if only we can learn of the voice actor! If you know who he’s voiced by, please message us on Twitter or Facebook!

Joe Hernandez – Yunobo and Daruk

Prepare yourself! You’ll get quite the treat with Joe Hernandez’s performances as Daruk and Yunobo of the Goron Tribe! Hernandez has a killer voice range that goes go from Yunobo’s cute and young to Daruk’s deep and gruff. And, of course, what could be more fitting than to voice both the Champion and his descendant? During our adventure, we got to team up with Yunobo when climbing Death Mountain, in order to take back control of Vah Rudania. Up until the end, we got to see Yunobo and Daruk share a sweet, emotional conclusion together.

As with some of the other voice actors, this is the first time we’ve heard a voice role by Hernandez, and he delivers! Hernandez goes for a more goofy and child like voice for Yunobo, which fits him appropriately. Whereas for Daruk Hernandez adds in that solid as rock tone for the Goron Champion. It’s exactly as we pictured the Gorons sounding like, so we’re thankful Hernandez got the opportunity to voice these two lovable goofballs.

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Sean Chiplock – Revali, Teba, and the Great Deku Tree

Not one, not two, but three voices are provided by the one and only Sean Chiplock in Breath of the Wild. You’ll see that he voices Revali, Teba, and the Great Deku Tree! You may be familiar with Sean’s prior roles of Spade & Prince Dail (Freedom Planet 1 & 2), Diabel (Sword Art Online), Navarre (Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse), or Santa (Zero Escape: The Nonary Games).

Revali is the Rito Champion and one of Zelda and Link’s allies against Calamity Ganon. Revali has a smart personality, and pretty rough around the feathers. In a contrast towards the other Champions, Revali is more arrogant and on the selfish side. (We swear, this really isn’t Falco!) He has a rough time warming up to Link, especially seeing as Link doesn’t have the capability of flight. Even if he doesn’t openly admit it, Revali sees potential in him as the hero and will openly accept him as one of the team.

In Rito Village, Link meets Teba, a renowned warrior of the tribe. After proving his worth, Link teams up with Teba to take back control of Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Teba has a tad deeper voice than Revali, which you wouldn’t have recognized is voiced by the same person! He’s a bit more isolated and prefers to train and work alone after his partner falls to injury. Once Link proves himself worthy, Teba agrees to work together to take back control of Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

But it doesn’t end there as Chiplock also provides the voice for the Great Deku Tree. Talk about a voice range! The voice for the Great Deku Tree is everything we would have hoped for; the deep but soothing voice fits perfectly for this beautiful tree. We meet the Great Deku Tree after traversing through the Lost Woods into Korok Woods, where the tree then tells Link about the Master Sword.

Chiplock’s journey to obtain these roles was not an easy one at all. For the longest time, he’s had multiple auditions for these roles without knowing who they were at the time. Chiplock has also had to make crucial sacrifices and investment in order to go the extra mile to lock these roles in. Needless to say, he’s openly express passion for these roles. As we can see, it paid off very well! Let this be a lesson to never give up on your dreams, but to also be ready to go the distance to achieve it.

You can follow Sean Chiplock on Twitter.

Elizabeth Maxwell – Riju & Urbosa

Last but certainly not least, we have the astounding Elizabeth Maxwell, who voices both Riju and Gerudo Champion Urbosa! You may be familiar with Maxwell’s performances from several shows such as Danganronpa 3, Overlord, My Hero Acadamia, Attack on Titan, and One Piece. She’s been in the voice acting scene for a long time, so it’s great to have her as part of the Zelda universe!

This may be a tad biased, but we’re absolutely astounded by Maxwell’s performance as both Rjiu and Urbosa. She captures the essence of what we pictured the Gerudo to be portrayed as. Maxwell presents a genuine approach with her voice: she shows poise, attitude, passion, thoughtfulness, and all of the sass!

We get to meet the Gerudo Chief Riju in Gerudo Town, and she appears a lot younger than we anticipate. Riju took the throne soon after her mother’s recent passing. Despite the respect she’s already gained from the Gerudo, Riju doesn’t feel she’s rightfully earned it. In any way possible, she makes it her duty to protect the town, especially towards threats such as the Yiga Clan and Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Riju isn’t as headstrong as most Gerudo women, so she’s easy to get along with. Once Link takes back the Thunder Helm from the Yiga Clan, Riju sides with Link to regain control of Vah Naboris. While sporting the Thunder Helm, she takes a ride on Patricia, her pet sand seal. Now that’s taking initiative!

As for Urbosa, there’s no need to say it, but Maxwell kills it with the performance of the Gerudo Champion. Urbosa is definitely like the mother Zelda needs, in times of Calamity Ganon’s uprising. We get to watch a cutscene between her, Zelda and Link during their adventure in Gerudo Desert. Between her thoughtfulness and intelligence, Urbosa is a genuine highlight of the story. Funnily enough, Urbosa reminds me of Telma from Twilight Princess, if not for their positions as leaders and allies but for the fun and warm personality they express. Urbosa possesses a large amount of class, and she’s definitely going to be one of the many voices you’ll remember from the story.

We definitely look forward to Maxwell’s roles in the future!

You can follow Elizabeth Maxwell on Twitter.

Our final thoughts

While the topic of voice acting is heavily mixed among Zelda fans, Breath of the Wild definitely sets the bar for voice acting in the franchise. Previous incarnations of voice acting in Zelda dates back to the days of the Legend of Zelda ’80s cartoon series or the infamous Zelda CD-i games. But due to Breath of the Wild, it’s time we leave the former voice acting as memories in the past. The voice actors in Breath of the Wild have taken their roles seriously, and it shows. Between mixed to positive reception, the voice acting is headed in the right direction. Truly the potential is there, so hopefully voice acting in The Legend of Zelda can be a permanent feature for future titles.

Those who may follow our content know we’ve dedicated our time to provide voice acting in The Legend of Zelda as well. We’ve created English dubs in the hopes to show off voice acting the best we can. Our dub projects include Hyrule Warriors, Skyward Sword, The Wind Waker and currently Twilight Princess. You can find those videos directly on our YouTube channel.

Below you can find a compilation of all the memory cutscenes from Breath of the Wild. A majority of the voice actors appear in these sequences, so you’ll get a good taste of their performances.

Have you enjoyed the voice acting in Breath of the Wild? Do you want to see more voice acting in the next Legend of Zelda game? Let us know!

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