Recently, Masahiro Sakurai, the director of Super Smash Bros., took some time to talk about Ultimate on Japanese publication Famitsu after the release of the Ver. 3.0.0 patch.

As translated by user Corks on behalf of Nintendo Everything, Sakurai started off by expressing his joy at the community’s response to Persona 5’s Joker, saying that while there were some kinks to work out, there were “plenty of people who were very happy with the presentation,” and that if players could enjoy the character that is what matters.

Beyond that, Sakurai talked about the sharing side of the game that he wanted to focus on in Ultimate, highlighting the Mii Fighters and new stage editor. He then reaffirmed that the team continues to work hard to continue developing and improving content.

From here, Sakurai turned to what makes Super Smash Bros., and Ultimate in particular, fun.

“For me personally, I don’t want the battles to become ones where the winner and loser are forced in separate categories, and where only the winner can enjoy that fight,” he says. “Of course, this is a game based on competition, but I don’t want that victory and defeat mentality to hamper anyone’s enjoyment of the game.”

His solution was a three-phase development system of competition, sharing, and cooperation. Unfortunately, with the complexities of Ultimate’s multiplayer and online systems, the cooperation phase was limited, but Sakurai expressed that “it’s also important to put those failures behind you.”

Sakurai then returned to sharing and how much fun he and the team have been having with the creativity of user-created stages.

“Playing around with the stage formula can lead to many in-game accidents, and that’s really refreshing to see. Some of them had us laughing our heads off,” Sakurai said.

Though, he did crack a joke about the practicality of certain stages:

“While there are plenty of stages that don’t lend themselves to a fair fight, they definitely suit those more raucous play sessions. For those stages where there isn’t any way to knock your opponent off, I guess your only choice is a stamina battle…”

Sakurai finished up by talking about the latest feature: replay editing mode. While acknowledging how unprecedented the feature is for Nintendo and that there are necessary restrictions to keep content appropriate, he expressed his optimism for the future of the feature.

“I look forward to seeing that endless potential for myself as part of our ‘sharing’ phase,” said Sakurai.

Source Famitsu