If you’re struggling to make it through your morning run without collapsing in a heap, you probably need to improve your stamina. And because real life is exactly like video games, four of these bad boys should have you running marathons in no time.

Any fans who got themselves a copy of the hardcover book “Breath of the Wild – Creating a Champion Hero’s Edition” will have had an actual, honest-to-goodness Spirit Orb packed in right alongside the tome. And, well, just look at it!

As we highlighted way back in July, the book — which was released in November — came with a few goodies, including an art print and a cloth map of Hyrule. This is the first time we’ve seen an actual shot of one of the Orbs though.

The book itself details all the art that went into creating the spectacular Switch launch title and is still readily available online. You might have to shop around a bit to find a Hero’s Edition if you want that Orb though. Or failing that, you could always take your chances down at your local shrine.