Dark Horse has announced that the Breath of the Wild: Completing a Champion art book will be coming to the West with an additional collector’s edition, known as the Hero’s Edition.

A couple of months ago it was revealed that those of us in the West would be getting a localized copy of Breath of the Wild: Master Works, a complete collection of art that went into the development of Breath of the Wild. For the West, Dark Horse is referring to it as Breath of the Wild: Completing a Champion. This official art book goes into a lot of discarded concepts and shows the progress of how one of 2017’s best games came to be.

The Hero’s Edition will be all of that and more! It all comes in a fine looking slipcase coated in the royal blue known to be worn by the Champions. It includes the Creating a Champion art book with an exclusive cover, a cloth map of Hyrule, a glass replica of a spirit orb, and an art print of the photo Link takes at the end of The Champions Ballad.

Creating a Champion includes everything from the first moments of Breath of the Wild‘s origins to the last moments of The Champion’s Ballad DLC. You’ll get almost 50 pages of sketches from Takumi Wada, 296 pages of design art and commentary, interviews with key members of the development team, and a 55 page section that dives into the history of Hyrule, as seen in the most recent game.

Fans hankering for the best of the best can find the book for pre-order most places where Dark Horse does business online and locally. It comes out November 20 for $99.99.

Source Twitter