Twilight Princess was destined for the Nvidia Shield ever since it was announced to be on the way for the platform in China back in late 2017. In more recent times, Link and Midna’s close-to-dusk adventure from the GameCube and Wii era, has undergone quite a sizeable texture upgrade.

Right away, you’ll notice less of a glow and less prominent lighting, which can be seen as a strange omission to some, considering how it lends into the feeling of Twilight and the style that the original presented.

Glow aside though, you’ll find more textures and detail in things like the threads in Link’s sleeve, and even the new addition of eyelets for the threads. On a grander scale, the difference is more clear and noticeable in assets like the Bridge of Eldin, which is part of over 4400 new textures that the game will now present, thanks to what Nvidia dubs, deep learning.

Before the update
After the update

Fans of the Zelda franchise can only hope that these efforts aren’t just withheld to the Nvidia Shield and the Chinese market, with the prospect that we might see Twilight Princess make its way to Switch in this form, or as a port that the Wii U proudly homed.