Last week, Humble Bundle began offering a selection of Nintendo Switch and 3DS games to US customers via the Humble Store. Hard-hitters like Breath of the Wild (including the Expansion Pass), Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Ocarina of Time 3D, Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are among the list of downloadable titles. Individual 3- or 12-month subscriptions to Nintendo Switch Online are also available for purchase.

Humble Bundle is known for its “pay what you want” philosophy, where subscribers essentially pick what they want to pay for certain games and a portion of their purchase is donated to various charities. The aforementioned first-party Nintendo titles are not included in this deal, nor do they qualify for Humble Rewards or charity contributions, but Humble Monthly subscribers can still apply their usual 10 percent off discount. Subscriber purchases also still count toward the site’s overall charity contributions, so if you are already a subscriber and looking to pick up some AAA Nintendo titles, this might be a great option for you.

Select Nintendo Switch and 3DS titles now available on the Humble Store.

The appearance of official Nintendo games on Humble Bundle’s store doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll eventually see them become a part of the pay-what-you-want deal, but considering Nintendo’s recent focus on third-party and indie developers, it might not be out of the question entirely. For now, check out Humble’s website to see the full list of Nintendo titles or to learn more about how Humble’s bundles work.