And on the seventh day, Isabelle created infinite Assist Trophies. That’s right, a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate glitch has been discovered, which allows Isabelle to create infinite Assist Trophies. Imagine how tough an Isabelle calling down an infinite number of Rathalos or Alucard’s would be.

The glitch appears to have been originally found by YouTuber TheAfroJow. In their video below, you can see exactly how the glitch is performed, as well as the outcome of a number of different Assist Trophies. Essentially, it takes two Isabelles, both using their fishing rod to hook the same Assist Trophy. This sends the first Isabelle to hook the item into an infinite loop of activating the Assist Trophy.

This glitch was discovered not long after another game-breaking bug that also involves the cute little doggo Isabelle. Expect these bugs to be squashed in a patch in the not-too-distant future.

Source YouTube