Your back-catalog of Switch Indie games is about to get another game deeper. In Moonlighter, from Digital Sun and 11 Bit Studios, a bored shop keeper in a fantasy RPG decides that there’s more to life than tending wares. So, he starts taking night classes. And by night classes, I mean he started venturing into Zelda-like dungeons to find sweet items to sell back at his shop. Moonlighter is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 5.

The flow of the game changes depending on whether it’s day or night. By day, you’re just a mild-mannered shop keep who talks with the locals and travelers, sells unique items, and works on shop upgrades. By night, you become a hero travelling through gates into other worlds to search for the most interesting items to sell back at your shop. It’s the thrill of the adventure that makes the tedious life worth waking up to. The pixel art in this game is some of the best we’ve seen, and the old school Zelda dungeon design could make for an interesting title.

The game will be sold on the eShop primarily. For those looking for a physical copy of the game, Signature Edition is offering physical copies, and special editions, for Switch. The special edition comes with the usual: CD soundtrack, Medallion, squishy monster, poster, and really good boxart (scuffed with digitally printed signatures). If you just can’t wait, it’s currently available on Steam and the other major consoles.