In most Zelda games, Link has his own house, but there’s usually never much reason to visit it once you’ve discovered the vast world of Hyrule and all of its wonders. However, A Link Between Worlds does something a little bit different that pulls you back home. At first, Link’s house isn’t much to marvel at, just another generic home with a few decorations and very little to do. There’s a rug, a bed, the usual decor. Then, Ravio moves in and everything changes.

Tingle’s Maps is a series in which we explore the endless lands of Hyrule in search of our favorite places in The Legend of Zelda. We’ll explore everywhere: the beautiful landscapes that make us put down the controller in awe; the deadly terrain that threatens Link with the harshest of elements; the bustling towns that bring the game to life; and the abandoned grounds that evoke peace and sadness. As well as the grand locales, we’ll also discover all the secret caves and hidden crevices that lie between. Let’s adventure!

After pulling Link through a series of strange events, the mysterious Ravio shows up one day and asks you if he can stay at your home. Sure, that’s fine! Link’s no stranger to helping a soul in need. However, if you revisit your house after clearing the first two temples or so, there’s a huge billboard of Ravio’s hood on your rooftop. What has he done now?

When walking inside, you’ll see that Link’s home has been completely renovated into a storefront! Ravio has tons of items on sale for a hero to use, but what about Link’s home? His bed, dishes, art, everything, is all packed up in the back of the room. But even Ravio knows that Link won’t be home all that often, so he suggests a deal: you rent him your house and he rents you items to help you on your quest. With that deal all settled, you’re free to rent and eventually buy all the items he has to offer, which will absolutely come in handy on your hero’s quest.

A little tidbit I found interesting is that the rug Ravio replaces your old one with is, aside from the color swap, identical to it. This is a subtle nod to who Ravio really is without giving anything major away. There’s another, bigger clue outside of this, but for now, let’s focus on the shop.

ravio's shop a link between worlds

I’m sure many people noticed that Ravio somehow came into possession of Majora’s Mask, located on the bottom left wall of the house. Something fun to do is merge with the wall and stand facing forward behind the mask; it’ll look like you’re wearing the forbidden face-gear without actually putting it on. Just above Majora’s Mask is a large bag of Rupees (presumably all the money you’re paying to rent Ravio’s assortment of items). If you try to sneak over and interact with it, though, Ravio won’t like it very much. 

The best part about returning to your home, in my humble opinion, is visiting Ravio himself. He is one of my all-time favorite Zelda characters and is just a joy to be around. I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the shop and saw him lying on the floor, hand on his cheek, waving at Link as he entered the room. I cracked up hysterically, as I was just not expecting this! He always has something interesting to say and it usually makes me smile. Sure, he can be a little greedy with the rupees, but after seeing Link and all of his heroic deeds throughout this time, maybe his actions will rub off on Ravio.