Bandai’s candy division and Nintendo have created packs of Breath of the Wild trading cards that come with apple-flavored candies in Japan. The goal, like any trading card, is to collect all the cards, or just your favorites, while satisfying your sweet tooth as a bonus. It reminds me of when I used to collect baseball cards and each pack would have that awful, brick-flavored gum.

Most of the art for the cards appears to be a familiar piece of art commonly found in promotional and marketing material for Breath of the Wild and its DLC. Art varies from characters specific, to group shots, to big images like Link riding the Master Cycle Zero in the style of Akira. There are 10 character cards, 14 image cards, and two “secret cards.” I’d be curious if those were original art!

You can check out the gallery of promotional images below. Here’s hoping we get these in the West as well!

Source Bandai