A brand new version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System title, The Legend of Zelda, has been added to the Nintendo Switch Online catalog as part of a new update, which also added games like Solomon’s Key, Super Dodge Ball, and NES Open Tournament Golf.

The new version, The Legend of Zelda – Living the life of luxury!, starts players out with plenty of rupees, bombs, keys, and all available equipment. From the beginning, Link will have the Blue Ring, the White Sword, the Magical Shield, and the Power Bracelet, making your quest to defeat the evil Ganon just a bit easier. Completing this version will grant players access to the Second Quest, which ramps up the difficulty by relocating dungeons, shops, and Heart Containers.

For players looking to enjoy a more traditional adventure, the unaltered, original Legend of Zelda is available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers through the NES game catalog. Second Quest is also available in this version by either completing the game or by registering the player’s name as “Zelda” on the file select screen.