Imagine being a Goron rolling along a narrow track. Falling off the track resets the Goron back to the beginning. Now imagine this track with multiple 90-degree turns that must be made by bouncing off of a chest. There is no chance for rest or relaxation; the track must be completed without pause. If the Goron pauses for even a second, then he must travel through a teleporter back to the beginning. There are no shortcuts on this track; the only way to end the horror is to complete it.

This convoluted insanity was brought to me by Majora’s Mask.

Tingle’s Maps is a series in which we explore the endless lands of Hyrule in search of our favorite places in The Legend of Zelda. We’ll explore everywhere: the beautiful landscapes that make us put down the controller in awe; the deadly terrain that threatens Link with the harshest of elements; the bustling towns that bring the game to life; and the abandoned grounds that evoke peace and sadness. As well as the grand locales, we’ll also discover all the secret caves and hidden crevices that lie between. Let’s adventure!

When I first came across this maddening track, I did not expect much. The area has multiple 90 degree turns that can only be made by bouncing perfectly off of chests without losing speed. I never saw this mechanic before entering the Evil Moon, and I was confused upon seeing open chests. This was before the days of people constantly looking online to solve every little roadblock so I only had myself to rely on through this nightmare. I prefer to go through Zelda games with only my wits; it’s more rewarding.

After figuring out the mechanic, I had to perfect it. I’ve never felt frustration like this in any other Zelda game. This level is truly controller breaking. After a tirade of swearing and yelling, the level felt like it defeated me. My mind had rotted, but my frustration prevented me from quitting. I put in my time and eventually passed the stone.

Very few sections within the Zelda series have brought me frustration. That’s a job I expect from Mario platformers, like Super Mario Sunshine. However, every once in a while, a Zelda game will bring out the worst in me. Mirro Shaz Shrine was the most annoying section I’ve seen in recent years, but it wasn’t the worst. The fight with Moldorm was the most annoying Zelda boss, but it passed without leaving too much of a scar. The Goron Dungeon on the Moon is that terrible section that left me angry, long after completing it.

Nowadays, I can do it no problem.