Mirro Shaz Shrine

Head northeast from the Woodland stable and you will find the Mirro Shaz Shrine.

The key to this shrine is to use your stasis rune to freeze the orbs/block and then fire them at the targets.

Enter the first puzzle room, pick up the Iron Sledgehammer, and use your stasis rune on the orb.


Go through the newly opened door and enter the next room.

Use your stasis rune on the block to hit the rock slab.

You can collect the spirit orb and exit the shrine or complete a further challenge.


Change to a one handed weapon and save your game, giving you a point you can come back to and avoid losing valuable weapons

You will need to correctly aim the orb to reach the platform and avoid the obstacles.

Collect the treasure chest containing a Giant Ancient Core in this shrine. Head back to the altar to collect the spirit orb.

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