Ocarina of Time may or may not be in the top of your favorite Zelda games of all time, but it’s undeniably the most well-known game of the franchise. Over the course of its 20 years of existence, the game has gathered dozens of theories about cut content, ranging from the Wind Temple that never made its way to the final version of the game, to Navi’s death after the final cutscene.

The fine folks over at Game Architects recently released a new video exploring a fairly unknown theory about an unused Fairy Fountain in Ocarina of Time, commonly referred to as the “Unicorn Fountain”.

What was its purpose in the game? If its location was planned to be inside Zora’s Domain, what is the reasoning behind that? Was it cut from the game due to time constraints or simply evolved into something else?

Unfortunately, we may never know, but the video does help shine some light into this piece of game history and it’s, at the very least, food for thought.

Source YouTube