Many gamers have already marked December 7, 2018 in their calendars, preparing for the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Mashiro Sakurai and his team seem to have poured their heart and soul into the latest entry in the series, and the impending release on Switch after four years from its Wii U predecessor is highly anticipated.

For Smash fanatic Chris Taylor though, it is an extremely anxious wait. He bravely faces his cancer with a wretched timescale of only three-to-six months potentially left to live, having courageously declined any further treatment back in July.

With the December release pushing this delicate time scale quite finely, it was touch and go whether Chris would get to play the latest iteration of the game.

In an effort to help Chris in his plightful journey, the gaming community kindly supported him by tweeting to Nintendo of America to make them aware of the situation with as much magnitude as possible. The ultimate hope was to provide Chris with a pre-release version of the game that he can spend this valuable window of time enjoying.

Thankfully, the voice of volume and the kindness of the community that supported him paid off and he got to play the game on September 21.

We couldn’t be happier to see that Chris got to play the game, with both fans and Nintendo coming together to make this situation a little better for Chris.

Source Twitter