Nintendo is teaming up with Best Buy to bring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to a handful of U.S. cities before the game’s launch later this year. So if you’re like many of us and can’t wait a few more months to decimate your friends as Ridley, this might be your chance to get in ahead of the game.

The tour began last weekend and will continue through the first weekend of October. Fans with a My Nintendo account will be able to check in at the event and grab a poster (limited supply, of course, so plan to get there early if you want one), and those that preorder the game can get an exclusive collectible coin featuring the iconic Smash logo at launch. Prizes are available to winners of certain mini-exhibitions.

Last month we shared our experiences with Ultimate at a similar event in Melbourne, Australia, which turned out to be the same demo as (or one similar to) the one we got to play at E3 earlier this year. Chances are the version featured at Best Buy in the upcoming weeks will also be the same, but it’s still a good opportunity to try the game if you haven’t already, and pick up some awesome collectibles at the same time.

If you were lucky enough to play Ultimate at last week’s event in New York or San Jose, we’d love to hear what you thought of it!