The indie game darling Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King sprouted on the Nintendo eShop back in December, and in the past eight months it has grown beyond its Steam sales numbers “by a factor of 20” according to the game’s publisher FDG Entertainment. In a tweet shared this past Monday, FDG thanked supporters of Blossom Tales across all gaming platforms while naming the Nintendo community as “a turnaround” for the game.

Indie games have flocked to the Nintendo Switch since the system’s launch, ensuring that console owners will never run out of new games to play even when Nintendo isn’t pumping out the next major installments of their popular franchises. If you’re a Zelda fan looking to scratch an old-school itch Blossom Tales may be the perfect fit for your Nintendo Switch, but it’s hardly the only indie game worth a look. Let us know if you’ve found and fallen in love with any “Nindies” thanks to the Switch eShop.