Have you ever wondered why Ocarina of Time is often revered as one of the best games ever made? The latest “Did You Know Gaming?” episode digs up some old but interesting details you may or may not have known about Ocarina during its creation, and touches on how it shaped the entire world of 3D gaming as we know it today.

The 10-minute video delves into the construction of the game’s engine and its concurrent development with Super Mario 64, the removal of the vocal track from the Fire Temple background music (the origin of which was traced by one of our own Zelda Universe members back in 2012), speculation about what purpose Fado the Kokiri may have originally had and other fun facts.

Ocarina is 20 years old this year, so many players who grew up with it might already know these not-so-secret pieces of information. The video is interesting nonetheless, and if you’re itching for even more Ocarina development backstory, ZU writer Max Nichols is writing a three-part series that looks into the game from a more technical standpoint.

Catch the full “Did You Know Gaming?” episode here: