Nintendo’s most recent financial report detailed a historic accolade for the company. They have sold a resounding 727.65 million consoles since it entered the console market back in 1983, with the release of the 8-bit marvel in the form of the NES and the Famicom (in Japan).

35 years on, Nintendo are still plying their trade strongly with the ever-popular Switch, despite aggressive competition from PlayStation and Xbox, and on the back of a forgettable period with the Wii U.

Nintendo’s major “dedicated video game units” are accounted for in the breakdown of the figures which are accurate to June 2018.

With the exception of the Wii, Nintendo’s console sales have reduced, release-on-release, despite reaching the incredible milestone of 700 million consoles sold. The success of the Wii and the promise of the Switch are proving to be two cornerstones in Nintendo’s recent history, helping them to stay relevant and fight resolutely thanks to the revolutionary motion control of the Wii, and the versatile hybrid ability of the Switch. This, coupled with the powerful IP that can only be found on a Nintendo platform, are the assertive catalysts in the drive behind these commanding sales numbers, providing unique experiences you will be hard-pressed to come close to finding on rival platforms.

300 million home consoles is an extraordinary feat in home console sales, especially in a collection of stats which excludes the illustrious NES and SNES Classic series, as well as the Virtual Boy. In June 2018, the humble NES Classic outsold every giant of the console world, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even the Switch itself.

Nintendo have only had four major families of handhelds released, versus seven home consoles. The strength of their handheld performance is a huge reason why Nintendo are a major force in the modern day, in a field that others have miserably failed in comparison. Sony entered the portable console fray with their PSP, but they didn’t manage to oust the might of Nintendo with their Game Boy and DS families.

The 3DS sales are the lowest of the portable range, with figures akin to that of the high-flying SNES. Impressively, the sales figures for handheld hardware have never slipped below the resounding 367.84 million 3DS purchases across the world, providing a healthy stream of revenue parallel with home console offerings for Nintendo. Gamers reveled in Nintendo’s on-the-go phenomenon in the shape of the Game Boy and DS families. This resulted in hours upon hours of joy for everywhere and anywhere.

The total combined hardware sales are still growing beyond the recently reported 727.65 million, with the Switch due to birth Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the evergreen Pokémon series, with Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee on the way before the close of the year in preparation for the next instalment of the core series in 2019.

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