Our third ZUthon, Zelda for Eternity, begins August 16 at 12 p.m. PDT as we play 100 hours of Zelda games. The purpose of the marathon is to raise money for Direct Relief, a charitable organization helping people around the world by providing aid to those affected by disaster, emergency, or poverty, regardless of political or religious affiliation. Recently, Direct Relief has been providing support to people hit by the California wildfires and help with the ongoing recovery in Puerto Rico from last summer’s hurricanes.

We are kicking this summer’s marathon off with Breath of the Wild. Over the course of those 100 hours we’ll be streaming several of your favorite Zelda titles. Sadly none of the CD-i games though, maybe next year. Throughout the marathon, you’ll be able to enjoy all the Red Bull and cupcake-fueled antics that happen when the ZU team gets together. There will also be prizes and other incentives to donate. And be on the lookout for cameos from everyone’s favorite furball, Bentley!

You can watch the live stream on twitch.tv/zeldauniversetv. So please make sure to spread the word to your friends, family, and social media followers, and donate if you can. Direct Relief’s drive to help anyone, no matter their circumstances is what makes it such an important charity to all of us — disaster doesn’t discriminate and neither does Direct Relief.