Nintendo has confirmed via its official YouTube channel that the western release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate will feature all of the Breath of the Wild content its Japanese predecessor contained.

In a clever recreation of the 2017 Breath of the Wild Switch Presentation trailer, the translated Generations Ultimate video showcases the detailed additions inspired by the latest Zelda title. The player’s hunter can don the Hylian Hood and Link’s now-iconic blue Champion’s Tunic, complete with a fully rendered Sheikah Slate at his hip. The standard Breath of the Wild quiver and an Ancient Bow strapped to the hunter’s back complete the look. A Korok costume is also available for the AI-controlled Felyne in the game.

This release, along with the Breath of the Wild content, is new only to the regions outside of Japan. Monster Hunter Generations, also known as Monster Hunter X (pronounced Cross), debuted in 2015 on the 3DS in Japan, before releasing worldwide in 2016. Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) was an expansion released exclusively in Japan in March 2017. An HD version of Double Cross was ported to the Switch in August last year, again only in Japan.

Now, one year later, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate for the Switch is finally slated for a western release on August 28.

Watch the official trailer below: