With a world as huge and dense as Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, the task of finding every quest, item and challenge is overwhelming to say the least. There’s no way to see and do everything without at least a nudge in the right direction from time to time, but then sifting through walkthroughs to find your specific goal just becomes another chore.

Zelda Maps is a project that Zelda Universe has been toiling on since last year, in order to produce an interactive Breath of the Wild map with datamined marker locations. Today sees our first beta release, Zelda Maps 0.6!

This version introduces two major features: a search function, and a password reset. The team are also preparing to open source the project by taking it to GitHub, so soon it will be open for everyone to contribute. In the meantime, if you’re interested in helping out, head over to our Discord server and send a message to @GoldenChaos or @Pysis.

The team plans to update the site every two weeks, with the next priority on including all of the location names from the in-game map as markers, as well as adding text labels and region boundaries.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • New logo from the Zelda Universe design team.
  • Added Login/Account button.
  • Added Lost Password and Change Password functionality.
  • Added search with live results, category icons, relevancy indicators, jump-to navigation, auto-focus, and quick clear.
  • Removed button to collapse the sidebar on desktop in favor of hotkey (esc).
  • Made marker completion hotkeys more intelligent per-OS.
  • Lots of small interface improvements.
  • Internal prep work and documentation for the upcoming Zelda Maps open source project.

I’m planning to revisit Breath of the Wild very soon to finally clean up my long list of unfinished tasks, and this is going to be extremely helpful when I’m adventuring again. We’d love to know your thoughts too!

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