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A couple of creative projects were spotted this week: a Breath of the Wild-themed Settlers of Catan game board, and a custom-made bartop arcade machine that plays various Zelda titles.

Settling in the wild

While no official video game adaptations of the popular Settlers of Catan board game currently exist, fan-made variations have surfaced. Reddit user redjaypeg recently created a version based on Breath of the Wild that overlays the overworld map with specific regions providing different resources.

Like the original game, redjaypeg’s version features five resources to collect: Elixers, Weapons, Ore, Wood and Fish, all of which are spread out across the land. Zora’s Domain, Lake Hylia and Lanayru Wetlands provide fish, while Death Mountain, Dueling Peaks and Gerudo Town yield ore. Wood can be gathered in the forest regions of the Great Plateau, Faron Woods and the Korok Forest, and of course a weapon cache sits at Hyrule Castle. The simple but sensible layout is what you’d expect from the typical Catan setup.

Reddit user TheHynusofTime also provided a link in the thread to a fabricated rule set, aptly called “The Settlers of Hyrule.” It’s independent from the Breath of the Wild board, but it might be fun to try combining the two if you’re itching for something Zelda outside of the video games.

Bringing Zelda to the bar


From home consoles to handhelds, The Legend of Zelda games can be played just about anywhere. Reddit user MunkiBoy77 decided to take them to the next level by creating a custom bartop arcade cabinet.

The laminated side walls feature Young Link artwork from Majora’s Mask, while the front panels are adorned with a pixelated Minish Cap Link. Green lighting accentuates the art and ties it all together. According to the post, the unit “runs every Zelda game from the very first up to the Wii versions,” making this a great all-in-one console.

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