Have you ever been playing your Switch on your TV and thought, “Boy, would I love to strap my television to my face”? Well, now you can, with this rather bizarre headset by Thanko.

This VR-styled headset, known as the Eye Theater, allows you to view a “virtual” screen sized at 120 inches at a resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. Having no motion-sensing features, it’s not strictly virtual reality, but at least it only weighs 250g.

The Eye Theater isn’t made specifically for the Switch, as it is compatible with USB-C devices, such as smartphones. That said, the Switch appears in their marketing, and the product comes with a HDMI conversion kit that makes it Switch compatible.

For those of you interested, the headset is expected to release in September and will cost you ¥22,780 ($206/£156 at the time of this article).

Source Thanko
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