Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is launching with an enormous roster that includes all of the previous fighters across all of the entries with a few additions. These additions include Inklings, Daisy, and Ridley, the long awaited nemesis of Samus. During the Nintendo Treehouse at E3, amiibo for both Inkling and Ridley were on display. Now, the Japanese Nintendo site confirmed that the company is planning on creating amiibo for all of the other returning fighters.

The site specifically mentioned both Pichu and the Ice Climbers, however it seems there will be others as well. Other veterans that are returning include Young Link, Wolf, Pokémon Trainer, and Snake. Nintendo may be facing a daunting task of creating a new amiibo for all of the 66 confirmed characters. Previously stated, all current Smash Wii U amiibo will be compatible with Smash Ultimate, so I can imagine Nintendo deciding to skip over some in favor of more popular characters like Mario and Link in his Champions Tunic for the new amiibo.

I wonder if third-party characters like Snake could pose a potential copyright issues down the road with Konami or if Pokémon Trainer will include Charizard or just Squirtle and Ivysaur. Hopefully the Pokémon Trainer will release both male and memale versions.  I am looking forward to seeing Snake with his cardboard box as imagined by Harro on Twitter.

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Source Nintendo