We received a plethora of information today concerning Smash Bros. Ultimate, with one of the most notable being its all-inclusive roster. We also learned that this version of Smash Bros. will have amiibo compatibility. So, what amiibo can you use?

As it turns out, all previously released Smash Bros. amiibo are compatible. In addition, Sakurai also confirmed support for figures from other games, as long as the character is playable in Smash Bros. For example, all Link amiibo, whether it be his Twilight Princess version or his Breath of the Wild appearance, will work in the new game.

This is great news for those who have amassed a huge collection of amiibo over the last couple of years. The big question now is whether we’ll see a new Young Link amiibo, or new amiibo based on characters with updated looks.

You can catch the amiibo announcement below at the 22:14 mark.

Source YouTube