The Zeldathon Team is at it again with yet another livestream broadcast for charity. This summer’s marathon, titled Zeldathon Champions, began last Friday and runs through this Thursday, June 21. One hundred percent of proceeds for this event will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Sponsored by and streamed via Twitch, Zeldathon Champions is the organization’s 22nd livestreaming event. So far, the team has ventured through more than 15 Zelda titles, spanning from the most recent, Breath of the Wild, all the way back to the classic The Legend of Zelda. Several great installments are still in the lineup, including A Link to the Past, Majora’s Mask 3D and Ocarina of Time Beta Quest, a “hacked” version of Ocarina of Time that randomizes loading zones.

Zeldathon began in 2009 when founders Matthew “MC” Moffit and Zak Ondish decided to emulate similar gaming speedrun marathons for charity, but instead centered it around our favorite land of Hyrule (and beyond). Since its inception, the team has drawn in more than $1.9 million from generous viewers and sponsors, all gifted to various charities around the world. More than $121,000 has been donated during Zeldathon Champions at the time of this posting, with less than 24 hours remaining. It’s dangerous to go alone, but great things can be done with the support of thousands of viewers and like-minded fans.

Support the cause by visiting their site at, or catch them on Twitch. The Champions stream ends at noon ET on Thursday, so don’t miss the entertainment and the chance to support a great cause.

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