8BitDo are known for making high quality Bluetooth controllers, compatible with a slew of consoles and computer setups. They also have wonderful color schemes inspired by classic Nintendo consoles.

Now that E3 is upon us, they have announced a slew of new controllers, all compatible with the Nintendo Switch. All of these will be out for Christmas.

Zero 2

The Zero 2 is tiny, ludicrously so to be honest. It has some intriguing features, including motion controls, which is crazy for a Bluetooth controller of this size.

N30 Pro 2

As an owner of the N30 Pro, I can attest to the quality of these controllers. The second iteration has added some more function buttons, vibration and motion controls. It also comes in some incredible colors, including a GameCube inspired one.

SN30 Pro+

The SN30 Pro+ has some redesigned handles and trigger buttons, and looks to be 8BitDo’s most feature-rich controller. It also comes in some great colors.


And finally, the Game Boy-inspired SN30 GP. The controller resembles a SNES controller with some added features, but its color design is made to resemble the old Game Boy Pocket colors.

Source 8BitDo