Last month, Nintendo pushed Sony’s PlayStation brand out of the top position for highest spending on television advertisements in the United States. Sony had previously dominated the market for seven months straight before losing the position to Nintendo.

In the figure below, presented by GamesBeat and, you can see the breakdown of the top gaming ad spenders in the United States, ranked by estimated spending percentage.

While the gaming industry spent less overall in May, dropping from April’s $31.8 million to $24.6 million, 16 brands ran 41 spots over 11,800 times, bringing in nearly 1.7 billion TV ad impressions in the United States alone. Nintendo paid for about $8.6 million of the estimated $24.6 million spent on these advertisements in May, having aired 10 commercials over 4,000, generating an estimated 427.3 million impressions.

What were you favorite Nintendo advertisements in May?

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