We have seen some amazing Breath of the Wild mods not long after the game’s release in March last year, thanks to the ease at which the Wii U has become (not to mention the PC emulation of Nintendo’s previous console now finally at a playable state). There have been some fun ones like Waluigi, Woody and Goku replacing Link, to some obvious ones like Zelda taking centre stage as the playable character. None have quite reached the heights of one of gaming’s biggest icons tearing up Hyrule!

Okay, that may be hyperbole, but this latest mod got me particularly excited due to being a bit of a fanboy of the Final Fantasy series. Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII fame has come to tear apart some Bokoblins with his Buster Sword. In the mod, Cloud is seen in his Advent Children outfit which, quite frankly, is his coolest looking set of threads. This looks like less of a straight character model swap and more like a custom outfit, as you can see that Cloud’s face is clearly still Link, complete with his pointed ears. As such, it is safe to assume the hair is a helmet you can equip, along with the clothing.

In the video below, you can see Cloud run through fields, swing his massive, claymore-like Buster Sword at some Bokoblins, and look like a stylish killing machine. Finally, Hyrule is greeted with the true hero of legend, and his name is Cloud Strife!

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