I love collecting toys and figures. If there’s a character I like, you can almost guarantee that I have a figure of it somewhere in my room. Naturally, I have a whole shelf dedicated to my Legend of Zelda collectibles, and it holds some of my most treasured possessions. However, when you have pets, sometimes things can get a little messy, and unfortunately, that’s what happened with one of my favorite Figma figures.

Most of you have likely heard of Figma, the action figure line that lets you position characters as you please, as well as change their facial expressions and accessories. I have four of these action figures, all Legend of Zelda themed. I used to have all my Zelda memorabilia on a high shelf above my computer desk in my room. The reason for this was so that it could be near my Master Sword replica displayed underneath it. That all had to change though after one fateful day when I let my bird out to fly around.

Baby, my pet parakeet, is a very good bird — but he is a bird, and he will do as he pleases. Every now and then I let him out of his cage to stretch his wings and flutter about. Usually, he is calm and stays in one place when I let him out, though he is occasionally known to try and peck at my Lord of the Rings collection. However, back when my other bird, Blondie, was still around, I would let them out together, and he was a lot more rambunctious.

Blondie was a lot more aggressive, and that in turn made Baby rowdier as well. When I would let them out, and when Blondie would get jumpy, Baby would follow his example. One day the two went berserk and were flying and crashing into just about everything! Countless figures were knocked over, and one of them even managed to knock down my giant poster of The Hobbit. I figured that meant it was time for them to go back in their cage.

I always made sure to put Blondie back in first, because Baby would then be calm enough for me to just set him on my finger and carry him back home. Blondie was not going back without a fight, though, and kept flying all around the room. When he did that, it scared Baby and he flew right into my Zelda shelf. I heard a crash, and when I looked over my Link Between Worlds Figma had fallen onto the ground. I was irritated, but my priority was to get the birds back in their cages before I went to fix any of the mess that the two had created.

Once I finally got my birds back where they belong, I began to refigure everything that they had knocked down in their tiny reign of terror. When I got to the Link Figma, the Master Sword he held in his hands had broken in half.

“Alright, no problem,” I thought. I should be able to put this back together — the Master Sword was supposed to come apart so it could fit in and out of Link’s hand. However, this was not the case. The piece that would fit the two together had broken and gotten stuck in the opposite end! The Master Sword was broken on my favorite Figma figure.

I couldn’t be mad, though. I wanted to be mad, but I wasn’t. I was too busy laughing. Although it was only a figure, all I could think of was that my tiny pet parakeet had bested Link and snapped his Master Sword in two. Step aside, Ganondorf, Link has a new threat and his name was Baby. If Cuccos have shown us anything, it’s that Link does not have a good history with birds.

It’s still kind of upsetting that my favorite and fairly expensive Figma figure was damaged, but still, I’m not mad. They’re birds, they were just doing what birds do. Link now stands with one open hand, and it feels rather empty, but I can’t help but thinking of my goofball bird and how he single-handedly defeated the hero of legend, and you know — I can live with that.